Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's a Triple, a Trifecta, the Third Times a Charm!

Well, we have done it. We have successfully (or unsuccessfully) managed to be ill for all 3 holidays this holiday season!

Some years are just like this though. I mean last year, we were a healthy group. Only landing a few minor colds. Then there was the Winter of '05-'06...I think I still wake up having nightmares about that year...Because some of you may be eating while reading, I will spare the details, but it was wrong on so many levels. Well, this year is shaping up to closely resemble that horrid year. I can only pray that I am wrong.

I should have suspected something when we all came down with colds in August. Paxton's got so bad he ended up with a severe case of croup that caused us to leave our family vacation early in search of medical attention, but trying to stay positive and hopeful, I thought it could have been just a fluke.


A week before Thanksgiving, 3/4ths of the house came down with the tummy bug. Last week right before Christmas came, Delanie came down with a virus that resembles Influenza. I did take her to the DR just in case, and also because I like to know what we are in for. Thankfully, it wasn't Strep or Influenza A or B. Just a virus...that lasts 7-10 days! Thankfully, by the time Christmas day got here she was doing well with just Ibuprofen 1x a day (at bedtime). She also needed about a 2 hour nap, daily.

Now that New Year's is here, it is Pax's turn. Poor guy! It is so pitiful to see them so ill, and there is just not a thing you can do for them. Of course we are keeping the tube nice and warm with movie after movie. And true to tradition, Scott has purchased another new movie to get us through. This time it was Toy Story 2.

I guess since Martin Luther King day is coming up soon, I know where we'll be...

I am holding out though because there are no cool sayings like: 4th Times a Winner!, or It's a Quadruple! We may be at the end of a streak!

Oh, I hope so.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet Frank

Since it has snowed approximately 12 inches in the past few days, and with the sun shining brightly today, we thought we should take advantage and build a snowman. Last year we got a snowman building kit. You know, the kind that has enough supplies to build a snowman for each person in your family. All you have to do is add snow. Yes, shocking I know, but the directions say right on the box..."Just add snow!"

Last year would have been the perfect year to use that kit, seeing as how we had enough snow to build snowmen for every person in the state, then have some left over for little snow homes for each one, and then some still left over for ground cover.

Nope, didn't use it last year! We waited until this year.

Today, it was sunny but cold, and the snow was fluffy. Not wet, not slushy, not easily molded, just fluffy. The snowman we built took some work. At one time, Scott actually told the kids, "This snowman is just for mommy and daddy to build..." I know he was half joking, but it was seriously difficult to mold Frosty into perfection.
We even tried cheating a bit and used water to build the head. Also, there may or may not be a plastic rod going through the middle to insure stability....but honestly, that is just for the safety of the public while viewing our snowy masterpiece. We really aren't sure what our home owner's insurance covers, so we thought we'd play it safe.

With out further ado...FRANK! (Delanie named him all on her own!)
Delanie standing proudly next to Frank. Yes, for all of you who are concerned, we will be having a very serious talk with Frank on the dangers of smoking tobacco, and the example he is setting for the know, after he's warmed up a bit.
Just Paxton...hanging out. He actually stayed in one place the whole time. Not because he was trying to be good, but because he thought he was stuck. Apparently, it was very difficult for him to maneuver in his snow pants, boots, and coat.
Lastly, what's a day in the snow if you can't be schooled in the art of a snow belly?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm Back! Boy, I have LOTS to say!

Well, after a short holiday bloggy break, I am back with some fond Christmas memories. We are blessed as a family to live fairly close to both sides of our family. That equates to almost 3 full days of Christmas to be enjoyed by the kids (OK, and Scott and I) so that everyone has their fair share of the holiday.

It all started on Christmas Eve Eve, with service at our church, and then a great dinner and some pre-present know, for the gifts you must have before you can even open the other gifts...Then on Christmas Eve Morning, we met up with the Other Wright's for a yummy breakfast and another gift exchange because, sadly, we would not be with them this Christmas.

From breakfast, we went out to my parent's house for my side of the family's celebration. It was an all day event with chili for lunch, games, gifts, a traditional turkey dinner, and then more gifts. The kids had a blast (as did the adults) playing with cousins and hanging out all day. Surprisingly enough, they even all went down for rest time! Pax got all snugly in my mom's closet where we had laid a crib mattress on the floor. He LOVED it...we convinced him it was the "special room".

Christmas morning came very quickly after being up late, and the kids were thrilled to see Santa had arrived with gifts. We hung out just the four of us for a bit in the morning, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, had Birthday cake for breakfast (OK, it was a butter braid (which both children hated?)), and opened more gifts. Pax got his long awaited for Buzz and Woody dolls...oops I mean "action figures", and Lanes got a few Magic School Bus experiment kits as well as books and DVD's. We headed over to the Wright family house to spend the rest of our snowy Christmas day hanging out, eating soup and left-overs, playing Wii, watching tube, and, you guessed it, opening more gifts! It was a wonderful relaxing day.

Here are some favorite lines/memories/pictures:

1. Upon opening his first gift of Christmas (which just happened to be Car's Jammies), my boy let out a squeal that, some might say, sounded like a school-girl. It was loud enough, and at a pitch that it caught every one's attention and all action/talk/noise pretty much everything came to a halt while we all tried to determine if it was Pax making that noise or if there was a squealing piglet that was brought into the house.

2. Out of all the fun things my kids had in their stockings, they loved the little pillows that I bought last minute thinking "these might be cute, and if they don't like them, no big deal...we'll just get rid of them". If you ask them what Santa brought, that is what they both will tell you. Forget the fact that Pax got a bike, and Lanie a Click Start computer...NOPE! Santa brought them pillows!

3. Pax is in LOVE with his Buzz and Woody dolls...action figures...whatever. In fact since he has gotten them, he has spent his days saying things like "Howdy, Ma'am!, Howdy, howdy, howdy, Howdy partner!", and "Watch out while I shoot my waser." Along with that, he has also been heard saying, "Where's my Woody?, I am playing with my Woody", and "Do you see my Woody?".

Yes, folks we are all dying of laughter, and the kids cannot figure out why.

Here are some pics of the joyous days:

Delanie with "the pillow"

Delanie with a gift from her Auntie...Yes, she wore that bow around her head ALL day!

Delanie snuggled up with her Great-Grandfather on his 90th Christmas

Pax checking out his new Diego bike and helmet...One that actually fits and is not girly!

Pax and his Woody...

Come on people! Get your minds out of the gutter!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have We Let it Go Too Far?

I ask you, when do you say to yourself, "Self, I think this has gone too far."? As you have seen in the blog this past month, my son has really taken a liking to his Car's Hat. It's his favorite item this Winter. He wears it everywhere, all day, everyday. I have yet really gotten a chance to enjoy his new haircut because, well, he won't take off his hat.

Now, I am all for letting him wear it. It harms no one. It, actually, is kinda cute, and I have enjoyed seeing him so happy with something so small. However, I think we may have crossed the line.

Exhibit A:
I am getting ready in the morning and Pax is just hanging out with me. I turned to him and say,
"Oh, Pax, you sweety. You're mommy's little pumpkin head aren't you."

He replies in a growly, almost annoyed voice, "No, Mommy! I not a Pumpkin head!"

"Oh, Pax, yes you are! You'll always be my little pumpkin head." I reply with love.

Even more angrily "No, no I not! I your Car's head" and he pulls on the hat tightly.

Exhibit B:
Pax gets out of the shower with his Dad. He gets all dried off, and then, while my back is turned to him, exclaims "AAAhhh, now I paaarfect!"

I turn around to see this:

I assure you, there is no diaper under the black square.

Checking the mirror to make sure it's on correctly:

So, I ask you; Has the hat thing gone too far?

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Almost Here!

I think the fact that Christmas is just a few days away, is really starting to sink in around here. In fact, hot cocoa has been on the dessert menu just about every night this week, we have made cookies twice, and Delanie has taken up the responsibility of making sure the Christmas tree and lights are lit up on time this past week. We have also watched the Grinch, Christmas Vacation (sans the kids), and Elf. I have also been burning a Christmas candle everyday this week from breakfast through dinner and until I go to bed...the house smells WONDERFUL. I think the thing I have been loving the most though, is watching the kids play "Christmas Morning."

Once the Dora couch (aka: the sick couch) or either one of the couches in the living room, is properly made up with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, the kids nuzzle in. Pax of course wants to make sure the lights are off...and then on...then off (for good that last time). Then Delanie exclaims "Time to go to bed!"

They close their eyes for about 30 seconds (Pax will sometimes throw in a fake snore), and then WOALA it's morning! Delanie let's Pax know, "Pax it's time to wake up! It's Christmas morning! We have to see if Santa has been here" Then they hunt around the house trying to see if they can find out if Santa has come.

Pax went around surveying everyone in the house tonight during his hunt, "Are you Santa?" He even asked Gracie, our dog. "Gracie (with a lisp), are you Santa?" Gracie replied with a few shifts of her eyebrows and a look of, "Are you seriously talking to me?"

After some searching is done, Delanie calls it done "Paxi-Lou-Who (as in Cindy-Lou-Who from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)! Time for bed! It's almost time for Christmas!" and the game starts all over again...and again...and again.

Sometimes it changes up a bit...they will listen for sleigh bells or they will pretend to give/receive gifts...or Pax will ruin the night-time atmosphere by flipping the light off and on and off and on and off...but that is the gist of the game.

It really doesn't take much for my kids. They are easily amused at times.

I, for one, must be amused easily as well because I just sit back and watch this game played over and over, and I have yet to tire of it.

We'll see how long I say that after Christmas is over.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


There is a new Christmas song out this year by Mandisa and Matthew West called Christmas Makes Me Cry . I LOVE it. I will be the first to say that I prefer traditional Christmas songs, and I really don't like to stray too much, but this new song has really touched my heart. There is a particular verse that I have been marinating in for a few days, and now, lucky you, get to read all about what my heart has been camping on.

The verse goes:

I think of Mary and the virgin birth
And I’m amazed at how much God thinks we’re worth
That He would send His only Son to die
And sometimes Christmas makes me cry.

For the past few years I have purposely found some idea to sit on during the Christmas season to keep me focused on the reason we are so full of joy during this time. I have sat on what it must have felt like to be Mary, and all the turmoil she must have had to go through being an un-married mother-to-be. How strong she had to be during what had to be such a frightening time, and how she had to sacrificially give her life to be Jesus' mother.

I have thought about how important it was that Jesus was born in a manger among the lowly and led a life that was not fit for the King he was. Had he been born in a palace and lived a life being served, and treated like royalty, he would never gone through some of the struggles that we have had to go through ourselves, living in a world of sin. We can't ever say "No one knows how I feel/what it's like."

This year, I am trying as hard as I can to fully comprehend how much "God thinks we are worth". For Him to send his "One and only son to die", floors me sometimes, especially now that I am a mother myself.

After having my children, I got to experience a whole new level to the word love. Here was this person that had done nothing to earn my love, but yet I was head over heals. For no other reason except that they were here on this earth. I just can't say that about anyone else.

There is no reason that I shouldn't believe that God felt the same way about his own son. Yet, despite knowing what was going to come of His son's life, he still loved me enough to sacrifice His ONLY son's life for me. And let me just say, this was not an even swap in the least. It was no "eye for an eye" type thing. This was His only son. His PERFECT never sinning son. I mean a son that makes the terms "Angel Baby" or "Angel Child" take on a whole new meaning.

I don't know about you, but I would give my own life for my children in a heartbeat. I love them so much it makes me ache at times. However, as much as I hate to admit, my children are FAR from perfect. Just like us all, they have very ugly moments.

My Father gave up his PERFECT son for me! Little ol', silly, everyday sinning, me. ME! And for you too. That is the kind of love that is so big, no other human could ever give it. That's how much "God thinks we are worth."

That thought alone, is enough for Christmas to make me cry. This year at Christmas, I may cry. It will be tears of thankfulness, tears of hope, and tears of joy.

My prayer for myself and for you is that in the next few days, we would be able to fully comprehend how much God, the creator of the universe, thinks we are worth. To comprehend as much as our human hearts will let us, the kind of love it takes to make the sacrifice that our Father made when he gave up His one and only Son to die. He came to this world for us, and he died for us. I pray that the idea of this never becomes small or out of focus.

Christmas can be busy and hurried, full of fun, a time of giving and receiving. It's hard not to get all wrapped up in all the excitement, but I pray that the main source of that excitement is our hearts understanding, "How much God thinks we are worth". He sent His Son to this earth, fully knowing how it would end...for you and for me.


I will choose for my joy, this Christmas, to come from this fact, and then, because I am a emotional person who cries at commercials sometimes, I will cry. Tears of thankfulness, tears of hope, and tears of joy.

May we all walk around blubbering this Christmas!

(in case you're wondering/keeping count, I think that is 2 hallelujahs this week!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

Tonight we made some baked goods, and in efforts to spread some Christmas joy, were going to package them up and give them to our neighbors. The kids were very excited to do this. Earlier this afternoon, however, they had decided to put on their jammies for the rest of the day. I figured since I hadn't planned on going anywhere, it would be ok. So, after the cookies were made, they (Scott and the kids) were off to deliver cookies to the neighbors in their jammies (for some reason (pure laziness) I felt there was no reason to get dressed back in regular clothing...hmmmm).

Here's Delanie...Very cute jammies and slippers (thank you Grandma Wright) and the coat even coordinates!

And here is my son...ummmm...just a bit different from his sister:

You know it's going to be bad when Scott says, "Oh my goodness honey, you really should get a picture of the Dude's outfit!"

Yup, that would be my son in his new favorite Buzz Light Year jammies (thank you Braden), his camo crocks, a Cars hat (yup it's back!), and his snow jacket. Somehow, not quite the same as his sister...

Can we talk about my boy's new found power in flexing his fashion muscles? As you can see, he has the hat back on...ok, at least it's Winter and not warm out in the least bit. Plus, I don't have to comb his hair. The new jammies are a whole different ball game. He NEVER wants to take them off! NEVER! I fought with him this morning for 15 minutes to get him dressed to take his sister to school and run errands. The only thing that saved me was a promise that he could put them back on as soon as we got home. Trust me, he held me to it.

On Sunday, when I dressed him for church, he insisted he HAD to wear his Car's hat. I told him that the Car's hat isn't something we get to wear to Sunday school. This upset him enough to give me a low growl, and then he traipsed off into his room only to return with his Car's tennis shoes. He told me, "Mommy I can't wear Car's hat, but I will wear my Car's shoes instead, OK?" Somehow I distracted him long enough to get him out of the house with some shoes that matched.

I am beginning to realize, that I have an uphill battle on my hands, and I could just be at the base of that hill. Unlike Delanie, who wants to look cute and takes all my suggestions, my son doesn't care. He wants to wear what he wants to wear and what he thinks is cool. My opinion on the matter is not appreciated...not in the least.

Let me just say, I don't really care all that much what he wears when we are at home, or running errands here and there, but there are some places I feel like I have to draw the line, and church is one of them.

Some might say, "Well just don't get him stuff that you don't want him to wear, and then it won't matter." That sounds really good on paper, but doesn't really work. I have come to find that even if stuff is dirty, or "lost" my boy will still find a way to flex that fashion muscle. Plus, let me post that picture again so you can see the look on his face when he has all his favorite stuff on:

Pure JOY I tell you! JOY!

So, with that in mind, I think I better start liking, no loving, the taste of humble pie.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Seeing the Light

I have been loving watching Delanie grow in her faith these past few months. It seems like lately all that she has had read to her, told to her, prayed over her, etc. is finally being verbalized by her. Here's a snip-it of some of the conversations we're having:

Snip-it 1: Eating Breakfast
Delanie: Momma, you know what?
me: What?
Delanie: Satan and the Devil are the same people.
me: yup, same person different name, huh?
Delanie: Satan will try to get you to do bad things, and make wrong choices. He tells lies to you.
me: Yes, he does. You have to be very careful not to let him trick you.
Delanie: God would never trick me. He doesn't lie either.
me: No He doesn't.

Snip-it 2: Riding in the car
Delanie: You know what, Momma?
me: What?
Delanie: God is always on our side.
me: Yes He is. We are so lucky!
Delanie: God can do anything He wants.
me: Yes, He can.
Delanie: He made everything.
me: Yes, He did.

Snip-it 3: Riding in the car at night, Delanie is playing with a light up Tinker bell button that has run out of batteries.
Delanie: I wish this Tinkerbell pin would work
me: Yea, I think it needs new batteries, but we don't have the right ones.
Delanie: I remember when it used to light up.
me: Not anymore, huh?
Delanie: Nope.
(continues to play with button when all of a sudden she gets a flash out of it)
Delanie: Oh my gosh! Momma!! My button! I can't believe it! My button just worked for a second!
me: It did! Wow!
Delanie: Yea, Momma, I think God just changed the batteries for me!
me: ummmmmmm (giggling) You don't think that maybe the batteries just worked for a second?
Delanie: (ponders the question)uhhhhmmm I don't know....(gets another little flash) MOMMA!! It happened again! I think God is fixing the batteries in my button! Oh my goodness!! (giggles with joy) God can do anything!

Yes, daughter. Yes, He can.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rules and Regulations

If you didn't already know, I belong to a VERY exclusive gym. Since it is so exclusive, there are some very important rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to keep your membership.

1. Matching cute outfit: Not required

2. Hair, Make-up, and smooth legs: Don't even think about it.

3. Having a love for a cluttered space: Required

4. Praise music only

5. Singing out loud regardless of ability: A must

6. Throwing your hands up in the air to praise Him through out your work out: Plan on it

It's hard some mornings to get up and go. My home gym may not be the ritziest place in town, but those rules and regulations make it hard to beat. Hey, the price isn't bad either!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Wii Bit of Shopping

Today, I was blessed beyond measure as my Mother-In-Law offered to take the kids for the day so that I could get some Christmas shopping in. I have realized that A) Christmas is less than 2 weeks away B) I have not shopped yet and C) Since I have not shopped, there is nothing wrapped. Knowing that I love to see gifts under the tree each year, I thought I better get on it. Thankfully, I knew what I wanted to get people. I just needed to get out there and do it.

Scott decided that he would like a Wii this year. I told him it wasn't happening because there were none to be found, and I wasn't going to be able to sit in lines or wait on delivery trucks each and everyday. He decided it was OK if he didn't get one under the tree, and would settle for one after the mad holiday rush for them was over.

I was discussing this with a friend, who did the whole mad searching and scrapping to get one for her hubby, and she told me she now had an "in", and could probably get me one in time for Christmas! I was elated. This was going to be my biggest Christmas moment EVER! I had it all planned out in my head how this was going to play out. I was going to be this hero who went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my little honey didn't go empty handed at Christmas. Oh,the look of excitement in his eyes as he opened the was going to make my Christmas! I almost couldn't sleep that night as I thought about how wonderful it was all going to be.

Since Scott's gift was already planned out to perfection, I had him come along with me to help with the shopping. As we were walking into a store in a strip mall by our house, he mentioned when we were through he would like to go to the gaming store a few stores down. He wanted to see if there was a list we could get our names on for after the holidays for a Wii...or really get any info on how to get one. Going along with my plan of surprise that would re-write all Christmases past, present, and future, I said, "sure, let's go get our names on the list."

Names on a list for a gaming system that people have been known to wait outside of stores at 3AM, that people have been calling stores EVERY day at delivery time to see if there was one on the truck that they could then quickly swoop in and get (some people have been known to take their half naked children, rudely awaken from naps), people are fighting over these things!!! The employee looked at us kind of like we were crazy and replied, "Why would I put your name on a list? We have 3 right here in the store."


Of course, Scott doesn't hesitate...He buys one!

My plans. My hopes. My dreams!!!! SHATTERED PEOPLE SHATTERED! I will no longer be the Hero of Christmas this year.

I will say a few things about this...1) My husband is very happily playing his little games like a young boy...very content, and is not wanting for anything, which was the point. 2) Maybe this whole "Hero of Christmas" thing got a bit out of hand, and this was God's way of reminding me that we've already got a "Hero of Christmas"

There will be no substitutions.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Great Cover-Up

Hats are great. They keep us warm, they look cute, and they cover up stuff we don't want people to see. I've been known to throw on a cap every now and then to hide my unwashed hair, un-made up face, or un-waxed eyebrows. I've even worn a few to keep warm and save my ears from frostbite or a chilling wind.

For the past week (at least), Pax has been wearing a Car's (the Disney movie) knit snow hat. He will not take it off. In fact, this morning he told me he couldn't get out of bed until he found his hat. No joke, he would NOT get out of bed.

He wears this thing all day, in his jammies, out in public, while eating his meals and snacks, and in the car. I make him take it off for nap and bed time. Although he has been feeling ultra-cool in his hat, he also has been hiding a serious mop that would've most definitely caused some humiliation (even if only on my part, as his mother).

Today, I took Pax to get his hair cut. I will NEVER get used to the fact that he needs to have his hair cut every 6 weeks. Being a female, having a daughter 1st (and a bald one at that), and growing up with sisters only, I am not used to needing to see a stylist that often. I like the locks long, and cutting them that often does not allow for long locks. I do not like to see long locks on my son, however.

So, we cut that mop off! He is very handsome with his trimmed hair, and for some reason it's only after his hair is cut that I realize how long it was in the first place. I am so pleased to say that after he got major oooo's and aaaaaah's from the hair dresser and I, he decided it was time to lose the hat. I asked him if he thought it would be OK if he kept the hat off so everyone could see how handsome he is. He replied humbly with a "Yup!" It hasn't been on since then!

Maybe, he knew his hair was getting too long?

Now if only there was some sort of Car's knit hat I could put on my's in DIRE need of some TLC. Then there's my kitchen. I wonder at times if I will ever see it clean between all the mail, Christmas ads, school projects, and oh yea, the food. Do you think they make a knit cap big enough for a kitchen? Oh, why stop at the kitchen, I really could, at times, just throw a Car's hat on my whole house.

It is so much cozier with a hat on. I think I know what I want for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It was a cold day today...gloomy, snowy, grey....BLAH. I just wanted to stay in my jammies all day, but Delanie had school which meant I had to get dressed. Thankfully, Scott was also home today which meant Pax didn't have to brave the elements.

My boy loves to be outside. Until recently, he really didn't appreciate the cold weather or snow. I completely understand. Sometimes he forgets that he now finds it fun to play with snow. Thanks to daddy, he can fully appreciate a snowball fight. At first glance though, he was not too excited about the weather this morning.

Pax: (Long deep sigh as he is looking out the sliding glass door)
me: What's wrong dude?
Pax: Mommy...aaaahhhh(another sigh)
me: yes
Pax: Mommy, sometimes it's not Summer out.
me: (a small giggle) Nope, sometimes it's not. It's wintry out.
Pax: Sometimes, mommy, it is Summer!
me: yup!
Pax: (looking back out the window with a scowl on his face)(now a deep growly sigh) but sometimes it's not.

I can completely understand the frustration...He is soooo my son!

Pax: (thinking for a bit then slowly getting a mischievous grin) (with a somewhat growly voice)sometimes I throw snowballs! (now he is giggling) Let's go play outside!

And his Father's son!

Monday, December 10, 2007

This Much I Know is True

In life we learn new things daily. If you're like me, you have to learn some of those lessons over and over. Here's some of what I am going through right now...

1)If you break a child's bad habit, they will replace it with something else...almost immediately.

Since Pax has given up his paci, he has found some weird replacements in, what seems to be, overnight. Although he no longer needs his paci, he does need specific crib bedding. After his sheets and blanket needed to be changed this weekend, he insisted he couldn't go to sleep with the new ones. I had no idea that such an attachment had occurred with his blankets and sheet. After fussing for a half hour, we convinced him that he needed to use a different blanket for a while (the other stuff is dirty and not going to get into the washer until next weekend). He was ok with it as long as he got to pick the new blanket out. To top it off, he also has to have his little Elmo doll in just the right position, and Elmo has to be covered up by the blanket and his Baboo (the other security blanket) just so. I was surprised to learn that Elmo must have his eyes covered up at bedtime. I learned that lesson last night at 9:30pm, 12:45am, and then again today at 2:00pm. So, I ask you...which would have been easier: to allow the paci, or all the new quirks we are dealing with? Funny boy!

2)You should never brag about how well your child is doing at something.

I can't tell you how many times this lesson has come to bite me in the backside. I still continue to make this mistake ALL the time. I mean look at me bragging away in #1 up there about Pax giving up the paci.

I was discussing with Scott earlier in the weekend, that I thought Paxton had been doing really well with a small stuttering problem he has been fighting for a few months now. You know the kind, when a small child's mind goes so much faster than they are able to speak because they just haven't learned enough words. I never got worried that something was wrong, but definitely noticed the stuttering was getting pretty bad.

So for about a week now, Pax really hasn't stumbled over words that often. He was doing really well. That is until about 15 minutes after I bragged on him to Scott. Then we were back to where we were about a week previous, making me look like I have no clue what I am talking about. Thankfully, Scott has also experienced this phenomenon so I didn't feel like too big of a fool.

3)Realizing you've made a parenting mistake and trying to remedy the situation isn't easy.

Scott and I mess up ALL the time as parents (like how I just took Scott down with me there). Sometimes it's big, and sometimes it's not, but all the time it is hard to fix.

We have quite the little weekly ritual with making chocolate chip cookies (yup, I said weekly). Once a week Scott and the kids make cookies together. This process involves eating of chocolate chips, brown sugar, and of course, cookie dough. Then, after they are baked, each child will get to have 1/2 a cookie. Somehow, it has taken us a very long while to figure out that that, my friends, is just too much sugar for the little ones. So we have tried to remedy that situation much to my children's chagrin. This isn't an easy process. It is one that Scott assures me takes a slow weaning as to not put any one into shock or withdrawal.

Tonight, each child only got 2 chocolate chips and they had to choose whether they wanted cookie dough or a cooked cookie. You guessed it, they both asked for cookie dough (instant gratification) and then bawled their sweet little hearts out when we had to withhold the cookies after they came out of the oven. Thankfully, we aren't going cold turkey on this.

4)If you take a child away from his normal eating/sleeping routine for too long, something is bound to get backed up...I'm not talking about traffic here.

Poor Paxton suffered all day Saturday from his parents lack of scheduling/planning. No fruit, greasy food, lots of crackers, and no "alone time" doesn't create a very happy toddler. Thankfully, some chocolate covered raisins came to the rescue.

Why I have to learn that lesson more than once is beyond me....

5)You use your middle finger A LOT...unfortunately, some use it more than others.

Thankfully, I am not one of those people, because I couldn't use it even if I wanted to. Today, as I was running late to the DR (surprise surprise) I slammed my right middle finger tip in the door...HARD. So hard in fact, that I actually lost my breath for a few seconds, and when it came back, I wasn't too quiet. I actually cried like a child because I couldn't do anything but. I have a nice black fingernail and a bruise that wraps around the entire tip of my finger.

Since it still hasn't ceased from throbbing, I have found that you really do a lot of stuff with your right (or left if you are left-handed) middle finger. I know this isn't rocket science to most of you, but your middle finger sticks out there a bit further than the rest of them do. I am trying with all my might to be as careful as I can with this new injury, but I still managed to bang my finger twice more today...GOOD GOLLY! I think that the pain is similar to open-heart surgery without anesthesia. Since I haven't actually had surgery without anesthesia, I can't be positive, but WOW there are a lot of little nerves in your fingers...again, not rocket science here people...just the simple facts.

So next time you button up, open a jar of whatever, grip onto something tightly, try to take off your seatbelt, type a long blog...whatever...just stop and be thankful your middle fingers are in good working order.

And that folks, is what I know to be true.

I can now feel my heart beating in my middle finger...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Polar Bound...Picture Palooza!

Well, I am happy to say, that I think Scott and I will be winning the coveted "Parents of the Year Award". Our Polar Express adventure was AMAZING. One that, some may say, is only rivaled by Disney World. The kids had an absolute blast, and so did we, watching them.

We were so blessed that it started to snow right before the train pulled in. Not just any kind of snow, but big, fat, slowly drifting snowflakes. It looked just like the movie. It also made for quite a soggy ride, but we didn't really notice with all the hot cocoa coursing through our veins. Delanie was thrilled that the conductor did actually come around and punch our tickets, and that the guy serving the cocoa was dressed just like the waiters in the movie.

We got to watch it snow the whole way up to the North Pole. After we pulled in, Santa boarded our train and went to each child and presented them with "The First Gift of Christmas". If you know the movie, it was a jingle bell. I am very happy to say that those jingle bells will be put on our Christmas tree this year, and for years to come, as a reminder of this year's special occasion, and are officially retired from ringing. They sure rung their little heart's out the WHOLE way back from the North Pole, and truly deserve retirement.

I will never forget the look on my kids' faces when the train first pulled into the station, along with all the squeals of excitement through out the night. I felt like a kid again living the whole experience through my kids.


Of course I have pictures, and videos. So sit back and relax, and take in the Polar Express!

Here's the whole fam, waiting on the arrival...Snow is falling! (No, you're not imagining it, Scott CHOSE not to wear his coat).

Picture of the train...through the snow...See how much there was!

The train is arriving. (Yes, it's sideways...again! aaaaarrrgg...apparently I am STILL not thinking)The squealing you hear at the beginning is Delanie. She was so excited she just couldn't contain herself! The squealing at the end is me...I guess I was excited to see my kids so excited hehe.

The train pulled in and people loading.

Delanie all loaded in

Pax all loaded in
(for some reason this ENTIRE trip, my son closed his eyes ON PURPOSE for all his pictures, if you see him with his eyes open, it's a blessing!)

The whole family loaded on the train
(the fogginess is from the camera being so wet from all the snow...thank goodness it's just the point and shoot!) See Lanie holding up her ticket! Pax's eyes are open!

Getting served hot chocolate...sadly there were no song and dance with acrobatic moves, but the fact that no hot chocolate was spilled (by him or my children) does deserve a round of applause.

Delanie checking out her punched ticket

Self portrait with Delanie. I thought it was good until after I uploaded it and noticed my daughter sticking out her tongue at me!

The kids with Santa loving their "First Gift of Christmas"

Pax with his gift

Delanie with her gift

This is what happens after a WONDERFUL Polar Express experience.
Pax crashes out...he just couldn't take anymore...if he only would've stayed that way all night long, but I won't ruin such a cheery blog post with what happened twice later that night.
No nap+lots of sugar+over stimulation too close to bedtime=2 night terrors to share with the whole hotel. Poor kid...Thank goodness he's DARN cute. He was easily forgiven by all.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this trip to anyone who has children. It was a very special and a magical Polar Adventure!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Winter Get Away

Today was the day! I haven't yet mentioned it here, but a few months back, we decided we were going to take the kids (along with the Wright cousins) to experience the Polar Express!

In Durango, Colorado, there is the Durango/Silverton railroad. In the Winter time they run a mock Polar Express. It is an hour long ride with cocoa, carols, Santa, and sleigh bells. I have been anticipating this weekend for months, and it finally is here. We kept it a secret from the kids. Initially we didn't tell them because it was so far away that it would probably send us to the loony bin with the daily questioning on when it was coming, how long do we have to wait, and can't we just go tomorrow. Then as we got closer, I started to worry about if we weren't going to be able to go because of weather or an illness, so we kept the secret longer. Finally, as it got to this past week, I realized that it would be so fun to just surprise the kids with it on the morning we left. I am SO glad we did. It was really special. I video tapped their reactions this morning when we sat them on the couch and told them....I think they were excited! ***Warning when you view this video, you will leave the blog, to get back you need to use the back button***


After we announced what we were going to do for the rest of the day, we were off to pack and head out the door for what we thought would be a 6 hour drive.

I had NO doubts it was going to be a long drive/day, but we managed to make it just a bit longer. It took us 8 hours to get here today. I think we pushed sweet Pax to his breaking point tonight. The poor guy was a victim of mommy and daddy's poor planning and ended up going about 7 hours without eating! We ran into a bit of snow on one of the passes and slowed down our day significantly.

In the end, we made it all mentally intact, and I think the kids kept the "Are we almost there yet?" s to under 300. That is pretty good considering the amount of excitement they were experiencing for what was to come. It helped that we brought the DVD player (Seriously, how in the world did we travel back in the day?). We watched Polar Express and listened to Christmas music for the majority of the drive. It was quite the sticky sweet scene if I do say so myself...well here, take a look for yourself. Here is a pic of the kids watching Polar Express....(this is when we were unaware that we had a good 6 hours still ahead of us and we had already traveled 2 hours).

Tomorrow we will spend the day shopping, swimming, and going to the train museum. Then after dinner, we will get into our jammies (new Christmas jammies I might add) and board the Polar Express for a very magical ride to see Santa.

I can't wait to share it with you!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Little Star

Today was a big day in the land of Pre-K. It was the day of the big Christmas Program! Just like picture day, Delanie gets to wear a dress AND tights to school. Top that off with some black patten leather shoes, and you've got a very special day. That doesn't even include the fact that she was a star (not of the show, but the kind in the sky)! Of course I brought my camera.

Here's the deal. I think I might be going brain dead. I couldn't for the life of me get a good picture....I know...of all days. Furthermore, I completely forgot that you can not take a video with the camera being held in a vertical orientation. DUHHH! Seriously, people, you have my deepest apologies when you watch these videos. Just tilt your head to the left and enjoy! I think my mind is focused on the fact that tomorrow we leave for a true Polar Express adventure! I know, I know you are dying to know about it...but, I'll have save it for tomorrow because it was a BIG day in the land of Pre-K!

OK, the (ehem) pictures.

Delanie as a star (1 of 3)

Here she is twinkling her little heart out:

Lastly, she is soaking up all the glory as the audience applauds...what a ham!

After the program was over, there were refreshments. Cookies, lemonade, and water were to be enjoyed by all...all except Delanie whose peanut allergy kept her from partaking of the refreshments. I felt so badly for her. She just wanted to be rewarded for a job well done, and be apart of her class...even cookies at home didn't mend her little broken heart. It was really sad. I tried to get a picture of her in her dress and tights in a place where the lighting was a bit better and I could see more than just glowing red eyes. Well, I just got more of the same because she couldn't stop crying long enough to smile. So here she is...

crying over missed cookies:

Paxton on the other hand, well he was happy as could be. He just saw his sister on stage with a big star on her head, and he was fed snacks (brought from home) through out the whole performance.

Pax hamming it up:

Now for some video...again I apologize for any cricks in your neck that come from watching these... (side note, each one of these links will take you out of the blog, you will have to use your back button to come back and see the rest)

Delanie as the Star

Delanie spreading some Christmas cheer

Paxton saying prayer at the end of the program

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Giving Myself a Little Pat Pat

Today, I broke the sound my world. I have never claimed to be a fast runner. In fact, most would call what I do a jog. I won't even go into exact times here people, but let's just say that I run (ok jog) at a moderate pace. I will admit though, when I first got my Garmin watch, and I down loaded my first run off it, I looked at the fabulous chart that showed how fast I ran and the elevation changes, and found that I was much slower than I thought. I mean, this software was telling me I was considered a "Fast Walker"! WHAT!!! I KNOW what I was doing was running, and further more, I would LOVE to see someone "walking" at that speed. There would be so much arm swinging and booty shaking, that I would probably die of laughter. Thankfully, Scott and I found the settings and were able to make some adjustments. Apparently, it was set up for an Olympian because it didn't even consider you running until you were at a 6 minute mile (That's REALLY fast folks).

I digress.

Today, my sister in-law, who is not quite at Olympian standards, but is just a few minutes shy, blessed me with a run today. We ran about 4.5 miles, although I am sure she ran much further because of all the running ahead and then turning back around to pick me up again business.

I have been trying for quite a while (read 5 months) to reach a running time goal. Today, I was set up for success. I am not sure if it was the cooler weather, that we were inappropriately dressed for the cooler weather, or that my speedy, super woman sister-in-law provided me with just enough inspiration, but whatever it was, it pushed me right on over the edge. I am happy to say that I reached my goal and even beat it by 6 seconds...may not sound like much I know, but for a "Fast Walker" it's big!

Thanks Jen!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Super Market Cowgirl

For the past year and a half, I have refused to take my children to the grocery store. Oh sure, there are times when I don't have a choice, but 9 times out of 10 I will go on a Sunday with out them. Yup, the weekends are really busy at the grocery store, but I will deal with long lines and grocery cart pile ups any day of the week if I can shop in silence. Did you know that they play music at the grocery store? Sometimes I even hum along! Once the kids got old enough to A) not both fit into the cart, and B) very vocally let me know all of their grocery needs, I decided it was time for me to leave them at home napping with daddy, and choose the crowds over the insanity.

Lately, my busy schedule has not afforded me the luxury of going during the Sunday afternoon nap. This leaves me two options. I can go in the evening after dinner with 1 of the children while the other stays home with daddy, or I can take both of them on Monday morning. I am sure you know which one I pick. Although the allure of no crowds beckons me on Monday morning, as well as the idea that I can comfortably veg out for the rest of Sunday evening, all I have do to is remember: 2 children, 1 cart, and 25 aisles. NO COMPETITION!

The past 2 times I have chosen to shop on a Sunday evening, I have taken Delanie with me. I have been so pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to shop with her. There have been some big changes in the past year and a half. For instance, she walks right beside the cart and doesn't wander. She does occasionally hop on the back of the cart making it a bit harder to maneuver, but in all honestly, it is helpful sometimes because it helps me get to where I am going faster, and if I knock something over or run over someones toes, I can blame her causing a blind opposed to when this happens and I am by myself. Also, she can get things off the shelf for me when told what product is needed. This eliminates WHOLE AISLES sometimes people! Lastly, she provides some good conversation, yes, it is 4 1/2 year old conversation, but conversation none-the-less. I didn't realize that I was actually kind of bored at the super market until she has come along. I learn amazing things from her about her day, who she likes, what happens at school, her hopes and dreams (ok...I am hoping and dreaming on that one), and much more from our little outings. The girl can tell some crazy stories!

Just when I think, "Wow, I have such a grown-up little lady on my hands," she reminds me she is still my little girl.

"Mommy can I have a penny," she asks very nicely.
"What for?" I question.
"I want to ride the horsey. I haven't ridden him in soooo long!" she replies.

Because it has been such a long time, and I loved riding the horse as a kid, I give her a penny and send her on her way. She mounts her horse with joy, and plops that penny in. It jerks and moves...back and forth, back and forth. She is smiling ear to ear. I look back at the cashier and the register to make sure that my loot is ringing up correctly, and just then,

"YEEE HAW!! GIDDY UP Princess!" echos through out the store.

She's the Super Market Cowgirl!

I'll be shopping with her more often.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The ABC's

One of the biggest reasons I love to run is because I have found it gives me a very focused one on one time with God. A time for prayer and praise, and even though I am running, a time of rest. I am thankful that each day he meets me there.

During my run today, I did an exercise that I learned about at a seminar that I attended at a Women's Retreat a few years ago. It really keeps me focused and the run goes by so fast. Basically, you go through the alphabet and come up with a praise for each letter. I tend to focus on God's character, but I am sure that you could praise just about anything that you are thankful for.

Today, I got seriously stuck on some letters (I hate when I repeat the same words from a time before), but thankfully the music I was listening to and the lessons in my current bible study spurred me on. Thank you Beth More, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, and Newsboys.

Here are my ABC's:

I Praise you Father because:

you are the Ancient of Days
you are Bigger than anything I need to overcome
my slate is Clean everyday
you are my Deliverer
you are the Everlasting Father
you are my Fortress guarding my heart and spirit
you are so Generous with your love
you are so Holy
you are Immanuel--God with us
You are Just
you are the King of kings
You are the Light of the world
you are Mighty and strong
of Never-ending love, strength, forgiveness, patience, grace
You are Omnipotent
you are Patient with me
you can Quiet my spirit when I am desperate
you are my Rock
you are Strong when/where I am weak
you are Trustworthy
your Unfailing love
you areVictorious
you are Worthy of all praise
your eXcessive(cut me a break...X is hard!) faithfulness
you keep me Yearning for more
you Zealously seek me

That's a lot to be thankful for...

Friday, November 30, 2007

A Special Treat

Today was a Jammie Day. YAY for Jammie Day! When things get too crazy, I try to slow things down by making it mandatory that we keep the jammies on and just hang at the house. No running around, no getting ready, nothing...just playing, watching tube, and hanging out. I love these days. There is always some special treat during the day, and today I got two.

First, during a coloring session, I got to watch/find out that Pax really wants to be Joe from Blue's Clues. After finding a stack of sticky notes and a crayon, he sat at the table and exclaimed to his sister, "Okay Wanie, I got my notebook! It's time to write down the first clue...What is it? Oh, a bed! First you make the lines...then you draw it. Time for the second clue! " For those that know the show, this went on until he had successfully drawn all three clues in the notebook. After sister was done making her birthday card, she joined in on some Blue's Clues action with her brother. They then proceeded to take turns making up clues and putting them in their notebooks. I have been blessed with children that really love to play least for a good 20 minutes, but I don't want to ruin the memory with what happened when they ran out of paper, and then had to share a notebook. Instead, we'll keep it clean and sugary sweet.

Top that off with my boy reading to ME tonight. Yup, I got to hear Eric Karl's Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? It was so sweet and special. Of course there were modifications made. You have to know that a Wyan is actually Lion, a Stictor is a Boa Constrictor, and that the Wepard was a Leopard. Also, because it is a board book, the story was considerably shorter since the pages can be hard to separate. Lastly, that pesky Zoo Keeper at the end, you know, who wants to re-hash the whole book, animal-by-animal, must have been annoying to Pax because when we got to that page he kind of just let out a sigh and said "The End".

That's my kind of the book and the day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Power of a Dum Dum

I have recently (since Halloween) come to find the hidden secret mommy power behind candy. What I mean is, I can usually get the kids to behave/do things that they normally don't just do with candy as an incentive. Oh sure, some people call it bribery, and claim that you shouldn't (and they would never) bribe their children...of course their children are under the age of 12 weeks, but I call it Mommy Power.

Today, I needed some Mommy Power as we headed out to Super T. The chosen weapon of choice...A Dum Dum! I didn't even know that Paxton could eat a sucker (safely) until we visited Santa at the mall, earlier in the week, and he supplied both children with some Mommy Power. It was BEAUTIFUL! I strolled the mall calmly and quietly, and window shopped without anyone screaming or asking for stuff.

After our last few battles with the children at the stores (due to the holiday madness), I knew I couldn't leave the house without serious arsenal. Since the sucker worked so well at the mall, I went for it again. I was not let down.

I did, however, feel a bit guilty listening to my children's reactions to my telling them they were going to get suckers at Super T.

me: Guess what guys? When we get to the store, I have a surprise for you!
Delanie: ooooohhh Yummy! What is it? (she already knew it would be food?)
Pax: Treat! treat! Me want a treat! (he does too?)
me: Yup a sucker!
Squeals of delight from both children
Delanie: Oh Yummy! When I get a sucker, it keeps me nice and quiet! I love suckers! (how does she know this is the plan?)
Pax: MMMMMM Suckers make me sooooo happy, Mommy...I love suckers! (Sooooo happy? Is his happiness really that wrapped up in sweets?)

What have I done?

Wait don't answer that...I don't have a plan B.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shrek the Halls

Ok, I am by no means a movie critic. I cannot even pretend to be. I never like the same movies that the critics like, and frankly(and sadly), I don't have enough time to watch movies. Please don't take this post too seriously, especially if you are a Shrek fan.

Tonight the family got all bundled up and watched the ABC special of the night "Shrek the Halls". Ok, we may or may not have already been on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune, but when I saw that there was going to be some children's Christmas specials on TV I thought, "this may be fun...let's all gather 'round".

The kids were very excited to see Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, and the whole gang on TV outside of their normal movie rolls, and I was excited because I have fond memories from childhood of being able to catch Christmas specials on TV as well. I love Charlie Brown's Christmas, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and in the days of no TiVo, DVR, or On Demand, it was down-right special to be able to actually catch these shows on the night they were on and see them in their entirety.

I digress.

Tonight, Shrek the Halls was on, and we caught it from the beginning. I even had Scott set the DVR so we may watch it again if we felt the need. This was going to be special.

Seriously, I am not sure what I had myself set-up for! I guess, maybe, I was to wrapped up in my own childhood memories to really think about what I was getting ready to watch. If you can't tell already, I was not fond of Shrek the Halls. Of course both children watched it in their practically comatose state, and loved it, but I for one, was NOT impressed. I will promptly be removing it from the DVR.

I guess it wasn't that awful, it just wasn't as warm and cozy as some of the previously mentioned movies. I mean seriously people, who doesn't feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit when you are watching Lucy call her brother a blockhead about 100 times. Of course, there's that snugly little ol' just want to invite him over. Don't forget the abominable snowman in Rudolph, even if he does have a toothache, I just get the warm fuzzies every time he roars at the children.

Aahhh...The Christmas spirit and the movies. They really go hand-in-hand when you think about it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How I Know My Son Has Grown...

With all the hub-bub lately with the holiday's and such, I feel like I am a chicken running around with my head cut off. In these dire straits, I have only one coping mechanism...LISTS! I can list out anything from to-do's to have-done's. Somehow, I feel much better when I see it out on a list, and even better when that list has stuff crossed off. So with keeping up with what I do best, I thought I would list off how I know my sweet little Pax is growing into a big boy:

He can reach the lights and turn them on and off (and on and off and on and off)

He can clear his dish from the table when he is done with his meal (and has only broke 2 plates!)

He is trying to be his own person by breaking out of his perpetual copy-cat mode. When Lanie excitedly pointed out that one of our Christmas ornaments resembled her ruby red slippers she wore on Halloween, Pax exclaimed "Me too momma! Oooh lookie this ornament looks just like my Crocs." The same, but different.

He is feeling so independent that he can cause a whole school to go into almost complete lock-down mode when his mother thought he was lost or had been snatched up. When I looked away for 2.2 seconds, as I walked into Delanie's classroom, Pax thought he would explore some other with the lights off, door closed, and no one else in it! He had NO CLUE what the issue was, or why I was almost in tears when I found him.

He can give his sister a piece of his mind when he thinks she is making a poor choice

He can reach the locks on the doors, and lock everyone out, or himself in...whichever way you want to look at it.

He knows when he gets bigger that he just wants to be able to "Fly like a birdy"

Lastly, and most importantly, he was able to sleep through the whole night with out his paci!! Somehow, very strangely, paci got a hole. It was very odd...about as odd as the paci-fairy showing up the next morning with a new Buzz Light Year figurine. I guess now I have to see if he will make it through nap and bedtime tonight. Do not fear, I am under no assumption that we have licked the paci issue (no pun intendend), but we did make it over the first hurdle.

Aaahhhh, my boy's all grown up! Now, you'll have to excuse me while I change his diaper.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Sometimes I wonder where exactly my girl comes up with stuff. I love that she has these wild hair-brained ideas that literally just pop right out of the sky. She has so many ideas/stories that still to this day, I cannot figure out where she would have ever come up with such a thought. I love these ideas so much that I cannot help myself but to pry, prod, and encourage her to get deeper.

Today, as we were driving home from gymnastics, Delanie informed me that she could hardly wait to get a chance to go back to Sea World. We were just there this past March with the Colorado Wright clan. Apparently, something about gymnastics got her thinking about Shamu.

Delanie: Mom, I can't wait 'til we get to go to Florida!
me: Oh ya, why is that?
Delanie: When I am there, I am going to go back to Sea World...You know the place with all the fish and stuff.
me: Ya, I remember.
Delanie: Ya, I think I am going to do something different this time.
me: What's that?
Delanie: I am going to get really brave.
me: really...why?
Delanie: Well, next time I am going to go where they feed those dolphins, ya know?
me: ya...
Delanie: And I am going to take one of those know the ones they feed the dolphins.
me: mmmhmmm
Delanie: And I am going to pop one right into my mouth and gobble it up!
me: WHAT? Why would you do that?
Delanie: Cause, I want to be brave and try know to see what it tastes like.
me: Well, if you want to try fish, sweety, you don't need to eat the Dolphin fish. You can eat fish that is for people you know.
Delanie: Ya, but I want to eat the Dolphin fish, you know, like Aunt Jen did when we were there.
me: What? Aunt Jen didn't eat the fish at the Dolphin exhibit...Why do you think she did that?
Delanie: Yes she did....When she was feeding the dolphins she said "ooohhh yummy"
me: you don't think she was just teasing?
Delanie: No momma, she ate the fish that the dolphins eat. I want to be brave too and try it...

Pax (in the most grown up and condescending tone)ewww Wanes, that's just sgusting...soo gross Wanes just sgusting...You can't eat fish that's so sgusting!

I didn't really know what to laugh at...the fact that this whole time (since March) Delanie thought that Jen had eaten the dolphin food, that she thought it was brave to eat dolphin food, that she wanted to try dolphin food, that Pax gave her a verbal tongue lashing about her choice in food, or the way Paxton says disgusting.

Pick any one of those, and you've got a winner!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Lesson in Giving...Or Not?

'Tis the season! After a weekend full of shopping, list making, and decorating, it can officially be said that we are very wrapped up in the holiday season. With all the ads and commercials for children right now, it's not surprising that my sweet cherubs definitely have a bad case of the Gimme's/Iwannit's/Buythat's.

You know, "oooohhh a new Dora doll, Momma Gimme that!", or "Hey that's a Car's race track...Iwantit!" and "I've never seen one of those before. Can we Buythat?" Other symptoms include tantrums, red faces, tears, and stomping of feet.

This has led Scott and I to be very purposeful about teaching Delanie and Pax the gift of giving. Delanie, I am happy to say, has really grabbed onto the idea, and really has compassion for people who have nothing. She has done very well this year picking out presents for other children. I really think it is in her nature to be generous. She always has been pretty good about sharing, and offering her things to others. Oh sure, she has had a few episodes of stinginess, but she is only 4.

Paxton, on the other hand, is in a different boat than his sister. Again, I completely understand that his age is playing a VERY large role in this...most 2 year olds are all about self. I got a good dose of this earlier this season at Super T.

Scott, however, did not get to be apart of that wonderful shopping experience. He could not truly grasp where Pax stands on the giving issue. Plus, like any good parent, he saw a weakness in Pax (a lack of generosity), and wanted to help mold his heart.

So armed with a wonderful plan to take Pax to Toys R Us to buy his sister a Christmas gift that he picked out by himself, my husband was off to shape my son into a boy brimming to the top with generosity. Although I warned him on the way out of the door that this may not be all he was hoping it was going to be, Scott and Pax were off on a mission....2 very different missions.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how this ended up. Scott came home empty-handed. Pax came home in tears, and completely un-molded. Apparently, there was this motorcycle that caught the little man's eye before they got to the girl section of the store. It's been 2 days, and he is still talking about the motorcycle. Poor Scott, he really didn't know what he was up against when he decided it would be ok to allow him to sit on it for just a minute.

Yup, we are treating a SEVERE case of the gimme's this year. It looks like it's a long lingering case...probably will last through the rest of this holiday season. We are hoping for a cure within the year.

Friday, November 23, 2007

All Aboard!

After a wonderful Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday, where we were blessed as a family to be able to sit around a table in a warm home, with more than enough food, no major illnesses/health concerns, and as a family who actually all get along well; my family (Scott and the kids) spent the day together preparing for Christmas. Scott was thrilled to be pulling boxes and crates from the basement full of Christmas decorations and memories, and the great transformation began.

OK, so my home doesn't go through a GREAT transformation. I've seen some people's homes where you can barely recognize it from it's former self during the Christmas season. However, my home does get what would be comparable to a mini-face lift or a chemical peel. We have the 2 trees, one for the family, and one for one else cares about having a tree that is coordinated and has each ornament placed just so.

The family tree is so special to me (and hopefully the kids too). Each year it has more and more ornaments as each child adds their yearly ornament, as well as any ornament gifts they make or we receive. As each one is unwrapped, we talk about who it belongs to and when they got it. Pax really wasn't in the reminiscent mood today, but did put a few on the tree that were not breakable. He really thought it was a game. If he got it on the branch with out it falling on the first try, there were cheers and hoots all around. Lanie wanted all her ornaments in one spot. I had to delicately explain to her balancing out the tree with ornaments so that it looks beautiful no matter where you stand. Still she wanted all hers in one area so she could sit and look a them. Eventually, we got them all spread out.

Then of course there are the mantels, vases, and banisters. New this year, a Nativity scene for the glass table. Pax is very quiet when he is around the Nativity scene...he doesn't want to wake the baby up..."Shhhh," he says, "This baby is asleep." One day he'll fully understand how precious that little baby is, and that all this fuss is all about Him. We still have another 1/2 day of decorating, and then we will call it good. Of course, at the bottom of one of the crates today was The Polar Express!

Even though I am not fond of the snow, it was perfect that it was falling today. It was a very gentle snow, similar to getting a dusting of powder sugar all day. It just made the home even more cozy as we played Christmas music and worked our way through the boxes and crates. It also reminded me of the snow that falls through out the movie, and had me very anxious to get in my pj's, climb into bed with my kids and hubby, with hot cocoa, and watch in wonder. Pax joined us this year, and was super excited to watch the "Train Movie" in mommy and daddy's bed with the lights off...And what's this in my sippy cup? It was warm cocoa...a very special treat! Of course, the movie did not disappoint. Both kids loved it, as did I. It was a very special night. I can't wait to see their faces in 2 weeks when they find out they get to ride on a real Polar Express when we visit the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Of course, I took some pictures...and even used the self timer so I could get in on the action...lucky you!

Here are my two little snugly bubs waiting for the movie to start:

Pax...who has no idea as to what's in store for him:

Delanie, who knows exactly what to expect, and can hardly wait:

And the whole fam thanks to self timer and an amoir...that just paid for itself hehe:

(if you're wondering about my very chic jammies, sorry they're a limited more left)

Of course there was no photography allowed during the actual viewing of the movie, but trust me memories were made.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do a Little Dance

Tonight after dinner, we all got a special treat from Scott. He had gone out and rented Evan Almighty. This is the movie with Steve Carell, (Michael from the Office) and is the sequel to Bruce Almighty.

Carell's character has been asked by God to build a modern day Ark just days after starting his new job as a congressman. As you can see from this clip, Carell's character is also fond of doing the happy dance, and through out the movie we get to see said happy dance quite a few times.

This is a very cute movie, and even though it included real people (as opposed to cartoons, or animals that can talk because of cinema magic) both kids sat down and watched it. I think Pax liked the boat, and Lanie, she loves animals.

At the end of the movie, after the flood comes, (Oh come on, I didn't spoil it...It's Noah's Ark, people!) Carell's character has a chance to sit down with God and have a heart-to-heart. After their conversation, he and God do the Happy Dance for good measure. This leads to the credits, which leads to all the cast performing their own version of the Happy Dance (you know in the "behind the scenes" type footage) to Everybody Sweat by C+C Music Factory.

What is it about that song? Seriously, everyone wants to get up and dance....including Pax! Our little mover and shaker jumped right up from his previously almost comatose condition (which he is in anytime he is watching a show or movie), and blessed us all with his own little Happy Dance. That little man could really shake his groove-thang! Surprisingly enough, I DIDN'T have a camera!! So this is a memory I will have to hope I can forever burn into my brain, and be reminded of whenever I come back to this blog.

In case you are all wondering what it may have looked like, I guess you could say he got some moves from these elves! Way to study up, Dude!

...and yes, I got you all to look at the elves dance again hehe!

Ok...This is Too Much!

As the friend who originally sent this out suggested...Be ready to soil yourself....

Just our family's way of getting ready for the holidays!

Thanks, Nicole, for making me laugh :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Miss Smarty Pants

So this is the year. I knew it was coming, and I was right. It's here! Delanie is officially old enough to find her Christmas gifts!

Seriously, up until now, I have been spoiled. I have even taken her along on trips to buy HER Christmas gifts! Not this year. I have tried to be very sneaky, but she has found 1 of her gifts not once, but twice already! Ok, it might be my fault, but I really wasn't expecting this.

I VERY discretely brought home a four pack of Magic School Bus Videos, that would be from her brother, the other day. I wrapped them in a King Soopers bag and brought them into the house. Success...she never questioned it. Then in all my excitement, and I shall add, after the kids were IN BED, I got the DVD's out for Scott to take a look at. We oohed and aaahed over the great find, and then I set them on my vanity while I finished getting ready for bed. Guess who walks in "I need more water." she says. I tell her to ask her daddy, who is standing by the the vanity! ARRRRGG Of course she sees them! She has eagle eyes for anything Magic School Bus related.

After Scott scolded me for leaving them out in plain sight, and I convinced Delanie that she need not worry about the mysterious DVD's on the vanity, I put them on my trusty closet know where all the Christmas gifts go. Apparently, said shelf is at eye level this year.

Delanie: MOMMY MOMMY!!!
me: yes
Delanie: Magic School Bus videos! Lookie lookie! Why are they in your closet?
me: uggggg Delanie, why are you in my closet?
Delanie: What? Lets watch Magic School Bus!!...Who are these for?

So there I went again, explaining some weird story as to why I have these DVD's in my closet, why she can't watch them, and why she must now forever stay out of my closet...Yes, I changed my hiding place.

If she finds them again, I am going to take it as a sign and just give the poor girl the DVD's! She will deserve them for crying-out-loud, and I don't think I can handle anymore on-the-fly stories anymore! Surely, she won't find them this time....I guess I need to find a babysitter so I can complete my Christmas shopping this year.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

And So It Begins! can almost smell it in the air. Thanksgiving is just a few days away...and then the craziness begins. I do love Thanksgiving. The family all gathered 'round, good food, good laughs, good relaxation. However, the day after is what I look forward to the most. No, it's not because of Black Friday...I am not fond of shopping in crowds, and no, it isn't all the leftovers from the day before either. This is the day, that our family has a very special tradition.

This will be year 3 of my favorite family tradition to-date! The day after Thanksgiving, Scott pulls out all of our Christmas decorations. As we work on getting the house decorated, which really could take about a week, down at the bottom of one of the ornament boxes it lays. The Polar Express!

Packed away each year with the Christmas stuff so that the kids (ok and I) don't get too tired or desensitized to it's magic, is the BEST holiday movie (barring Christmas Vacation, but I am talking about kid friendly here!)!

That night we will sit as a family with our hot cocoa, blankets, in jammies, and no lights on mesmerized by the music, beauty, and magic of this movie. This year, Pax will be old enough to join us, and I can't wait to see his face as he watches the train weave its way through tall mountain peaks, icy polar caps, and into Santa's village in the North Pole.

Delanie is already talking all about it. "Guess what?" she says to anyone who will listen/answer back...people at the grocery store, her cousins, our neighbors, ANYONE! "Friday is the day for Polar Express!" People usually look at her with a very confused look. See she doesn't quite get that this isn't something that everyone does. I really think she is waiting for a response of "YES! I know I can't wait" She usually says "You know the Polar Express...? Friday's the day we get it out!" With another confused look from whom ever she is speaking to she usually lets the conversation drop at this point, if I haven't rescued her already.

That's what I love about traditions. Something so simple, yet something you can't imagine not having. Something you don't even recall NOT doing. Something you can't wait to do every year. Something you have to talk about with others because you're so excited you might burst.

After Friday night, it's onward to the Christmas holiday rush. We will shop, eat, party, watch the other Christmas movies (probably Polar Express a few more times), and spend time with the fam....But that Friday after Thanksgiving, we take a few hours to wind our way up to the North Pole every year to see if we can still hear the bells on Santa's reindeer and sleigh. As I sit back with my family all warm and cozy and wrapped up in the magic, I think to myself, "Please, never let those bells go silent."

Friday, November 16, 2007


Delanie has officially entered a "Puzzle Stage". She is done with the little kids type puzzles, and now enjoys working the more difficult puzzles. Her favorites so far, Strawberry Shortcake and the Gang (63 pieces) and a Dinosaur Panorama (48 pieces). Well, today our lovely Auntie upped the ante when she brought over several puzzles for us to work that all had 100 pieces!

After dinner, she got to pick which one of these puzzles she wanted to work...of course the Beauty and the Beast...Belle is gorgeous. Also, we wouldn't want begin our 100 piece puzzle adventure with a puzzle that is nice and square...oh no, that is too easy. This one is shaped like a heart (ie no straight sides!).

It was a good lesson in patience and perseverance. It was hard work! This wasn't like her favorite puzzles that took a mere 15 minutes to put together...nope we worked that thing for at least 45 minutes. There were times when giving up sounded like the best option, when it was thought "maybe we don't have all the pieces", or "this thing is just too hard". NOPE...I had to be gently reminded by Lanie..."Mom, we gotta get this thing done! Just keep trying!"

Delanie is good at puzzles, and she doesn't get it from me!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birds of a Feather...

Even though our home has reached peak grossness, as we battle the bug this week, there is still some sweetness to be found:
Here are my two little sickies snuggled up on the "Sick Couch" together. Yes, those are towels that they are using as blankets...much more absorbent and easier to clean. They are happily watching the 25th movie of the week (that's approximate...could be less...could be more). Look at how well they share! It's amazing what kind of cooperation you can get out of them when they are weak.

Seriously though, I think we are on the tail end of this (until Scott or I get it) so the deep cleaning starts tomorrow. You'll also be happy to know that Paxton has come up with a cure.
Apparently "Candy makes my tummy allll better" .

Yes it does, Son.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lure of the Bus

For about 2 months now, my kids (ok and I) have been having a wonderful love affair with the TV series Scholastic's Magic School Bus. Both the books and the videos provide us with hours of scientific joy. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it is a show about a science class (maybe 4th graders?) and their crazy teacher Ms. Frizzle ("The Friz" for short). The Friz takes them on wild field trips in order to help them understand many different scientific phenomenas such as volcanoes, the water cycle, the solar system, the science of flight, etc. via the Magic School Bus which can shrink, fly, float, whatever it takes to literally get "inside" the science of it all. It is a show that I have no problem what-so-ever allowing my kids to watch hours of. Surprisingly, Pax likes it as much as Lanie does, and even will request a Magic School Bus book for story time before bed.

We've been lucky, the last few times we've gone to the library, there has been at least 1 video and a handful of books of this, apparently, very popular series. Since it was new to us, we haven't had any issues with having to settle for repeat performances. That was until last week. There were no videos at all for check out, and I thought it would be OK to settle for the just a few books. Wrong. Delanie devoured the 3 books I was able to get a hold of in 3 days, and then decided it was imperative that we get the video of the book about volcanoes. Off to the Internet I went. I was determined to hunt down our videos on our library's online catalog and place a hold on them. Not too surprisingly, they were all checked out and there was a wait for all of them. Delanie was understandably upset about the wait, but was willing to flex her patience muscles because she knew the payoff would be worth it.

Well, today was the day! I got a call while Lanie was in school that some of our holds had come in. I was so excited you would have thought I just got the call that I had just won some wonderful shopping spree at Super T. I had to get them while she was still in school so that I could surprise her when she got in the car with our new loot! When I got to the library, I was so pleased to see that the volcano episode was one of the goodies waiting for us...this was going to be the BEST DAY EVER!

As Lanie hopped into the car, she squealed with delight as she saw what was waiting for her in her carseat. Then she saw the volcano video and let out an even louder squeal! I could hardly wait to get home and pop it in while the kids and I ate lunch. In case, you're wondering, it was all it was hyped up to be. We've been in Magic School Bus Nirvana all afternoon.

If only I could get my hands on my own Magic School Bus. There are so many mysteries that I would love to solve via my ride on the bus. For example, what's going on in my son's little brain when he decides that only when we are running late for something he must fill his diaper? There is also the elusive mystery behind why neither my children or husband can hear a single thing coming out of my mouth if there is a TV on anywhere in our home. Lastly, how much work would I really get done if I wasn't spending so much time looking for sippy cups? These are the great mysteries that we may never find the answers to...If only we had the bus!

Seat belts everyone!!!