Thursday, May 29, 2008

He Turns Three in a Few Short Weeks

Here's a quick conversation I had with Pax today on the way to the gym:

Pax: Mommy why you go running today?
me: Because I like to run. It makes me feel healthy.
Pax: Oh, you wike it?
me: Yup, I like it
Pax: Oh, well I am just a wittle boy. When I turn into a big boy I am going to work out all da days too.
me: Really?
Pax: Yea, but wite now I still just a wittle boy. Big boys are da ones who work out all da days, and when I am big I will work out all da days too.

Silence for a quick moment.

Pax: Yup, just a wittle boy. I still just wittle.

Yes, precious boy, you are still little.

Never grow-up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sometimes it Just Feels Good to Cry

The library has saved me more times than I would like to admit. I could have nothing planned to do, be bored out of my gourd, the kids are running crazy wild, and then it occurs to me, "We should go to the library!" It keeps the kids entertained, they have to be quiet, you get to leave with stuff for free, and oh yea, there are so many different books and movies there to choose from. We can stay entertained there for at least a good 45 minutes. Then you get to bring a bunch of books and movies home with you which can provide hours of entertainment.

I guess it depends on how many movies to book ratio you allow on each trip, but if the movie count is high, you can have your whole afternoon planned.

Sometimes we hit the library quite often, even as much as once a week. Other times, months will go by before we go again. It had been a while since we had been to the library when I announced we were making a trip last Friday. The kids were beyond excited, and talked about what kind of books they were going to check out. Lanie wanted all kinds of dinosaur books, and Pax just copied whatever Delanie said. He also threw in a long list of movies. My boy is a true TV hound just like his parents.

When we got there Lanie went straight for the books, and Pax he went straight for the movies. I went with Pax because, without parental supervision, my boy can single handedly destroy a library in about one minute and 30 seconds.

He went straight for the Elmo videos. It's strange because I thought for sure we would be done with Elmo by now seeing as though he is almost three and all. Lately though, there has been a fierce resurgence of the little red monster in our home that I feel may not be over any time soon. He wants to watch Elmo all the time right now, and Delanie, she doesn't stop him. I guess it's a fresh change from Dora and Diego. I am just thankful that the Backyardigans are still around.

Man, I love that show.

Back to the movies.

As I was looking through the movies with Pax I came across a movie called "Far From Home". It was one of those "Family Channel" made for TV movies. You know, they use up and coming actors/actresses, the story line is totally predictable but completely touching, and the best part is it had to be from the mid-90's. I thought, "WOW! Delanie would really like this movie!"

Just as I was about to go show her what I had found to see if she wanted to check it out, I second guessed myself. This movie had tear-jerker written all over it. I know I love me some tear-jerking dramas at times, but that is just cruel for a mother to even suggest it to her daughter, who she knows is a bit on the sensitive side. I quickly remembered how much she bawled at Homeward Bound and Eight Below (which, by the way, was one of the worst parenting decisions Scott and I have made. Just because a movie is made by Disney DOES NOT MEAN IT IS FOR KIDS). She loved both movies, but she bawled like a baby for both.

Which made me bawl.

And then we snuggled and bawled together.

I decided that it wasn't a good choice to get a movie that I knew she would like, but that would also make her bawl. I put the movie back on the shelf and went back to looking for Elmo videos.

Delanie then came back over to the movie section after checking out all the books she wanted to look at. She asked if she could check out a movie too, like her brother, and I told her she could if she saw something she thought she might like. After a little perusing she came to find Pax and I over at the baby book section to show me what she wanted. She was all excited when she showed me the movie.

"Look Momma! Far From Home!" This looks like a really good movie. Can I get this one?"

Without even being rational, I said "YES!".

I remember thinking, "Oh my word! I can't believe we picked up the same movie. It's a sign! We have to get it!" All that rational thinking I had done not but 30 seconds prior, went right out the window.

I am so impulsive and feelings driven it should be illegal at times.

So we brought home Far From Home. After we got home, I did come to my senses a bit and decided that she could not watch that movie alone. She needed to watch it with either Scott or I just in case it lived up to all the cover promised it would be.

Well, we finally got around to having enough time to sit and watch that movie. It was everything the cover eluded to and a bit more.

Delanie bawled her head off.

I bawled a little bit, but mostly because I knew this was going to happen and I couldn't believe how stupid and irresponsible I was to allow my tender-hearted baby to get a movie I knew was going to put her in a depression for the rest of the day.

She didn't cry for the rest of the day, but she is still going on and on about how much she loved the movie. She keeps talking about how she can hardly wait to see it again.

I knew she would.

That's one strong sick little gene we share.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Also, I Got in a Decent Workout

It's been a busy weekend, but fun none-the-less. Memorial Day weekend always brings on a feeling of excitement that, I guess, goes back to childhood. It's the official kick-off to summer, which if you didn't know by now, is my most favorite season, the pools open, school gets out, and it's a three day weekend to-boot. Even though the weather disappointed this weekend, we still had a great time.

One of our newest traditions is Scott and I running in the BolderBoulder. It's a race that is totally do-able, yet you do need to do some training for. Although, I have heard some people run it cold. That's the beauty of that race though, it can be totally serious, and you might be running for your own Personal Best, or it could just be a day you spend having a good time running. I loved the way my friend, who joined us this year (along with a bunch of others),wrote about it. Since she did a fantabulous job, I won't re-hash some of what she wrote about. I will talk about something that I learned, though.

I know I have mentioned it before, but I had hurt my hamstring about 3 months ago. When it happened, I was a little bit concerned because I would have to take a break from training. I had decided last summer that I would be going for a personal best at this particular race, so to take a break from training was not really in the cards. Since it was February though, I thought I had plenty of time.

Not so much.

Apparently, hamstring injuries can take a REALLY long time to heal. Even better yet, once you have one, they are very easily re-injured, which is something I learned the hard way. As race day crept up on me, I very sadly realized that I wasn't going to be able to accomplish a Personal Best at the race I had trained almost a year for.

I'll admit it, I was a bit angry and bitter as well.

It turns out, I had no reason what-so-ever to be upset. Something I have learned in the past year is that when God says, "No" to something, it's because he has a bigger "Yes" waiting for you instead.

What he had waiting for me instead was a wonderful day full of fun. A day that was completely free of any sort of pressure to perform. A day where I could enjoy running. Even though I hadn't run for about 3 months, the week before the race, my Physical Therapist cleared me to run minimally and encouraged me to do some running in the race as long as I took it easy. So, it was a day that I was able to run. I ran all but just a few steps of the 6.2 mile course. It was a euphoric feeling.

Just to add a cherry on top, I was also blessed to be able to run with a friend and my Sister-In-Law the whole way. This was the first time I was able to run a race with someone for the entire distance. It was such a blast! I had so much fun having people by my side the whole way encouraging each other. We also talked about silly stuff and laughed a little.


During a race.

Thank you, Lord, for knowing right where I am at, and knowing just what I need.

"It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees." --Psalm 119:71

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Future Doctor and a Fashion Designer?

It's graduation season. The time of year that many young adults take on the next big step in life, whether it be college or the working world. Delanie too, took the next big step in her academic career, one that spans a lengthy two years. Today she graduated from Pre-K and will be joining the k-12 ranks starting in the late summer/early fall.

It's debatable if a Pre-K graduation is even necessary, but it was very cute none-the-less. Each child got to be called up for a certificate, and while they were receiving their completion diplomas, the teacher talked about what each child had said they wanted to be when they grew up. In the week previous to the ceremony, she had asked each child and then recorded what they had said.

Delanie decided she wanted to be a Doctor. Oddly enough, her two best friends in class also said the same thing. Since it seemed as though they were just repeating each other, the teacher delved a bit deeper to try to get some originality out of her. When asked if she wanted to be a doctor that worked with kids and babies or a doctor that worked with adults she said, "I want to be a doctor that works with mommies that have babies in their tummies." Grandma was proud since she is a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

After the diplomas were all presented, we were ushered into the auditorium to see a slide show of the past year set to music. It was really cute. There was also a celebratory gathering at a park with a picnic lunch.

Paxton, on the other hand, picked out a very special outfit all by himself for the occasion:

OK so the boots aren't exactly new, but check out the goggles! Summer accessories at their finest.

I also might add that I think it is a bold move to go sans pants. It could be all the rage this summer, you never know! And look, shoes on opposite feet....I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paxton's World

There has been much talk about Delanie these past few days around our home, what with all the learning to ride a bike thing. I am feeling like I am not giving Pax his due air time. Here's Pax from the last few days.

1. Paxton is wearing flip flops now. After a trip to Old Navy to pick up a pair of their famous "2 for $5" flops, Pax spotted a pair of what I like to call Flip Flops with Training Wheels. They are flip flops with straps on the back. While they are not quite the flips that Lanie and I live in all summer long, they are a start. He loves them. He just can't put them on by himself...he can never remember which toe the strap goes in between.

Baby steps.

He should have those training wheels off maybe by next summer.

2. A phrase that I can not get enough of, and if he ever grows out of it I will be so sad. He says it when he gets very excited about seeing something. He says, "Oh Mommy/Daddy, just wook at dat/dos______" You can fill in the blank with stuff like Hummer, fast motorcycle, chocolate, candy, pancakes, tall things, big things, bugs, pretty much anything that he is really into or catches him off guard. For me it's the enthusiasm. He is so excited that the "just" is added for dramatic effect, and the fact that he still says "wook" instead of "look" and can't say "that" or "those" and instead it is "dat" and "dos".

Ya, so pretty much the whole sentence gets me.

Because whatever he is trying to get my attention to usually makes me laugh too. Especially when it's chocolate.

3. He was so excited when I pulled out his summer pj's yesterday and there were a set of Cars jammies in the mix. He just kept asking over and over "Mommy, did you get these for me?" and then saying things like "Just wook at dese Cars jammies" and lastly "Mommy, thank you so much for my Cars jammies. I just wuv dem." I think he thanked me about 10-12 times. I graciously accepted each "thank you" and decided to keep from him the fact that they were from last year.

Tonight when he put them on he said "I need some speed!" right as the shirt when over his head. That was quickly followed with a, "vrrrrrrrroooommm!"

4. Lastly, I know that I have shared with everyone already my boy's love for accessories, but we can now add to that a love for shoes. Should I be worried here? I think it all started with the flip flops, but it could go back to when he first learned how to put on his Crocs that he started becoming fond of shoes. Well, whatever, all that matters is that this:

That right there, makes me laugh. Check out those boots! I guess I will have to come back to this picture in a few months to remind myself that, at one point, the boots made me laugh. I don't know what is funnier, the fact that the boots are bright red galoshes (of all the choices) or that they are on the wrong feet.

To me there is nothing more precious than a little one that has shoes on the wrong feet. It gets me every time.

They did it all by themselves.

And it looks so silly.

And sweet.

I just want to scoop them up and squeeze them, and tell them what a good job they did.

Then daddy comes in and says, "Hey dude, your shoes are on the wrong feet!" and I can see the pride just deflate right out of him, as he looks down at his feet.

So I give him (Daddy) the look.

And he says, "What? You don't want him walking around looking all dorky do you?"

I guess he didn't see that they were RED GALOSHES!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Like Watching Her Learn to Walk

Like I mentioned yesterday, Delanie just got her training wheels off on Sunday. I thought for sure it would take her all week to learn how to ride with just two wheels. I just can't believe how quickly kids learn things.

While I was watching her, it reminded me of what it was like to watch her learn to walk. One day she was nowhere near letting go of the furniture, and then the next day she's taking a few steps. Even though there was a huge jump in ability, practice still was in order.

I remember what it was like to watch her walk those first few days. So wobbly, and instead of her deciding where to go, she just followed her body. The momentum of her body deciding which direction to turn, and when she would stop. Sometimes she would let go of the furniture and head straight to the ground. I would wince watching her, and sometimes gasp as it looked like she might smack her head on something.

Tonight was no different. Only instead of being one, she's five, and instead of walking, she's riding a bike. The starts and stops are difficult and the bike is still boss, dictating which direction she'll turn and how fast or slow she goes. I still wince and even gasp at each wobble. Just like walking, when she was practically able to run by the end of the week, I am sure she'll be ready to enter the junior version of Tour De France in a few short days. And sadly, just like walking, there will be a day when I won't remember what it was like for her not to be on a two wheeler. It's only through video and pictures that the days of crawling and scooting around still live in my memory.

Thank goodness for video and pictures.

Monday, May 19, 2008

And We Spent the Day at the Pool

You know that I love that the weather seems to have finally changed for the better. I don't want to speak too soon and jinx it all (if I believed in that), but we have had about 3 days in a row now with pretty decent temps, and if the weather reports hold true, we should still have 2 more days in store. That's 5 days people! I can't hardly stand it.

What I could do with out though, is the seasonal "changing out of the closets" that needs to be done each and every season with growing children. First off, it's a pain in the neck (you know I wanted to say somewhere else, but I am all about restraint). To dig through all the clothing, refold, rehang, and bag up the old is a nightmare that lasts all day long. I usually wait to do this chore when it's really yucky outside so that I don't have to miss too much outside time.

Then there is the figuring out what fits still from last year. This always surprises me. I can't get over how much they grow from year to year. I could just cry when I hold up those size 5 capris and shirts. I sit and think back to when they were little and I would look at kids clothing that was that big and think, "There is no way, at least not for another decade, that my baby will ever be that big." Then BAM it's five years later, and some of the stuff, she is just barely squeezing in.

And I refuse to buy size 6.

Not until I have had ample time to mourn over the fact that my sweet little girl is a size five.

It's all the mourning, really, that takes up the whole day. If I could just change out the closet and not sit and look at how big things look/how small she used to be, I could probably get this chore done in half the time.

But what's the fun in that?

Then there is the boy's closet. It's just more of the same year in year out. Boy's clothing is khaki, navy, and jean. Then there are a few different colored shirts thrown in just to mix things up, and there you have it. The only difference is the sleeves and pant legs get longer/shorter depending on the season. Socks stay the same color and only need changed when their feet get too big. Instead of hair bows and barrettes, it's baseball caps which need no coordination what-so-ever.

Don't even get me started on the shoes.

Really though, I am going to look at it as a blessing because I could be stuck indoors for two full days had Pax been a girl.

Besides trying to find something to wear, this wonderful turn in the weather has allowed me to force the children outside. One of my most favorite things about summer time is that after the kids eat their breakfast, they slip on their shoes (while still in their jammies) and head out to the back yard for some play time while I still wake up IN PEACE AND QUIET. It's wonderful. Then after dinner, the same phenomenon happens.

Except that I am not waking up. Instead, I'm winding down, and again it's NICE AND QUIET.

Yesterday, Scott took the training wheels off of Delanie's bike. I was worried about ruining a good thing. I mean the kids where just really getting into playing bike races with each other. The thing of it is, is that Pax now can ride his bike (2 wheeler with training wheels) almost as good as Delanie can. It just looks weird to see the two of them on the same type of bike. So before either Delanie or I could start having a complex, we took them off.

Man, I was worried. My girl wouldn't really be described as perseverant. Nor do the words, easy on herself, laugh it off, or get up and try again really fit the bill. She has surprised me. I can't believe it when I see her and her daddy working together to get this 2 wheeler thing learned. There are tears, and sometimes the arms cross and the foot stomps a bit, but then she gets back on and tries again.

Oh, and she's been bribed with ice cream and a new bike if she learns to ride with out training wheels.

It's the art of Intrinsic Motivation that we are working on in our home.

You should have seen the way she made it around the cul-de-sac a few times tonight. I was dumbfounded. Yesterday, she couldn't even peddle with out us holding on to the bike. Tonight, she is riding around with out us. It's amazing to watch kids learn new things. I wish my brain/body still worked that way.

I had said to her yesterday, that I thought she would have it down by the end of the week if she kept trying each night. At the time I thought that I maybe over exaggerated, and was worried about how upset she was going to be when it didn't happen. There she was proving me wrong tonight. I am pretty confident in the whole end-of-the-week statement I proclaimed yesterday.

Between bike riding, hitting the pool, and changing out the closets we should be full-on ready for summer in no time.

Next on the list: teaching Pax how to wear flip flops (apparently this is not something boys just know how to do). He is trying so hard though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

N to the K to the O-T-B!


That's what I got to see, along with the rest of America, yesterday morning. If you missed it you can catch up right here. I'll let the video speak for itself, and let you decide if the 15 year hiatus was too long or not long enough. According to the Today show anchors, yesterday's crowd was one of the biggest crowds they have ever seen on the plaza. Grown women, ranging in age from their late 20's to mid 30's lined the streets in the pouring rain to see the Boys from Boston. Some of them showed up as early as the morning before to secure their spots close to the stage.

I am going to freely admit that I was a big NKOTB fan myself back in the day of hot pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and tall/big bangs. I also rolled my jeans as well as my tee-shirt sleeves. It was middle school, and I was trying to awkwardly figure out who I was in the midst of raging hormones and trying to fit in. All the girls loved New Kids On The Block, and I was all about being apart of "All Girls". Because of all the painfulness that that period of time holds for most of us, I had all but repressed the memories of that time in life.

Then, yesterday, while eating my breakfast, the kids running around wild with new morning energy, I look up from my computer because I heard a familiar tune on the TV. I was surprised to see that the boys had reunited and were going on tour. I was even more surprised to see how much they have changed over the years. Again, I am not going to share my opinions on how they aged, you'll need to watch the video and make up your own mind.

I have heard that some people are paying well over $200 to see them perform in their upcoming tour. I even know someone who is going to get backstage passes so that she can finally meet the boys of her middle school girl dreams. For me one morning was enough.

I smiled as I watched them "Hang Tough" on the Today show. Then all those memories that I have worked so hard at repressing, came flooding back. I realized that was all I needed, and I quickly turned the channel to Sesame Street. The roar from the small crowd in my home was confirmation that I had made the right choice.

Because that's where I am at now in life.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

If I Could Only Figure Out How to Make This Work For Potty Training

Let me be the first to say, I LOVE routine. I thrive when my days are planned. I don't often "fly by the seat of my pants". In fact, I have noticed, that I can get quite grouchy when something unexpected comes along my way and I have to re-write how my day will go.

I used to be sad about this. I used to want to change this personality trait. Become someone who was "spontaneous". It seems so much more exciting, and so free. Then I turned 30 (I won't say how long ago that was) and realized, I wasn't fooling anyone, let alone myself by trying to be someone I just wasn't made to be.

Talk about feeling free. Being able to accept who you are and be fine with it....well, it's a load off to say the least.

Then I started noticing how natural and easy it is to create habitual patterns in life. It wasn't just me, but many people around me as well as a few creatures in my life.

Take our dog for example. She is so habitual, it actually drives me insane. I can't tell you how many times I have told her she is going to the pound if she doesn't knock it off. She is quick to respond to the message, but is also quick to return to her old pattern of behavior, especially when food is involved.

She is fed at around the same time each day. Once in the morning, once in the late afternoon. It's like there is a clock in her belly. She could be in the deepest of dog naps, but once that clock ticks over to 4:00, watch out! She's up and at 'em, and if you are in her way, too bad. If you are unable to get to feeding her right away, then she will wear you out by NEVER LEAVING YOUR SIDE WITH A PANTING AND SMACKING OF THE LIPS THAT IS LIKE SOME SORT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE. Until you find the time to get down to her food and dish, you can expect she will not let up for one single moment.

Recently, she was having some belly issues. It seemed that the new diet was not agreeing with her. She needed just a little snack at bed time to tide her through the night. She was all up for that, and it 2 days, she had made it a habit. Now instead of being badgered twice a day, I get it three times a day.

I noticed the same phenomenon with my son. Except with him, I would expect that he knows when it's time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That doesn't take any type of pattern, just hunger pains. However, my son can remember each place that he has had food at and what type it was.

For example, when we go to visit my sister at her house. When she first got the keys to her home, she chose not to move in right away, but instead she wanted to paint it and fix it up a bit. That meant that the first two or so times we went to see her, there was no furniture. So in order to keep the kids occupied while I chatted about paint colors and drapery, I would use a window sill as a table and put a few snack options on it. The kids would eat, I would chat, and everyone was happy. Still to this day, when we go over to my sisters home he goes straight for the window sill and asks for goldfish. It does not matter that she now has tables and chairs in several different locations, or that he may be fresh from the largest meal he has ever consumed. He's at his Auntie's house and there he eats goldfish crackers from the window sill.

Same thing when we visit our friends on Fridays. There has been more than once that we will order pizza for us and the kids for lunch. The last two times we have gone over there, Pax has said, "How long do we play before the pizza will come?"

Yesterday, we were at the local bounce house. We have been there for several parties in the past in which we have eaten cake. It did not matter that just moments before arriving, Pax had just eaten breakfast. As soon as we got there he ran in, got a few bounces out, and then promptly came to get me and tell me he was hungry. I tried to brush it off and tell him he just ate breakfast and to go have some fun. Instead of going back to have some more crazy fun, he went straight to the door that leads from the bounce room to the party room and started yelling, "I HUNGRY!! I WANT CAKE!!"

At first I thought it was his ferocious sweet tooth, but then I realized: every time we are there (3 times in the last year) we go to that room and eat cake and ice cream. He was just doing what he knew we did there.

Since we didn't eat cake, he was consistent about asking for cake the rest of the day.

I have noticed though, that this same phenomenon does not work with any sort of vegetables or fruit. I am waiting for the day he goes somewhere and demands some broccoli.

Don't worry, I am not holding my breath.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not So Much

I am starting to get a bit worried. Frightened actually. It is mid-May, and we are still dealing with horrible weather. I keep thinking about how great this summer is going to be, but I am afraid it isn't going to get here.

I am having painful flash backs to the summer of '04 when it seemed like it never stopped raining and each day struggled to get into the 80's. Oh sure, there were a few days in the 90's, but not many. I don't even think that we hit 100 degrees that year.

Not that I want to be at 100 degrees everyday, but it does make it feel like summer, and then helps you to appreciate the fall. Plus, 100 degrees never felt so good than when sitting in the pool. I even get my hair wet when it gets that hot.

So here we are, mid-May and it seems as though maybe a few flakes fell today along with all the rain. I did not see any snow, but did hear from some that did. I don't know what I would have done if I saw snow today. It would have been a blow so big that there is no telling how long the recovery may have taken.

We were supposed to go to the zoo today with Delanie's pre-K class. It was their end-of-the-year trip. She had been looking forward to it all month. I have to admit, I was excited too. When I saw the weather report for today a few days ago, I had a little chat with her about what may or may not happen. I just wanted to prepare her. Thank goodness she didn't even fight it. She knew that it would be miserable to walk around the zoo soaking wet and cold. Her teacher was on top of it though, and made other arrangements. The kids still had a great time at a bounce house place in town.

Out of sheer desperation, after our re-planned field trip, I took the kids to Super T and bought some summer outfits for them both. I just hope that they get to wear their new shorts before the end of July.

I am desperate for warm weather that last longer than just a few days...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Moments

I know I am a day late, but since I was enjoying the day so much yesterday, I am just getting to this today.

Since May has been officially renamed in our house to The Month of Madness, I thought for sure there would be nothing too special for me this year for Mother's Day. First of all, I already knew there would be no gift since the whole computer crash last month caused hubs to buy me another. Secondly, since we were so busy with dinners, both an engagement and a birthday party, as well as celebrating both of our (Scott and I) mothers, I thought, "There is no time for me this year".

It turned out that I was wrong, and I was blessed all day long.

Here are some highlights of this year's Mother's Day:

1. Hubby's parents took the kids for Saturday evening so we could go to an engagement party.

(On a side note, this engagement party, could be a post all to itself. It included a surprise wedding, some guests that had over done the celebrating, a tent on a cold windy day, required cocktail attire, high heels that sunk into the wet ground allowing all the female guests to aerate the lawn, and Scott and I who thought we should show up fashionably late, thus missed the "surprise wedding", and then because of the aforementioned surroundings, stayed for approximately 7-8 joke)

After the engagement party, Scott took me to see a movie of my choice, and then arranged it so the kids could stay the night at grandma's. This meant we could stay out just a bit later and sleep in the next day...Mother's Day...that's a gift that money just can't buy.

2. Even though I missed out on a Mother's Day celebration with my side of the family the day before, I still got to have breakfast with both my mom and my mother-in-law on Sunday morning. My favorite breakfast was made by Scott, and my dad, father-in-law, and brother-in-law brought some yummy side dishes. The kicker was: we didn't have to wait on an obscene wait with the kids, and when the kids were finished, they were excused to play in the play room allowing the adults to have a nice, uninterrupted conversation.

3. Everyone then decided to go to church together.

Enough said.

4. Both kids took 2 hour naps....HELLO!

I thought I was in some sort of dream world.

5. The weather was PHENOMENAL. It was in the mid-seventies, without even the slightest of breeze, and blue skies that went on forever. Considering the weather the day before, and yesterday was nothing short than a gift from the heavens.

6. Since the weather was so wonderful, something I thought wouldn't get to happen for another week was possible.

My most favorite Mother's Day tradition is planting our vegetable garden with the family. I was pretty saddened this year when I thought this wasn't going to be possible due to the weather and the fact that we were running around like wild animals all weekend.

Then, God just blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. Not only was the weather perfect, but all of a sudden, we were all caught up on all of our chores and there was nothing left to do...for the rest of the afternoon. It was perfect.

The kids and I planted our veggie garden and still had time to spare for some bike riding and play time in the front yard. We spent the rest of the afternoon together as a family and it was heaven. No one was grumpy, defiant, had a poor attitude, or needed to be disciplined.

Scott and the kids were great too.

It was a beautiful day with so many gifts. Unexpected gifts. Gifts that are cherished forever in memories. The kind of gifts that can only be given by The One who knows how to meet our needs best.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I. Can't. Get. Enough.

Today was the Muffins With Mom program at Delanie's school. This is their way of celebrating Mother's Day. Mom's come in we get a little program as well as a gift and some muffins. It's a special time for moms and kids to spend together. This was also Lanie's last Muffins with Mom program as she will be in Kindergarten next year.

This years program did not disappoint. In fact, I have to say, that this program was by far my most favorite of all her programs since she started school. It was just too much.

Sometimes, I think back to my pre-k days (pre-kids) and I remember how corny I thought the stuff that kids made in school for their moms was. I thought it would be so hard for me as a mom to pretend that I loved what they made for me, the way my mom did so well. I thought I would be a much more glamorous type mom who got different types of gifts, you know, like what comes from a store.

Let me be the first to tell you, I could not have been more wrong. The only pretending I have to do at these events, is pretending not to cry. I sit and gulp and swallow as hard as I can. I take deep breaths and try not to think about the tears that are welling up and stinging my eyes.

"Dang it! Your mascara WILL run if you keep this up, and you are surely going to embarrass your child, " I scream at myself.

It's no use. I am an emotional weenie when it comes to this type of stuff. There is nothing cheesy about it.


Probably not. I'll take it any day of the week though. Somehow, I don't think glamor could hold a candle to these precious memories.

Delanie with her flower hat on for the "April Showers May Flowers" song

The Card she made for me:

The most precious school gift I have ever received:

Grab your tissues...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

...Almost, but not Quite

Here are a few things from today :

1. Tonight at dinner Delanie bit her tongue. I was proud of her because instead of an ear piercing, uncontrolled scream, she somewhat kept herself together. I think she is finally coming around the the fact that when we are in public places, other people are watching.

After she pulled herself together, and got a drink of water, she asked me if I could still see blood on her tongue.

Delanie: Mommy, is there still blood on my tongue?
me: Nope, it's all done bleeding.
Delanie: Is there a red mark?
me: Yup, it still has a red spot right where you bit down.
Delanie: Does it look like the red marks that were on Jesus' hands when he got nailed to the cross...
me: Ummm...not quite.
Delanie: Yea, it would hurt really bad to get your tongue nailed to the cross.
me: Yea, I suppose it would.

2. Tonight at dinner we had some amazing fresh pineapple. It was just perfectly juicy and sweet. Delanie and I gobbled it up the best we could while still trying to maintain some sort of lady-like manners.

It's times like these that I realize I am completely unqualified to hold any sort of position that requires modeling behaviors for my children that I desire they have.

I digress.

I then tried to start the argument with her that sometimes fruit can be so sweet and yummy that it's like eating dessert. That's when she looked at me, stopped eating her pineapple, and quickly, but very sternly said, "Fruit can never be dessert. It might be good, but dessert is for stuff like ice cream and cake." Then she went back to devouring what was left of the pineapple.

At least I've taught her something.

Which leads me to another debate that started after the pineapple was gone, and we had started eating our "real dessert":

3. Delanie tried to argue the point that ice cream could be healthy. She said that it tastes so good that she just wants to eat it all the time, so she likes to pretend that it could be healthy.

I, for one, like that argument, and you may or may not find me using it in the near future with a batch of brownies.

4. Just when I thought I was in shape, the truth was slapped right across my bottom, legs, arms, chest, and shoulders.

I decided yesterday to stir things up a bit in my normal work-out routine. Usually, I would have just done some weight lifting on my own, but there was this class being offered at the same time I was at the gym that was a weight lifting class. I thought, this would be fun! To top it off, I had run into a friend at the gym who was also going to take the class, and she assured me it would was a good class, and I would get a good work out.

WOW! I have a whole new appreciation for lactic acid today.

However, today will not stop me from taking this class again next week and every week there after.

Because when you find something that hurts so much that it has to be changing the shape of your behind, you can't give up.

Also, if I have to go up or down the stairs, use the restroom, or squat down to pick up or talk to either of my children anymore in the next 24 hours, I could start sobbing.

5. Scott mowed the lawn today with some help from the kids.

Enough said.

Delanie was supposed to be corralling the dog while Pax followed behind with his bubble mower making sure to get any spots that daddy's mower may have missed.

While they weren't very much help (if any at all) it was fun to watch.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Could Eat All Day Long

What happens to moms when they see a little baby that is so sweet, or you look at your own child (even up to 5 years old, from my experience), and you just want to eat them up?

"OHHHHH just look at those cheeks," we squeal. "I just want to eat them up!"

Or we'll see a sweet thing with their shoes and socks off and their chubby little toes are hanging out. What to do? Pick up those sweet feet and put them to your mouth and pretend to chew them up.

Just for starters.

So it shouldn't be too surprising to you to know that I eat several portions of cheeks, ears, and toes each and everyday. It's kind of like they are their own food group really. Instead of filling my tummy, they fill my love tank.

Unfortunately for me, my kids have pretty much out grown this. Either they get kind of annoyed with my antics or I take one good look at their feet, and well, let's just say that the cute, chubby, clean toes of yesteryear have gone to the wayside and in their place I have dirty, big, snarly toe-nailed feet that just don't look as sweet when they are pulled from a Croc that they have been wearing all day long with out a sock.

I just got the heeby-jeebies writing that....

Those same feet fresh from the shower though, are a nice little appetizer.

Pax, especially gets annoyed with my eating habits. He often scowls at me and says things like "Leave my ears alone!" and "I don't want you to eat my cheeks. They're MINE!" This morning though, I got a treat.

When I was getting ready to take a big bite of his sweet (and freshly showered) feet, he said to me, "OK, momma, you can have just a few bites of feet and some ears if you want. But that's it! No more for breakfast, OK?"

That's a deal I couldn't pass up!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Hide and Seek

My boy had the case of "The Sillies" tonight at bedtime. After getting his teeth brushed, he ran from me and to his room. I made a pit stop at Delanie's room to check what was going on in there, and then went back to Pax's room. When I went back into his room, Pax was no where to be found.

This isn't a new trick. Pax always hides when it's time for nap or bedtime (along with all 2 1/2 year olds around the world). He has only two places to go: under his crib, or in his closet.

I guess I could've gone and checked each place, and then pulled him out and put him to bed, but what fun would that have been? I knew a way to get my boy to spill the beans on his where- abouts.

I pulled out his favorite book at the moment. It's called "My Very Own Name". It has his name all spelled out, first and last, and a cute little story for how each letter was picked out.

me: Well, I guess I'll just read this name book all by myself. I don't know where Paxton is.
me: OK, I guess I'll just get started with out him.
me: On June 12, 2005....
The Crib with a voice that sounds just like Paxtons: Hey! That's MY BIRTHDAY!!

He just can't keep quite when he hears that date.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May 1st...

Normally, I don't make a big deal about the first of May. Oh yea, sure, it's May Day. I remember celebrating that holiday once or twice in elementary school, but normally, I don't take notice. Today, I guess you could say I noticed. Here are some things that happened on May 1, 2008:

Here is what it looked like outside in MAY!!

Yup, that's snow! Three inches of the fluffy big heavy snowflakes fell today (I just realized that fluffy and heavy shouldn't really go together in the same sentence, but I left it there for a dramatic effect just to show you how much my head is spinning because of my confusion over snow in MAY).

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it on here before, but I am not a fan of the cold weather. I hope this doesn't come off too harsh, but I better not see any of this nonsense again until at least November.

I think that was said in the most official "mom" tone I had, so you know I am serious.

Actually, I liked what Delanie had to say about the situation. She feels as though since it snowed in May, it shouldn't be allowed to snow again until December.

Here, here!

Speaking of Delanie, she also had an important day, this first day of May. Today was her "Mock Kindergarten Day" at her new school. She got to go meet her teacher, some of the kids in her class, do a craft, listen to a story, and have a tour of her new school.

Here she is before we left showing all her excitement for what was to come.

When we got into the car, her attitude changed just a bit. She asked when her friends were going to be there. When I told her they weren't coming, the look on her face almost made me want to cry. Then she asked, "Well, who will I know there?" And I had to tell her that she wasn't going to know anyone there.

Again, the look on her face...I just wanted to turn the car around and just say "Forget this whole kindergarten's just too much for us!"

I tried to comfort her with the idea that she would have this great chance to meet so many new friends, and that these friends would be with her at school until she was almost a teenager and ready for high-school. Surprisingly, this did help a bit.

She was visibly nervous the entire time we were there. I forget sometimes, that she is only five. She is so grown-up for five, but she is five none-the-less. All of my childhood memories of going somewhere new without knowing a soul crept back up in me, and I could feel every bit of nervousness she was feeling at that moment.

Unlike me as a child, Delanie will do just fine. She will have new friends immediately, and never remember how nervous she felt. Only how much fun she had.

Her happy outlook on life and sunny disposition amaze me daily. This is why God gave her to me...I learn from her everyday.

Lastly, I don't want to forget the way this looks:

This is my boy, who even though is growing up right before my very eyes, still (as of May 1, 2008), needs to take his nap.

I could just snuggle that long lashed boy all day.

Don't mind the mis-matched pajamas. Ya, we went through a couple pairs of bottoms today as we still are working on the potty thing.

While somethings I want to hold onto forever, others couldn't happen fast enough.