Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are Saving Money and Avoiding The Airlines

We are still out of our home due to some home improvements, and are staying with the In-Laws. It has been great and very easy to stay here. The kids love it here and feel like they are on vacation.

Today, while Scott and I did some chores with our church, the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and had a grand time. They visited a Farmer's Market and bought fresh veggies that they picked out. Surprisingly enough, The Little Man actually picked out something green and ate it. He ate three whole pods of peas. The Girl was in heaven, and picked out carrots and asparagus. She would have brought home a little of everything if she had any say in the matter. They also got to go to a nearby park and play their little hearts out.

Since The In-Laws live on a golf course, we took the kids on a golf cart to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa after nap time today. I don't know who had more fun between the two of them. Each one was given the opportunity to "drive" a golf cart while sitting on either Daddy or Grandpa's laps. The Little Man cared nothing for the golf game and just wanted to drive all over the place while he giggled wildly. Each time Grandpa stopped the cart to play, The Girl would hop off and holler, "I did it! I did it! I drove the cart!". So I am going to guess she too was having a blast.

The rest of the golfers were probably just as excited as she was. I am sure of it.

To top off the evening, we got to enjoy some drinks and popcorn on the clubhouse deck. I thought the evening couldn't get any better. The Little Man let us know it had, though. After visiting the facilities at the clubhouse, and while on our way home, he told me that he was a big boy and went potty all by himself. I congratulated him, and told him I was proud. Then he started laughing. I asked him if he was having fun. He commented back, "Mommy, when I go pee pee here, I don't even have to hold my wiener. I can just go wherever I want to on the big wall potty."

See how much fun we are having?

It's like Disney World, but much closer to home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It was time for some type of reward. So, I treated myself to a half day of summer camp. Not for me but for the kids, but really when you think about it, it was all for me. It was delightful to workout and then leisurely do my Bible study at the pool. I was so leisurely that I wasn't able to take that long shower that I had envisioned, but I was feeling good none the less with the short one I got. When I picked the kids up from their half day at camp, I was so happily surprised that The Little Man had not had an accident the entire time. He also didn't use the bathroom the entire time, and was about ready to explode when I got there, BUT he didn't have an accident. I decided it was time for a treat. I took them both to Tokyo Joe's for lunch.

Again, I guess I was treating myself there, wasn't I?

That's neither here nor there, but the good news is that they are now serving Mac and Cheese at Tokyo Joe's, so clearly, that place just became a family favorite. When they served our lunches to us, they also brought out chopsticks. The Girl was ecstatic. She's seen them before and knew what they were for, but since I usually get the kids Quizno's while I enjoy my White Chicken Teriyaki bowl, she's never had the opportunity to use them. She felt as though Mac and Cheese was just the dish for chopsticks.

Thankfully, they also brought out those chopstick cheater things as well as a spoon. Also, thankfully we were in no rush. The Little Man was not going to be left behind in all this chopstick fun. I was actually quite surprised. I thought for sure he was going to freak out in frustration over the whole thing, but he kept trying, and when hunger would win out, he would put them down, get his spoon, take a big bite of mac, and then go back to trying some more.

After a while of "using chopsticks" The Girl told me when she grows up she thinks she is going to move to and live in Mexico. I thought she was going to start talking about her love for the beach. Instead, she said she wanted to live there because she wanted to be somewhere where they use chopsticks all the time.

Something tells me we should switch our focus from science-type stuff to geography and social studies for a while.

Also, The Little Man says, "I wuv to use dese clubsticks, Momma."

And maybe a few other things.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day of Bravery

I type this from the cozy basement abode we are calling home for the next couple of weeks. The fear that I had about our hardwood floors, well, it partially came true. It seems as though we didn't get the right kind of wood delivered last week. Something weird about hardwood is that it has to acclimate to the environment that it is being installed in. So we couldn't just return the wood and get new stuff and start again today. Nope, it has to sit in our home and just hang out for a few days and get acquainted with the surroundings that it will one day call home.

Sensitive stuff.

The kids are in heaven knowing that they will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa for much longer than they thought. Meanwhile, I have been going to and fro getting all that needs to be with us, with us. Thankfully, I am able to go and get what I need since we aren't too far away from home. Scott is even riding his bike to and from instead of driving. He's definitely getting in a workout, and I am trying not to freak out about him being on the road with his bike too much.

The kids finished up their swim lesson session this week. They both are taking private lessons at our neighborhood pool. I can't believe how well The Girl is improving. I actually saw what resembled a freestyle stroke. She is becoming increasingly brave as she navigates pretty much where ever she wants to in the pool. It's very fun to watch.

The Little Man, well, he made it through lesson today with out any tears. He still screamed his fool head off, but he held back on the tears. He also stuck is face into the water, willingly, and blew bubbles out of his nose. He will not allow us to let him float in the deep end (3.5 feet) with his water wings on. He did, however, pull out all the stops today in the shallow end when he lifted both of his feet up and behind him and then simultaneously stuck both arms out to the sides and floated. It was a big moment. Thankfully, he repeated it several times and did so with a smile on his face.

What a brave little dude.

I accidentally was brave today, as well as the rest of the pool patrons, when I realized that I forgot to put The Little Man in his swim diaper. He told me he needed to go to the potty, and as I was helping him out of the pool, I realized there was nothing there to protect us if he decided he couldn't wait. Since we were successful in making it on time, I thought I would go for it. I never ended up putting on the swim diaper. He continued to tell me when he needed to go, and as far as I (or anyone else) know, never had an accident.

Risking the swim diaper is the bravest I've been in a long while.

Watch out, the next thing you know I might go shopping or take some other outing with The Little Man in...(gasp)...underwear!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

We are finally finishing out our kitchen project that started way back in February. Before we actually had done any work, we had thought we were going to redo the cabinets, counter tops, and the hardwood floors. Scott wanted to just do cabinets and counter tops, but I thought it would be better if we also did the floors at that time because they needed to be done, and I like to get things over and done with all at once.

After we crunched the numbers from some estimates we got, and got started on the cabinet piece of the project we thought that maybe we should hold off on the floor thing. We had decided that if we were going to have the floors refinished that we would also like to add more hardwoods in our living area because the carpets, well, they are lived on and were grossing us out. Hardwoods are just so much easier to keep clean than carpets are. So that increased our overall price and thus, made us wait for a later date. Well, that later date is tomorrow, and I for one, can hardly wait until they are done just because I am dying with anticipation as to what it will all look like.

While they are getting worked on, The Girl, The Little Man, and I are going to be staying with the In-Laws who have graciously opened up their home to us. I know we will be much, much, much more comfortable there than in our home with the dust and chemicals and such. Scott is tough though, he will lag behind and only stay the night with us, but will continue to work from home the entire time.

I will confess that I am very nervous about how it will all turn out. I also will confess that I am afraid it is going to take much longer than the 5 days that they estimated out for the project. I confess that I am also nervous that they (the hardwood floor people) are going to mess something up/break something/not do as good of a job as they say they will. I don't know why. Chalk it up to nerves.

The kids are beyond excited about staying over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They have been planning what they are going to bring for at least the last 5 or so days now. Delanie broke down this morning and had a little confession of her own while I was sitting contemplating the above issues.

Delanie: Mom.
me: Ya.
Delanie: I think even though we are going to be staying the night for five nights, I am going to pack seven pairs of underwear.
me: Really? Why?
Delanie: Um, just in case.
me: Of what?
Delanie: Just to be safe.
me: Safe from what?
Delanie: (breaks down into tears and puts her head down on the table)Well, I guess I should tell you now. (Voice is trembling through the tears)
me: Tell me what, honey?
Delanie: Well, OK, I guess you should know this about me...I had an accident at Grandma's house last time I took a nap there.
me: You did? (I totally already knew this, but never told her that my mom had talked to me about it because she (my mom) said that Delanie was super embarrassed about it).
Delanie: Yup, I did. (Still crying) I just couldn't make it in time.
me: Ya, I know, Grandma already told me. It's OK, honey. It was just an accident. I'm not upset, and neither was grandma.
Delanie: You already knew? (She wipes away all the tears)
me: Yup.
Delanie: (Totally calm now) Oh, OK. Well, I think I am going to bring extra underwear just in case I have an accident, OK?
me: That's fine with me.

Paxton also revealed something about himself today. I don't think he meant for us to find out, however. When nap time was over today, he wasn't calling for me like he usually does. Delanie had already come out of her room and down stairs and still no Pax. So I went upstairs to go and see what the hold up was.

When I opened the door, I noticed right away he wasn't in his bed. I had a feeling he hadn't been staying in his bed these past few days, but I never could bust him on it for fear that if he was in bed, I'd wake him up by opening his door. He was always very quiet about it. As I looked around the room I quickly found him. He was passed out inside his play tent that Grandma and Grandpa had gotten him for his birthday. He had taken Baboo into the tent with him and was curled up inside sleeping soundly. Outside the tent door were all the books he must have read before he hit the hay for the afternoon. I had seen books stacked up outside the tent door before, and now I know why they were there. He's been camping out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Like Driving Miss Daisy

I've been known to be a back seat driver, but The Little Man, he takes the cake. It's hard to ride around while someone else is driving and not say anything about their performance. Especially if it is lacking. I always figure that two sets of eyes are better than one, and really I am doing the hubby a favor by letting him know when he can change lanes, if he is going a bit too fast, or if his driving is a little too aggressive for the conditions.

He really appreciates it.

A whole lot.

I kind of know just how he feels now. With in the last 6 or so months, The Little Man thinks he has figured out driving. He knows the difference between a red light and a green light. He also knows what to do at the red and green arrows. So really, he's a driving expert at age three.

Constantly from the back seat we hear, "Oh red light Mommy! You better stop!" It doesn't matter that I am hundreds of feet from the light. He gets very upset if I don't stop right then and there.

Same goes for the green light. "GO MOM! It's green!"

(Don't let those exclamation points fool you into thinking he is excited. Nope, that's a bossy exclamation.)

(Also, if there were some sort of punctuation to show major attitude, I would use that too.)

Scott sometimes tries to reason or teach The Little Man in hopes that he'll tone it down back there. He'll gently say, "Dude, I can't go yet. See all the cars in front of me? When they start moving, then I get a turn to go."

That goes in one ear and out the other. As soon as Scott's explanation is over, all you hear is "GO, GO, GO!"

It's not annoying at all.

I'll admit, I've been caught off guard a time or two. While looking for lip gloss, a cell phone, or chewing gum (while at a red light), I'll hear from the back seat, "MOM! GO! It's green!" It makes me jump a bit and I'll let up off of the brake. Thankfully, each time I've caught myself in time, and not smacked into the car in front of me or gone into an intersection because here's the catch: sometimes the light is green FOR THE CARS GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Every once in a while he can see the light for the opposite flow of traffic, and thinks it's for us.

I don't think I could ever explain what happened if I were to get into an accident this way.

I am hoping one of these days Daisy will pipe down in the back seat and just let me drive. For now, I have to turn up the music and try to tune him out.

His future wife is so lucky.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Metamorphosis Missed

Do you all remember our cute little caterpillars? They are now gorgeous Painted Lady Butterflies. They are also free. We let them free this morning, much to The Girl's dismay. She actually cried a little. I guess she thought we were keeping them as pets. I should have taken more initiative with explaining the whole process to her. I thought she would have remembered from the last time.

Not so much.

After the first one took flight though, she saw how beautiful they are out of their plastic cage and decided it was for the best. She quickly asked, "What if a bird swoops down and eats it?" I didn't know what to say to her because, the truth, well it would have broken her little heart. So I just stood their with a dumb look on my face and told her I thought they would be OK and we would have to make sure, each time we were outside, to look for them. Our little booklet said that they would hang around our area for a few days. She felt pretty good about that.

If we don't see any butterflies in the next few days, I will be writing that company to tell them how they destroyed my baby.

(As I type we are currently in the middle of a hail storm. I wonder what that means for a newly freed butterfly? I hope they have some sort of instinctual thing going on that saves them.)

Here are some pics of the journey we had these past few weeks with Chasey, Lacy, Happy, George, and Blossom:

After they first arrived at our home, they crawled around, ate a ton, and grew very large. Then about 24 hours before they turn into a chrysalis (which is the most amazing thing I have watched), they crawl up to the top of their cage and hang up side down in little "J's".

Then after hanging very still for about a day, they start to wiggle around again while still hanging upside down. Then right in front of your eyes (if you are so lucky to be around to watch) they turn into a chrysalis. It takes all of about 45 seconds. It is so weird, yet so cool and amazing all at once. We happened to be around to see 4 of the 5 caterpillars turn into chrysalises. Here's a picture of one halfway done:

You can see at the bottom of the caterpillar the hard casing forming.

Here they are, all five as chrysalises:

After they were all in cocoons, we had to transfer them from their sterile cup to a not so sterile butterfly garden. It is a big plastic container with some very real looking foliage and an even more real looking Aztec Temple. I am positive, when they hatched, they thought the were in a Central American rain forest.

Aren't those mountains stunning?

Next, comes the hard part. We waited. For 7 days, nothing. At least nothing we could see. Then, 2 mornings ago we woke up and one of the chrysalis was much darker. This is a good sign that the butterfly is about to hatch from it's chrysalis. So we waited some more hoping that we would catch the birth of a butterfly.

Not so much.

It happened in the middle of the night, so we missed it. We were a little disappointed, but we had 4 more. Surely we would catch one of them. They too were all very dark. We decided to stay home all morning so we wouldn't miss it.

Our first butterfly:

Here's Delanie determined not to miss a thing:

Of course we had to make a run to Super T. It was only going to be for a quick short minute.

I am sure I don't even have to tell you what happened while we were gone.

So, there were three left. I was bound and determined not to miss them all:
People, I even took the bugs to bed with me!

Hey, it was getting late, and I just knew the second I turned my head to go do something, I would miss it.

So I was up until 11 pm. For all of you that know me, I don't do 11pm very well. Especially when I have to be up the next day with kids who don't care what time I was up at. They just want breakfast.

I fell asleep, and I am sure as soon as my little eyelids drifted off, all three butterflies were born.

When I woke up, I saw this:

And this:


Oh well. It's hard to be a butterfly mom.

Lastly, there was freedom. For some reason, I really thought that once the lid came off of their cage, they would burst forth and fly freely all at once.

Not so much.

They stayed put for a good hour. Then 1 came out and he flew to the chair right next to the cage and hung out a bit longer. It wasn't until late this afternoon/early evening that they were all five gone.

It sure was fun. We'll do it again next year. The Girl wants to do it again next week...I need to catch up on some missed sleep first.

Delanie and Pax waiting for the butterflies to free themselves:

Here's a close up of Lacy...or is it Chasey? No, it's definitely George...Yup, that's Happy.

Farewell, Blossom!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All Those Years of Faithfully Watching Sesame Street Have Paid Off

Now that The Girl can read, we are running into some wonderful things...and some not so wonderful things...

Wonderful Thing#1: She can read stories to her brother. This comes in especially handy when I am not so ready to go and get The Little Man out of bed in the morning, but he is very ready to have some company. It buys me the 10 minutes I need to wrap my brain around the day in front of me. It also works well after nap time for the same reason.

Oh yea, and we also used it tonight before bed time while hubby and I finished up some chores before we could put the kids to bed.

Wonderful Thing #2: When we went to the Zoo for The Little Man's birthday, I didn't have to read all those placard things in front of each exhibit to her. It was beautiful. If she wanted to know a little more about the feeding habits of the Kimono Dragon, she just went right over to a placard and figured it out herself. Then she would come back with all sorts of interesting info to share with the whole crew.

Not So Wonderful Thing #1: This goes right along with the Zoo, since my girl loves her science books, she can read to herself stuff I have been skipping over for the last few years. You know, like what Male and Female species like to *ahem* do together. I still try to skip over those parts in the books, but since she can read, and is following right along with me, she lets me know right away when I've missed something, or to tell me, "That's not what it says, Momma!"

I have to keep a close eye as to what she picks up now when we are at the library.

Not So Wonderful Thing #2: Goes right along with above item, sometimes, I skip parts of the story because I WANT TO. I am tired and ready for bed and the book is taking FOREVER to get to the point. My girl has no appreciation for skimming, and now I am totally busted and can't skim without being called out for it.

Wonderful Thing #3: Since she can read, I can tell her, "I don't have time for this part right now, but feel free to read it on your own during quiet time."

And she does.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Innate Tendencies

There we were, all getting showered off and re-dressed after spending some quality time at the pool. The Girl was under the shower head, soaking in all the warm water. The Little Man was running around the Family Changing room area buck naked waiting his turn in the shower stall. I was scrounging through my HUGE pool bag, that I apparently over packed, looking for the necessities to get us home. You know, underwear, pants, a missing shoe, and if I could somehow come up with a comb/brush I would've been in heaven.

That's when The Little Man abruptly stopped what he was doing and looked at me with big and VERY serious eyes.

me:Yes, Pax.
Pax: I think some poo poo is going to come out!
me: OK, let's hurry and see if we can find a potty (and a towel for that matter, as you are buck naked)

Of course the changing area we are in has NO potty. Don't you worry though, the one that does, has a line. Oh ya, and Ma'am you can't bring him into the Ladies Locker Room. Absolutely no children of the opposite sex allowed.


So we stand in line for what seems like eternity. Any urge to use the potty is gone at this point, but out of principle we will still go and try to "make things happen".

Finally, it's our turn. I get Pax on the toilet, comfortable, and balanced properly. I stay real close just in case he decides to go for a swim. He lets out a deep sigh.

Pax: Mommy, do you think they might have some books here for me?
me: No, sweetie. I don't think they have books here for you.
Pax: No stories? I need to concentrate. Do you think you could get out of here?
me: (with a little giggle and a bit surprised) No buddy, I don't think I am going to leave you in here all by yourself. I don't think it would be very safe.
Pax: Well, maybe you could go over there (points to the opposite side of the changing room) and then turn around. I need some privacy.
me: (Really surprised) Well, OK...I guess.

As I walked away, he got to business.

Weird bathroom rituals, they start early in life for the male species.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Birthday Boy...A Day Late

Yesterday we ran from the early morn' until the late hours of the night. We celebrated The Little Man with a special breakfast, a trip to the Zoo, a special lunch, play time with cousins and friends and family. He also got to play at a friends house and have an ice cream cupcake! It was a full day, and at the end of the day, he insisted he got to sleep in his big boy bed.

He also insisted all day long that now that he is three, we can no longer tell him when to go potty. So, he got to sleep in his big boy bed until 2:30 am when his diaper exploded because it was so full from him holding it in all day. Thankfully, we left the crib up. I quickly stripped the sheets off his new bed and plopped him in his old. He still insists that he will tell us when he needs to go. We, however, have laid down the law and said he must go before bed and nap time.

So, just like every birthday, my boy gets his own little music montage in his honor. It's my way of scrap booking. I would have put it up last night on his birthday, but as you can tell, we were busy. So here it is, in honor of Paxton:

Happy Birthday, Buddy! I hope tonight goes better than last night....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Can't Make Me Stop Carrying Him Around

Dearest Little Man,

On the Eve of your birth I can't help and think back to where I was 3 years ago today. I thought I had a good 2 weeks before we met. I had no idea that I just couldn't wait any longer to see your sweet face. I still feel the same way each morning, and each time I spend time away from you.

You have grown so big in the last year. You are no longer my little toddler, but now are entering into childhood. You surprise me daily with all that you can do, what you say, and your tenderheartedness.

Do you know that this year you have learned how to tell time, ride a bike, pose for the camera, and sing your ABC's? Your ABC's aren't the only thing you've learned how to sing. You sing all day long and have a love for music that just brightens up my day. I love to hear you sing Itsty Bitsy Spider, theme songs from your favorite shows like the Backyardigans, Sesame Street, Dora, and Diego, and rainy day songs. You are also a smooth little dancer, and can't help yourself when you hear a beat.

Did you know that you love your sister more than anything in the world? She is your very best friend. You two have spent the last year playing together non-stop. You giggle and laugh, play hide and seek, read to each other, play house, play good night, play together on the swing set, and watch your favorite TV shows together. You are so tenderhearted to your sister, and you watch everything she does, mostly because you look up to her so much, but sometimes, you protect her.

Do you know how much you amaze me with what you do? You are so tough and rough sometimes. Playing with tractors, cars, ninjas, and pirates keeps you busy. You know just what to do if a bad guy comes your way. Your cars are the fastest little cars on the whole block. You are a super hero that flies through the air ready to rescue who ever is in need. You have flown to "Infinity and Beyond" so many times this past year, your frequent flier miles must be in the millions. How did you learn all of that? Mommy and Sister sure haven't taught you. You were born ready for all this and so much more.

That same tough little pirate is also the same loving, snugly, polite, sweet little boy that loves to crawl in his Mommy and Daddy's lap. You are the best hugger. You also say, "I Love You" freely, and not just to your parents. You also tell your sister, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and cousins. I can tell each time you say it, that you mean it.

Although, in this past year, your hair has filled in more, you have lost your chubby cheeks and all your baby fat, you have stopped using your paci, and started using the potty, you will always be my sweet baby boy. I can hardly wait to see what the next year has in store for you. You have so much to be excited for.

As I watch you grow, I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am to be your mother. God hand-picked you out just for us, and I couldn't be more thankful. You teach me new things about myself, others, and the world almost everyday. Thank you so much for letting us watch you grow. Happy third birthday, Son.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed, Brightest Star in the Sky, etc...

This parenting gig, it's hard work. I haven't even gotten to the "difficult years" yet, which are supposed be teenage years, and I am already sweating. I am currently stuck in the potty training years, and if I don't wise up and figure this thing out, I could be here FOREVER.

We were gung-ho on the whole potty training thing for a while because The Little Man seemed so interested and was doing so well. Then he got over it. The novelty of it all wore off quickly. Pretty soon he was just using the potty to amuse us, or if he was a little hungry and we weren't doling out the snacks. He's a quick one that little guy. He knew if he used the potty we were pretty much contractually bound to feed him a treat of some sort. Let's just say he's much quicker than his ol' mom, here.

It just dawned on me early this morning, at around 3:00 am, that I should just make The Little Man run around buck naked from the waist down. Oh, sure I have heard of this method before. I'm not that far behind the eight ball. I just could never understand it. Why, oh why, would people allow their children to run around with out their clothing on (from the waist down) and do their business all over the floors? It made no sense to me what-so-ever. Plus, I am not exactly the most gracious and loving mother when I am hunched over on my hands and knees cleaning up some sort of stinky mess out of my carpet.

Which I will look at forever and remember what happened there.

Yea, I know it probably will only happen a few times before they catch on, but what if it happens more than just a few times? Plus, isn't a few times enough? My carpets are OFF WHITE PEOPLE!

Also, I am too busy cleaning my bathrooms 8 and 9 times a day, to add the carpet to the list is just insulting.

However, this morning, very early, I woke up with an epiphany. We are getting our hardwood floors re-done in just a few weeks. At the same time, we are tearing out the carpet in the living area that connects to the kitchen so it will be all lovely and flow-y, like one big room. I was thinking this morning (at a time that I don't normally think, so I think that this must be a sweet little blessing from God) "Why do I care if he makes a big ol' potty mess all over the carpet? That carpet will only be around for 2 more weeks anyways." And well, as unimpressive as that looks now that I have written it out, that my friends is my big epiphany.

From now until the flooring in our home is redone, my sweet boy will be in the buff, from the waist down. If he doesn't get the hang of using the potty on his own, with out Scott or I having to remind him, in the next two weeks, then he isn't ready yet, and we will go back to the pull-up thing, and we will try again at a later date.

If anything, I will get some good laughs seeing that sweet little booty traipsing all over the house.

As well as photographs...which I will use as blackmail...during those really difficult parenting years.

Maybe This Blog Needs to Get Dressed?

This blawg O' mine is pretty bland. I know, I know, it's all about the writing, right? Well, just in case it's not, I have a solution!

Just. In. Case.

Jenny, at Pink Armchair Designs, designs blogs, and well, she totally ROCKS at it. I was turned on to her after a friend had her blog made over. I have been thinking about getting mine re-vamped over and over, and then it was like a sign...

She's giving one away for FREE for you and a friend!!! That sounds just about perfect!

So go
check her out and try to win one! Just know that I think I may be the winner, so it might be pointless for you to even try.

Yup, on second thought, you just keep your entry to yourself.

But definitely head over there and take a look-see you'll be hooked and have to have one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Ceiling Fans Aren't the Only Things Spinning

Even though it is June, we still haven't had many days that have been hot enough (and for several days in a row) that would necessitate running a ceiling fan. Generally, as a rule of thumb, our ceiling fans turn on around the end of May and stay on until mid-September.

(Don't even get me started on the weather right now. Although today was nice, it was the first day in about 4 days that you could be out with out a jacket on.)

(As you all know, I have strong feelings about what makes summer a happy place, and the coolish weather isn't one of those things)

(This could be a whole other blog in itself).

So it's June, and this June will be our fourth June in our house. Four summers. Four times to really get to know what rooms feel like at different times of the day, how hot they get, and how long they retain the heat. Thankfully, the majority of the living space in our home is in the North facing rooms. There are two rooms though, Scott's office and Paxton's bedroom, that have windows facing South. You don't have to be a genius to realize that what I am trying to say is that those rooms COOK. Add that to the fact that Scott also has 2 computers running as well as a printer, and his office is like a pressure cooker.

There have been times I have come to ask him something, opened the door and was practically knocked over by the heat, the smell of sweat, a little steam (think steam room), and a hubby that looks like he is on the verge of death because he is on a conference call and needs the door and window shut in order to keep the call quiet.

The only thing I have to say about that is; the call is going to get really quiet when hubby passes out and dies.

Still, no ceiling fan. In either rooms.

Today, Scott said to me, "This year, I am going to get a ceiling fan installed in both my office and Pax's bedroom." Since I have heard this line for 3 summers in a row, I am not too overly confident that this plan will come to fruition.

So off to the home improvement stores we go to look at ceiling fans. We've done this every year for THREE YEARS. This year was no different, we left empty handed with a promise to come back later in the week to pick up the one we want and get all the supplies needed to install.

Then it will be too hot to be in the attic.

Then it will be fall and we won't need one.

And we will come full circle once again.

For Pax's sake, I hope we go back and get the fan latter in the week. That poor little dude doesn't deserve this type of torture. He's even said he thinks he's getting a fan for his room as a reward for being a big boy and using the potty.

Plus, the kids can hardly wait to go back to the stores so they can go to "time out".

I sent The Girl to Time Out at one of the stores tonight just shortly before she and the Little Man nearly tore apart the entire ceiling fan display. I placed her on the only thing I could find where she would be somewhat secluded and wouldn't complain about being uncomfortable while she sat there until we left. She was on the bottom shelf in the ceiling fan aisle between two lovely 52 inch models.

Apparently, that is great fun because when we went to the next store they both asked if they could get sent to Time Out there too. When I said if they weren't behaving, I would make sure they had a Time Out they both looked at each other and said, "YES!"

My parenting skills are supreme.

So you see, we actually might have to go back and get a ceiling fan. Little Man is expecting his reward for turning into a big boy, and both kids can hardly wait to go back to Time Out.

This could be our year!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Mall. It's Not Just for Shopping

The Little Man has been surprising us lately with his fascination with music. Constantly he is in song. He sings the ABC's, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rain, Rain Go Away (I don't know the name of that song), some Bumble Bee song, another song I don't know the name of that has "Down Down Baby, Down by the Roller Coaster..." in it, and then sometimes he sings just about what he is looking at, doing, or feeling at that particular moment. It's all fun and happy.

In addition to singing, he also has a few new dance moves he breaks out when the rhythm catches him just right. Sometimes, the song is on the radio we have playing in the house, or in the car. Other times, a song comes on TV that catches his fancy and he'll start jammin' out in the living room. Even in the playroom at times he'll turn on a toy that makes music and practice his latest moves. He reserved the best moves for tonight, though, as we walked the mall after dinner.

He and The Girl were running out ahead of us in the mall. Since we had eaten too much at dinner and were tired from a day filled with nothing, Scott and I just let them go. Lanie loves to play the game "Step on a Crack and Break your Momma's Back" just about everywhere we go. If there are lines in the carpet/tiles or cracks in the cement she's got just what she needs to keep herself busy. Tonight, there was a line of different colored tiles about every 10-15 feet or so. Just to up the ante, she wanted to be running THEN jump over what she was calling the "Hot Lava".

Pax was in on that action. Of course, he always took a few steps in the lava before making in over, or he jumped and landed in the lava with just a few steps left. Either way, had it been real lava, our boy never made it past the first test. He didn't care. In his mind's eye, he made it across every time with room to spare.

As our children raced further and further in front of us, bounding across deep rivers of molten rock, they giggled and cheered as they continued their success down the mall. Up until now, many of the stores we had passed were very quiet boutique types or furniture/decor stores. Then we got to the Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Pax stopped dead in his tracks, right in the middle of a river of lava. I thought it was the overpowering scent of cologne that made him lose his breath, but I was wrong. It was the music. The beat was too enticing and The Little Man was weak to it's power. He turned from Indiana Jones to a junior Michael Jackson (think Thriller days, not anything recent) right in front of our eyes. Lanie wasn't too far behind with the dance moves.

All the lava in the world couldn't stop my two from getting their groove on at the mall. After about 20 seconds they were off again jumping the mighty rivers of Mall Lava. From that point on, there were about 3 more stores that offered very loud music pouring from their doors.

We got a performance each time.

I've never been to the mall, not bought anything, yet felt so happy when I left.

Friday, June 6, 2008

And I Feel Justified Because the Carrots make it Healthy

I fell in love last night. It was a wild and passionate, but short lived affair. Much too short. I think it may have changed my life.

I had a Carrot Cake Sundae from Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery last night. I tried to find a picture of it for you, but even though it said at the store it was a new flavor, it is just listed under regular old flavors on the online menu. This only means that they have been holding me back from my true love for who knows how long.

It's like a scene from Romeo and Juliet...the food version...

Initially, we had gone to Maggie Moo's to order Little Man's birthday cake. Although Maggie Moo's is a bit inconvenient as far as location is concerned, the owner there (as well as some teenage workers) goes above and beyond the call of duty in servicing people with food allergies. And, well, that is right up my alley and gets a gold star in my book. Anything that helps The Girl love and enjoy desserts as much as the rest of the family, without making her feel different from everyone else, makes me happy. So that's why I chose to drive out of my way to get a cake from this particular ice cream and treatery.

When I saw the poster/sticker thingy on the ice cream case that said "Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sundae", well to say I was captivated is an understatement. I LOVE me some carrot cake. The cream cheese frosting alone can be a dessert.

The sundae is made from carrot cake flavored ice cream. The ice cream by itself is to die for as it tastes like the cake and the frosting all mixed together with a slightly batter-like flavor. You know, like if you were eating it before it was cooked. Then just to take it up a notch, you add in walnuts and caramel sauce. The sundae board also suggested graham cracker crumbs, but I am not a fan of graham crackers so I skipped that, although, I am sure it would make a wonderful addition for most.

I got a kid size scoop, because I am all about restraint. Also, I was only going to eat a few large spoonfuls then save the rest for a rainy day surprise.

Then I looked down at the bowl and it was gone.

Apparently, when you get a kid sized scoop, a few large spoonfuls are all you get.

There may have been a few smaller size bites in between.

It was hard to keep track because all the blood had left my brain and was working very hard in my taste bud and stomach areas.

Thank goodness that place is far away from me....Although, I do have to go back to pick up the birthday cake.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jack Hanna's Wild World of Animals...or Something Close

It's no secret that Delanie and I are Science nerds. We just love to take in the world around us and then try to figure it out. We like to observe, come up with crazy ideas, make things work, and be apart of processes. Imagine our excitement when we went to the mail box yesterday and our next project had arrived via the USPS.

Meet Chasey, Lacey, Blossom, George, and Happy:

Don't you just love their names? Delanie waited a whole 12 hours before she couldn't resist giving each one a name. Because my girl, although she is very scientific, she is also super nurturing, and she pretty much adopts all living things as her children. What kind of mother would she be if each creature she came across didn't have a name, a family, and a whole little story to go along with them? Except for spiders...she quickly squishes those, and asks questions later. I have to say, it's a process I totally appreciate.

Oh yea....The caterpillars...

These little caterpillars will keep us captivated for the next 3 weeks. We get to watch them live as caterpillars, transform into chrysalids, wait until they hatch from their pupas, watch them emerge, see them spread their new wings, and then release them out into the world.

It is one of the coolest things I have witnessed. We've done it another time before, and I was in just as much awe as Delanie was at the time. Even though she was a tender 3 years old, she remembers it just like it was yesterday.

I knew right away that I wanted to do it again with the kids, but I wanted to wait until Pax could watch and appreciate it just as much as Delanie and I. After we opened the box and showed him what was inside, I realized that it very well could be an entire lifetime before he would enjoy this process as much as Delanie and I.

That's OK. We're good at forcing our excitement onto others. Before he knows it, he too will be in love with these little critters.

I just hope I can keep him from forcefully shaking the container before they complete their transformation. I keep getting visions of Darla from Finding Nemo flashing into my head.

We'll be keeping these guys strategically out of reach from the Little Man.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We've Been Busy with a Whole Lot of Nothing

When I was thinking tonight, about what I wanted to blog about, nothing came to mind. We've just been living life. Nothing exciting, scary, sad, or funny. We've been happily doing nothing.

Don't get me wrong, we've done many things over the last few days, but somehow it feels like we've done nothing. We've loved being at the pool a few times (not so much love for the painful sunburn I received out of pure pride), playing with our cousins, eating out, eating outside, swinging on the swings, riding our bikes, shopping, planning a birthday party, and trying to decorate a new big boy room. How can all of that be nothing?

It's felt like nothing because we've been able to do it without a time line. I am in no rush to get anything done. There are no activities to rush to. I am not trying to fit a grocery jaunt in between drop off and pick up at school. There is nothing on the calendar except for what we decide to be on the calendar that morning. This is the beauty of summer for me. No rules, no schedules, no time. Day by day living. It's a break from the rest of the year.

I wish we could live like this forever, which is probably why I yearn for this time of year every year. I suppose if it was like this all the time we would get bored and be looking for something to fill our days with, but for now, for a few short weeks before swim lessons start and sports camps begin, I am going to enjoy staying busy with nothing to do.