Thursday, January 31, 2008


This may be one of my shortest posts ever...I know you all are thanking me. I am not one of few words, but tonight LOST is on. It is the series premiere tonight. Usually, I am not this excited for a show to come on (I think since Friends was canceled, it's been a bit rough in TV land), but since TV has really been HORRIBLE this year because of the writter's strike, it is all I have to look forward to.

I LOVE the tube. I miss it terribly. I long for the days when we can sit and watch shows that are fresh and new. I can't wait for Wheel of Fortune NOT to be the highlight of our TV night.

So tonight, I get to watch a NEW episode of a show that is NOT a reality show. It has a plot, characters, and drama... lots of drama.

If you already didn't know, I am a fan of drama...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Step in the Right Direction?

Well, we are still living in Potty Training Land. This is not a land I like or want to be in. However, I guess since I am a mother, I have to visit. Like I have mentioned before, I didn't think we had tickets to visit this land until early this coming Summer. My little man changed that, and here we are.

In addition to the steep learning curve I have been forced to climb (what with all the new equipment and such), we have now entered into yet another messy situation. My little man has figured out how to take off all clothing and diapers and sit himself on the potty.

Some might say that this is a step in the right direction. I would say, it is a step into a big mess. That is what happens when a little boy, who doesn't know how to tuck important parts, decides he is going to do this potty thing all by himself.

When he told me excitedly yesterday that he had used the potty, I was surprised. I had no idea that he had even gone into the bathroom, let alone used the potty. When I looked into the potty chair and only saw about 5 drops, my eyes went immediately to the floor. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I had almost made a step in the wrong direction.

He did earn a jelly bean, but we (Scott and I) had to have a little talk with him about using the potty alone. It just shouldn't happen. This was tough, we were proud of the little man, but totally horrified at the idea of what lie ahead.

I am having nightmares now of my once nice, clean, fresh bathrooms becoming...well...not nice, fresh, or clean. Worse yet, not knowing if my bathroom is nice, fresh, and clean and sending someone (or myself) unsuspectingly into a war zone. I have a feeling there may be a bunch of wet socks in our house for a while.

Would it be weird if I just kept him in diapers for a few more years?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Run...Good Song

I like to take advantage of my running time. I love to blast my iPod with worship music and praise my Father. There are all kinds of things I like to praise Him for. His character, answered prayer, stuff I am going through...all kinds of things. Praise. That's it, just praise. It makes me happy, and full of joy to think about all of the things God is and isn't and what He can do. On most days, it's also a really good attitude adjustment. There really is nothing better than taking the focus off of myself and praising my Father.

Two Sunday's ago, we started a new series at church called Why. Through out the series we looking at different Christian practices and asking the question, Why? Why do we do the things we do as Christians? The first lesson was on prayer. Our pastor introduced something new to me. Something I had never considered. Ask God to tell you how much He loves you, and then sit and wait quietly.

Of course the Bible tells me that I am His beloved child, but I have never thought to ask Him to tell me exactly how He felt. I guess, even though it goes against what I have learned, I was kind of scared. What if it wasn't all I had hoped for?

Well, last week, I tried it during a run. I waited...and got side tracked. Tried again...and got side tracked. I went back to praising. I really wanted to stay focused. Today, I tried it again, but instead of getting side tracked, I went on to praise Him for loving me despite all I do, think, and feel.

Then, with my iPod set on shuffle, it came on. "I've Always Loved You" by Third Day. In case you are unfamiliar, here are the lyrics (emphasis mine):

I don't know how to explain it
But I know that words will hardly do
Miracles with signs and wonders
Aren't enough for me to prove to you

Don't you know I've always loved you
Even before there was time
Though you turn away
I'll tell you still
Don't you know I've always loved you
And I always will

Greater love has not a man
Than the one who gives his life to prove
That he would do anything
And that's what I'm gonna do for you

Don't you know I've always loved you
Even before there was time
Though you turn away
I'll tell you still
Don't you know I've always loved you
And I always will

Don't you know I've always loved you
Even before there was time
Though you turn away
I'll tell you still
Don't you know I've always loved you

Don't you know I've always loved you
Even before there was time
Though you turn away
I'll tell you still
Don't you know I've always loved you
And I always will

I had to hit repeat just to let it sink in. Amazing. Each song there after, had reminders through out about how much the God of the universe loves me. I can't wrap my brain around it sometimes.

He feels the same way about you!

This was an attitude adjustment, alright! Just what I needed.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Saddle Up Cow Folks!

Today the fam put on their chaps and boots and moseyed on over the National Western Stock Show. Rest assured, Scott and I dressed in our normal gear, but the kids did dress the part, and they were cute as can be!

We did not see a rodeo, but we did get to see plenty of cows, horses, sheep, goats, roosters, chickens, llama's, and a whole bunch of other types of animals. The kids really had a fun time, as did we, watching them learn and discover new things. Here are some of my favorite moments as well as some pictures:

1. When we first walked into the building, my very olfactory sensitive child, noticed the smell. We weren't even with any animals yet, but she was already bothered by the smell. We were in for a LONG day. She was shocked when I told her that the smell she was smelling, right at that moment, was actually fresh air compared to what we were going to be getting into. She looked at me with a slack jaw and wide eyes.

2. When we went to use the bathroom, the same child announced to all who were using the restroom/washing hands/waiting in line, that this bathroom smelled worse than the cows. Pride...that's what I was feeling...

3. Paxton in his cowboy hat. It was the cutest thing I have seen in a while. I wished he had boots to go along with his get up. He never let go of his hat while it was on his head. I had to pry his little hands off of it when we were putting him in his car seat and while we took his coat on and off.

4. While looking at the cows, one of the cows standing VERY close to us (not even behind a fence) decided it was time to relieve herself. I am not sure what was more funny, Scott jumping like he was scared for his life, or Delanie standing, slack jawed, again, and with wide eyes. Then announcing to all that would hear, "WOW! I have never seen a cow poop before!" That's a lotta poop!"

5. Once we cleared out of that area, we entered an area with sheep. Some were sheared right there on tables in front of us. Delanie again, wide eyed, exclaims "Mommy, I know that that sheep is a boy!"

All very proud moments. I had no idea we were going to get such an education today.

Here are the pics:
Delanie and Pax riding a very large rocking horse:

The kids at the petting zoo feeding some animals:
Delanie's favorite animal of the day:
Checking in on the calves:
My Little Cowboy:
Cowgirl extraordinaire:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Getting Someone's Attention

It's no secret that when Scott and I were coming up with names before our children were born, we often would say the first, middle, and last name along with some sort of demanding/punishing like voice. For example: "Delanie Lynn Wright, you come over here right this instant." Then we would sit back and try to decide whether or not it sounded OK.

We had high hopes for our unborn children.

It is also no secret that we actually do, in fact, use all three names when want the kids to know that we mean business. There is something about hearing your full name, and not a nickname, that says, "Something serious is about to happen". Apparently, we use this tactic A LOT.

Today, I came home from Delanie's conference at school to find her downstairs playing alone. Scott and Pax were in the shower. Scott had apparently forgotten to bring the towels over by the shower, and they were now "stuck" in the shower with no way of escaping without freezing to death and dripping water all over the bedroom/bathroom while trying to obtain the towels. So, there they were taking an extended shower, while Scott was desperately trying to get Delanie's attention as she played Barbie's downstairs in the toy room.

As I walk in the door:
Scott: DELANIE....
Scott: DEEELLLLAAANNNIEEEE come up stairs, honey
me: Delanie, is Daddy calling you?
Delanie: (pausing what she is doing to see if she can hear her dad) OH Ya! My Daddy needs me!

Delanie and I run up the stairs in time to see Pax and Scott running for the towels.

Pax: (with is hands on his hips and a slight scowl on his face) DELANIE SCOTT WRIGHT! I trying to call you! You listen me next time!

I can assure you we did not settle on Scott as her middle name. Someone else in our family might or might not have his father's name as his middle name though. A someone who may or may not have been hearing his full name quite a few times this past week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Help Me!

Seriously, I think I need a class. A class that will help me contain the mess, and will help me prevent future messes. I am having serious problems with the potty chair and Pax's wild pee. It's everywhere, people. And I am not OK with this. I may have to cancel potty training.

In my defense, this is my first experience with this type of thing. I have no brothers, and I wasn't around when my sister potty trained her boy. My Aunt's son pretty much potty trained himself, so no schooling happened there either. Yes, I am getting pointers from Scott, but they are not working.

We sit on the potty chair, which has a splash guard in place, tuck all important parts, and then....we get messy. Even if it isn't coming up over the top of the splash guard, somehow, it is still not making it into the bowl, and is collecting on the floor under the potty chair.

I told Scott tonight that I thought we should just get rid of the chair and let Pax just go in the same spot on the floor. At least I would expect that I would have a mess to clean up, unlike actually sitting on a chair that is supposed to keep that kind of stuff off of the floor.

I think I whole-heartedly agree with Laney when she said that she was so glad she didn't have to worry about tucking or aiming anything. You see, hers is so short it just fits right into the potty....I never thought of it that way.

Tomorrow, I am skipping the potty chair and trying for the "big people potty", as the little people in our home like to call it. Oh yea, and I might be installing a paper towel dispenser upstairs next to the toilet paper.

Monday, January 21, 2008


This post will be all about my little man. We share a common gene, he and I. We both LOVE to sleep and love anything sleep related (see my post about new sheets).

I love that about him.

I love (even though it can be a pain) that he never wants to get out of his jammies. He asks every morning when I am changing his diaper, "Maybe I could keep my jammies on, Momma?" Many times after we come home from running about, he will ask if he can put them back on again. It makes me happy to see him love his jammies and love being cozy and comfy.

He loves to play "Go to sleep"...could there be a better game? I think not. He is always grabbing blankets and pillows and snuggling in. Then he closes his eyes and belts out a fake snore for all to hear. Of course he has to wake up, but he goes right back to sleep again...over and over.

At nap and night time, you know when it's actually time to go to sleep for real, he gets so excited to see his baboo (his beloved blankie), and his Elmo doll. He actually squeals when he first gets in bed and snuggles them close. Then he settles down and spreads out and asks to be tucked just right. Then he will exclaim, "Aaaahhhh, that's parfect", and it's off to snooze land.

His latest bed game happens first thing in the morning. When you go in to get him, (at kind of boy, I tell you) if he is actually awake already, (I'm telling you...this kid can put away the hours in the land of nod) he will quickly hide under his blanket and then giggle wildly. If you play along with him, the laughing will only get more hysterical. Until, finally he pops out from under the covers, grinning from ear to ear, and trying to convince you he's really there, he isn't lost. It takes all I have not to jump into the crib with him and join him for a game of hide the mommy, and then a little snuggle time.

Of course there is a weight limit on the crib, that I most definitely exceed, and it would be kind of uncomfortable with both of us in the crib. I mean, someone is liable to get hurt, and then all the cozy feelings would surley go away.

Maybe when he has a big boy bed?

Friday, January 18, 2008


For those that didn't already know from either my whining, my incessant phone calls out of boredom, or my begging pleas for dinner dates, Scott was out of town for the past seven days. I am so thankful he is back, and this isn't our normal routine.

We always seem to make it through the week, and we usually have a good time. We get to eat all the food Scott doesn't like, go to places he would rather pass on, and have our own agendas (OK, we get to live by MY agenda). It did occur to me while I was running today, that these times, when we are on our own, don't just run smoothly because of anything that I have done. I have a Father, that is watching over us, who is providing all perfect and good things.

Not only does He provide safety for Scott while away, and good health to everyone, but He also provides me with a level of patience and gentleness that I don't normally have. He gives me grace for the times I fall short. He is my shelter and strong tower. My rock. He meets me right where I am, and takes care of all my needs.

Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,
who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth?
Psalm 113:5-6

I am so thankful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mommy's Helper

Somehow, we have gotten into potty training mode in this house. I say somehow because I wasn't really planning on it to happen, it just did. I really was planning doing some training this summer when Pax turned 3, but once he got a taste of those jelly bean's all serious business now.

I can't even mention changing his diaper without him freaking out and wanting to try to go on the potty. Even when I know he has just gone. There is no talking him out of it either. The kid wants those jelly beans. I can't say I don't blame him...they are Jelly Belly's.

Somewhere along the way, we all were eating Jelly Belly's every time he had success in the bathroom. I think the first celebration of success was so wonderful, we just kept on. It only took a few days for me to realize, "Hey, I just can't eat this many jelly beans, and not see the results of this bad habit creep up on me." So I quit. This was not as easy for Delanie, who doesn't understand that line of thought.

I told her yesterday that from now on, if Pax uses the potty he's going to get rewarded, but she was not. Of course, I got the whys. So I had to tell her that Pax was learning something new, and doing something for mommy so he was getting rewarded. If she too would like a reward, she was going to have do something for mommy as well. This led to a chore talk, behavior talk, and responsibilities discussion. It's never easy to explain why you have to take candy away from a child.

This afternoon, Pax went to use the potty. Sister was already in there doing her business as well. So there they both sat. When Pax was done, he was hooting and hollering. Delanie, was congratulating him and reminding him that he was going to get jelly beans.

Once we all got cleaned up, it was time for our reward.
Delanie: Mom, aren't you going to give Pax some jelly beans?
me: Yea, Pax is going to get a treat for being a big boy!
Pax: Yea, I get some JELLY BEANS (growly voice for jelly beans)
Delanie: Yea, Mom, me too!
me: No, Delanie, remember we talked about this. You have to earn jelly beans. Pax earned his by being a big boy, and you can earn some to by doing chores or helping mommy out somehow.
Delanie, without missing a beat: I did mommy I did a really important job.
me: Really? What's that?
Delanie: I watched him with an Eagle Eye the whole time he went pee.

So, Delanie got some jelly beans because, in our home, I reward my children for being quick and witty.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Speaking of Basketball...

To go along with my previous post this week about Delanie's first day at B-ball practice, we have this comment:

While watching the news highlights this morning there was a sports reel on the Denver Nuggets.

Delanie: WOW, Mom, look! Those guys are playing basketball.
me: Yup, they are.
Delanie: WHOA...Did you see him? He could jump really high!
me: Yup, they are good at jumping.
Delanie: Well, they shoot it in the hoop just like me though.
me: Yes, just like you...There's nothing different.
Delanie: Yea, I am the same as them!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Aaaah Sweet Slumber

For Christmas this past year, I asked for new sheets. I know. I am wild, adventurous, and too glamorous for words. That's pretty much what Scott said when I told him that was something I was wanting. Actually, he said he couldn't do that...He feared it would come back to haunt him one day in the form of "Remember the Christmas of 2007? My romantic hubby bought me SHEETS!"

I was so elated to see new sheets on Christmas morning, it was sick. Then I got to really looking at the sheets. These were no ordinary sheets. These bore a brand name label, and had an obscene thread count. Since we have a king sized bed that needs deep pocket sheets, I knew that these came with a price tag that I couldn't bear to know.

So I asked.

He told.

And I nearly passed out.

It's not that they were that expensive, but I just have an absolute limit on what we can spend on what I consider boring stuff, like you know, sheets, and he went past it. His defense was that it was a Christmas gift, and you are supposed to give things to people that they wouldn't normally get for themselves.

Suddenly, I was having a flash back to the Christmas previous when I opened a tea pot that broke the same aforementioned rule about boring stuff and price limits. I threatened to return it because there was NO WAY I was keeping a tea pot with that kind of price would be irresponsible. That's when he said the same exact thing he was saying to me about the sheets.

I thought about how much joy I really did get out of that tea pot. I loved it because it was so nice, and I would've never made a splurge like that on a tea pot. It was nice to have something that I would've never bought myself. Learning from past experience, I decided to keep the sheets too.

Last night was the first time I got to sleep in those sheets. WOW! It was heaven. It was so comfortable, I forgot where I was when I woke up this morning. I am now guarding these sheets like they are some kind of breakable antique porcelain. No kids are allowed on the bed! I didn't know that sheets could be that soft. Also, I had no idea that sheets could fit an over sized pillow top mattress as well as these do. All this time, I have been stuffing our mattress into those other sheets.

What if I can't take them off? What if I keep these sheets on until next Christmas, when I can ask for another set (of course I would be washing them in between...I'm not that sick, people)? Most importantly, what if our pillows aren't good enough anymore for the sheets, and now I need to change them out to make my bed just that much more wonderful?

I think I am on to something here! I think I should ask for pillows for my birthday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is Supposed to be FUN!

This past weekend, Delanie had her first basketball practice. We (Scott and I) have been anxiously waiting for this day for a very long time.

Before we had even decided to have kids, we had watched a kinder-basketball practice/game at the rec center one evening after working out. It was so cute and fun we decided, if we ever had kids, we would definitely sign them up for this. Fast forward six-ish years, and you have this past weekend.

It was really really cute, and Delanie had a BLAST. Try, if you can, to imagine 20-25 four to six- year-olds doing dribbling drills, practicing a defensive posture, shooting posture, hoop shooting, and passing drills. That about sums up the entire hour. It was me at the beginning.

Scott on the other hand, was quite uncomfortable. It was not sitting well with him that his little darling wasn't very good. In fact, when it came to dribbling in particular, she was horrible. I kind of giggled through it, and casually looked over at Scott to see if he was finding it just as amusing. He looked at me and said "I might have to leave, this is just to painful to watch." I told him that under no circumstances was he to leave, and he obliged.

After hearing him say that, I too couldn't help but feel...well...uncomfortable. Some of the other kids had obviously had some past training, but some were in the same boat as Delanie. It didn't matter. It was hard. We both wanted to go out there and help her. Do not worry, we remained calmly in our seats.

Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity, they switched to a shooting drill, which she ROCKED at. For a while we were feeling much more at ease. Scott was still swearing up and down that the first thing he was going to do when he got home was to set up some dribbling drills for Delanie to work through each day.

As I was listening to him go on and on about how he was going to make her the star, I couldn't help but notice a few things. First, Delanie didn't care at all that she was having a hard time. In fact, I don't even think she noticed one bit. She ran up and down that gym, chasing the ball she was supposed to be dribbling, with a grin so big it lit up the whole place. Secondly, and almost more importantly, my perfectionistic daughter never gave up. Not once. We never saw her stop and sit in the middle of the gym floor pouting and complaining, "I can't do it!". Nope, it didn't happen. Instead she giggled, ran, laughed out loud, cheered, gave high-fives, and tried her best all hour long.

When it was all done, we asked if she had fun. She said she loved it. She immediately put on the team shirt, that was passed out after practice, over her sweat suit, and wore it proudly to lunch. She talked about practice for the rest of the day, and can't wait to go back next Saturday.

Thankfully, there have been no dribbling drills since then, like promised. I think she could coach me through a few drills though.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Need a What?

Today was kindergarten registration for the school in our neighborhood, and Delanie will be starting kindergarten in August of this year. As if I didn't already take this whole school thing seriously enough, they require quite a bit from you just to get enrolled. I wanted to make sure I was there on time, and with all my ducks in a row. I am a responsible, with-it, put together parent. Right?


They needed 3 very important documents to get her registered:
1. A Birth Certificate--validates child's age
2. A Deed of Trust for your home--to prove residency
3. An immunization record--to prove your child won't infect the entire free world with some sort of nastiness.

I thought OK, I've got this handled. I just need to get Scott on the ball with that whole Deed of Trust thing, and we're covered.

Because I am so "with it" and organized, I didn't get my documents together until the night before. Deed of Trust...Check! Immunization record...Check! Birth Certificate.....I don't have one of those!

That's ridiculous I thought! What with it, loving mother doesn't have a birth certificate for their child? Apparently, me.

I looked EVERYWHERE for one. About half-way through the search, I realized I don't even know what one looks like. I mean, I am sure it will say on the top BIRTH CERTIFICATE, but am I looking for an envelope, is it folded, does it have a gold seal or something? I honestly could not remember what it looked like or if I had ever seen it.

Maybe I was supposed to send away for it after Delanie was born? Did they give me instructions for this type of thing at the hospital and I was too out of it to remember? Is this just something we're supposed to know as parents, and Scott and I missed a lesson?

I asked Scott if he knew anything about this type of stuff. "No hon, I relegate all of this type of mom stuff to you." Oh great! A birth certificate is a "Mom's Responsibility"...a with it, organized, knows what she's doing, "Mom's Responsibility".

Since Pax was born in this house, all of his belongings from birth are in one area. I went to find his to see if I could jog my memory a bit. I found the one the hospital sent us home with. least I am scoring 50%, right? That's what I thought, at least.

I went to registration anyways, with my head hung low, knowing I was going to have to admit I didn't have a birth certificate for my baby. What would they say? Would they scowl at me? Laugh? Insist I must be mistaken, and I should go home and check again?

Right there at the table there was a sign saying you must have all 3 aforementioned items, and the birth certificate must be the original. NO COPIES ALLOWED. It MUST have the raised gold seal. No hospital certificates accepted.

GOLD SEAL! Paxton's birth certificate didn't have a gold was a Hospital Certificate. As I stood there in horror of the realization that I don't have a birth certificate for either of my babies, I noticed there were other mothers standing there in line. Most of them had these really official, organized, and with it looking folders. One mom even pulled out her beloved child's birth certificate...complete with a gold seal. Well, at least I now know what one looks like. She had some other papers in there too...probably really important papers. You know, the kind of papers that are the "Mom's Responsibility". I was standing too far away to read over her shoulder and see what they were.

I have a sinking feeling we don't have those either...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Walking Infomercial

My daughter has a WONDERFUL memory. At times it is so good, it frightens me. She can remember names (first and last) of people she has met only once, and really has no reason to remember. She has several of her books memorized word for word (even some that have only been read a few times), remembers dates, and can recall conversations that I wish she wouldn't. When people tell me, "Don't worry about it, she'll never remember..." I wince because I know she will.

Lately, it seems like her "thing" is commercials. She can recite entire commercials about the most random stuff. The thing that has me cracking up is that she uses lines (exact verbatim most of the time) in completely correct context while having conversations with others. Here is what our walking infomercial has to say:

me: I think we should use this body butter today instead of lotion. It has been really dry out and this will help.
Delanie: Yea, mom, when it gets cold and dry out, it can really make your skin feel tight and know, like a tight wool sweater. You use healing cream for that.

Scott: One last dish and we'll need to get the dishwasher started.
Delanie: You now dad, we should switch to the red power ball. It's new, and it will clean the dishes and leave a really sparkly shine. No spots either.
Scott: Really?
Delanie: Yea, next time you're at the store, you should get some.

At Target using her gift cards from her birthday:
Delanie: Oooooh look! Wets and Wiggles Baby Alive!
me: aren't really that fond of baby dolls. I don't thing you'll like that toy.
Delanie: But, mom, she looks and acts like a real baby. She's a baby so real that when you feed her she will wet her diaper later.

Same shopping trip:
Delanie: Oh! I want some Moon Sand! Mommy, I pick Moon Sand for my present.
me: Ummm..I don't think so. It's kinda like Play Dough...kinda messy and we could only play it in the Summer time outside. Don't you want something you can play with now?
Delanie: But mommy Moon sand sticks together so there is no mess! It's a fun, clean, and easy to use!

If she tries to sell me one of those rotisserie cookers, we are really going to have to consider cutting back on TV time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


After the holidays and birthday have come to an end, we have to do our "yearly clean-out/re-org" of the kids' playroom. It is a task that takes almost all day, and it includes sweat, tears, and sometimes blood...OK, it's never included blood, but you get the picture. It isn't an easy job. I am the lucky one who is designated to do the dirty work each and every year. Scott doesn't even attempt to help because he knows his attempts will go nowhere. Since it has been almost 3 weeks since Christmas, and Delanie's birthday almost a week behind us, it was time to stop procrastinating and just get it done.

Can I just say, it is hard for me to get rid of stuff. I mean, these aren't even my toys, and I have a hard time. As I went through the books, I couldn't help but keep books that, even though we don't read, I can remember reading over and over again to my babies. I can't get rid of these books...I love them. As much as I thought "If I read this story one more time, I might go insane", I never did go insane, and I love the book, and I couldn't get rid of it.

Fear not, I did rid the toy room of much junk. I also rearranged it so it is nice and fresh...a whole new place for the kids. It feels good.

The very best thing that happened to the toy room was this sweet, wonderful, ingenious find that I spotted at Target, and convinced Delanie she wanted to use her Target gift card (from her birthday)on. She didn't even hesitate because she is my daughter...and she knows the importance of organization. She agreed we HAD to have it:

Yes, people, it is a Barbie over-the-door organizer. I may be late getting on this bus, but I was thrilled to no end to see this on the shelf at Super T.

As you can see, there is a pocket for each Barbie (enough for 15 Barbies) These pockets are critical for keeping Barbie well kept, hair perfect, and clothing un-wrinkled.

And as you can see here, we have LABELED pockets for clothing and accessories. One for tops, dresses, skirts, pants, swim suits, and one for all the shoes and accessories. This is revolutionary for us. Our previous system allowed for many missing shoes due to trying to find just the right top, and a shoe would unknowingly fling out of the case and into the carpet...lost forever. Not only that, Daddy has NO EXCUSE for not knowing how to help clean up this part of the toy room. None.

What makes me even happier? This wonderful contraption is hanging on the BACK of our playroom door where it isn't visible or taking up any space whatsoever. Also, it is hanging by one set of hooks on the top and another hook on the bottom with an adjustable strap so that it is nice and tight on the door...not swinging around smacking into the wall and flinging all the goods all over the place.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Courtesy of the Magic School Bus...

...prepare to feel sick!

Delanie, my little scientist, received a LOT of Magic School Bus paraphernalia for Christmas this year, which thrilled her to no end. I have to say, I was pretty pleased as well. I mean, who is going to get upset about having a really fun way to teach their kids science? Some of the things she got were these really cool science kits.

Recently, we played with the kit that was all about germs. One of the experiments had us making our own agar for petri dishes, with which we were to collect 5 different samples of bacteria. Then we were to monitor the growth of the invisible bacteria to see if they grew to visible colonies of bacteria. Delanie had to make hypotheses about each dish, and then at the end of 11 days, see which ones were proven true.

We have been growing colonies of bacteria on our counter top for the past 11 days...YUMMY! I know you now are all so eager to come over for a meal at my house! As gross as that sounds (and is), I assure you the results and the process were fascinating! We learned some interesting stuff about our home and products that we use.

Seat belts everyone...we're going on a field trip!

First up, we tested how well soap works, and because I wanted to know, we also tested Hand Sanitizer. In order for this to work, we took Delanie's unwashed hand and wiped it over one section of the petri dish. Then she washed her hands and wiped her fingers on a second section of the petri dish. Lastly, I used hand sanitizer, and wiped my fingers along a third section of the petri is what that looked like after 11 days.

The two big blobs along with the other very visible smaller blobs are in the "Dirty hand section" The other two sections are the clean hand section. I am happy to say that soap alone does do a good job, but not as good of a job as the hand sanitizer. This thrills me to no end, as I depend on sanitizer for some of life's most disgusting moments.

Next was a similar test, but instead of testing soap, we tested toothpaste. We swabbed Delanie's mouth with a Q-Tip, then swabbed the entire petri dish, lastly swabbed toothpaste over half of the dish.

That nasty red crack is over the toothpaste (I guess it's pretty drying). You can see there are colonies in a few places...except where the tooth paste is...Thank goodness! It's nice to know that when I brush I am doing something...not so nice to see what is growing in a human mouth...

This next dish is absolutely riveting. Seriously, the findings in this dish may need to be published in the next Scientific Weekly. This dish shows the results of who in our home has the dirtiest feet. Although the results were close, Delanie ended up having the dirtiest feet, and we won't talk about who came in 2nd or 3rd. I will say though, we did get some interesting orange colonies...mmmmm...It just makes your mouth water doesn't it?

Lastly, we have an experiment that we made up ourselves. The book wants you to test out bacteria colonies in yogurt. Boring. Plus, I like yogurt, and I want my kids to like yogurt, so we didn't go there. Also, I had an inquiring mind about our household and what may be lurking beneath the surface. In this petri dish we have swabbed the toilet handle, the mouse on the computer, Delanie's chap stick, and the bottom of the kitchen sink. I think Delanie did an excellent job of coming up with places that might have germs!

I know this picture isn't as close-up as the others, and because I have my watermark over the top of it (hey, you never know what kind of Internet freaks are going to want to steal pictures of your bacteria), it makes it even harder to see, but I am happy to tell you that there are not any large colonies in this dish. This was SHOCKING to me. If you look very carefully between the "l" and "e" in the word "blessed" you can see a colony that was medium in size. It was from the toilet handle. The next dirtiest was computer mouse (eeew), and the other two didn't really register. I thought for sure the chap stick would be crawling with grossness, but nothing was to be found! That makes me feel better about the times when I've had to share chap sticks with others, but rest assured, I will not make it a habit.

The 5th petri dish had to be discarded...It was tainted. The agar was filled too high in the dish which allowed moisture to collect and grow mold. That dish contained important information about Neosporin and other topical anti-biotic creams. Before it was tainted, it was showing that the anti-biotic cream was successful. I always wrote that stuff off, but know now I should probably consider using this ointment on open wounds that are difficult to keep clean with soap and water.

Thankfully, these petri dishes have opened Delanie's eyes to the germs around her. I don't think I will have to force her to wash up before she eats or after she gets done playing with filth (you know the variety...found at local indoor play yards). Also, when she says "Why do you care if I suck on my fingers?", I can pull out this arsenal of info, and scare her into conformity.

It's all in a loving day's work as a mother.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Interrupt the Birthday Happiness to Bring You News!

I am so happy to say, by the goodness,and to the glory of God, my good friend and her family have welcomed two miraculous little girls into their lives. On January 4th (that's right on the same day I welcomed my little girl 5 years previous), two very special little girls were born perfectly healthy! Despite being 5 weeks early (as well as going through major surgery in-utero), they are doing fabulous! No NICU, no help with breathing, no problems eating, NOTHING! They are perfect!

I got to see them today, and I just couldn't believe that God has given me an opportunity to hold a living, breathing, miracle of His. I wonder if the girls will ever realize how much they have touched so many lives before they were even born? They are living proof of God's power, faithfulness, and love. Every time I look at them, I will praise God.

They are beautiful, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to meet them.

Friday, January 4, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

My little angel of a girl is 5 today...I can finally say that without crying. It is a joyous occassion in this family, as she came running into our room this morning, taking a dive into our bed, and exclaiming "Today I am 5!"

Anywho, sticking with tradtion (I do one of these every year for each kid(hey, I don't scrapbook)), here is a video montage of her growth in the last year...


I love you Baby Girl!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blech and Boo Hoo

Uhhhgggggg...It's almost here! My baby girl, you know the one, 7lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches long? She told me today as we were sitting down to eat breakfast, "Momma, you know what!" "What's that?" I replied unknowingly. "Today is the last day forever that I will be 4!" She exclaims with pride and excitement.

I couldn't even control myself...I teared up, got a lump in my throat, and had to excuse myself to the other room. It was like a knife straight to the heart. Why oh why can't I be excited for birthdays?

I guess I was excited when she turned 1, but really it has gone straight down hill from there. This year she is 5, F-I-V-E, FIVE! I cannot get over it. She is no longer in any of those little baby categories...she is a bona fide kid know. Not a toddler, not a pre-schooler, just a kid! A healthy, beautiful, smart, full of happiness and laughter, brimming to the top with drama, compassionate, energetic, creative, sweet kid!

The past 5 years have FLOWN fast it almost has made my head spin at times, and then at other times, it feels like I haven't had a time in my life without her.

Scott, of course, is just as excited as she is about the big milestone birthday. He just doesn't see the sadness in leaving an era in life. To him this is a time of looking forward with anticipation for what is to come with a grown child..."Cut the cord, honey" he says to me laughing(yet so tenderly)...I CANNOT AND WILL NOT...EVER!! This is my baby girl, my first born. Her birth forever changed my life, and now she is five.

Thankfully, in the last week or so, the Lord has opened my eyes to some wonderful things about having a 5 year old. For example, she has started doing chores. Not because we've asked her to, not because we are giving her an allowance, but because she wants to. It's important to a five year old to have a sense of responsibility, and to feel like they are capable of handling things on their own. Also, she is able to (for the most part) take care of herself in the middle of the night. Whether she needs a drink, to go to the bathroom, even when she has a bloody nose, she doesn't bother anyone else. She just takes care of things, and lets us know about it in the morning. I don't have to keep an eagle eye on her any longer, and furthermore, she often takes her brother with her. She can keep herself and her brother entertained for hours some days, and along with that, she has been known to teach her brother how to play games, count, and sing ABC's. She also can cross a street/parking lot without someone having to have a death grip on her, which frees my hands up to make sure my death grip on her brother is just right.

Yes, there are some huge benefits to having a "kid" instead of a "toddler" or a "pre-schooler". I know in time I will think this age is just perfect and will love all the new things she is able to do, and appreciate the new found freedom that is coming my way as a mother of a 5 year old. Then she'll turn six...

On top of having to deal with Delanie turning 5, and most definitely growing out of any baby labels, I am also dealing with the fact that now, my last baby (Paxton), has peed in the potty twice in the last 2 days...Are they trying to kill me?

Thankfully, my very close friend is delivering twin girls tomorrow....God knew just what I needed and right when I needed it. I can't wait to be able to hold one of those little babies. Then when they get cranky, or it's time for me to go to bed, I get to hand them right back over to mom and dad and return home to my five year old girl and my son who is peeing in the potty!

Beautiful isn't it?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Interrupting This Blog for an Important Announcement...

...Paxton has peed in the potty!! It happened before nap today, when I noticed he had a dry diaper after 4 hours. After spraying all over the back of the toilet (I had him sitting on the big potty backwards), we did successfully hit water.

When he was finished I said "YAY Paxton! You are a big boy! You made pee pee come out into the potty!"

He replied with, "Yea, I did it!" Then he clapped and jumped a bit. Then he looked at me very sternly and said, "Now, give me some candy!"


Favorites of 2007

Since it is the beginning of a new year, I thought I would go back and look through some of my pics of 2007. I love reminiscing over photographs and videos. Seriously, I could spend an entire day lost in images and memories and not even think twice about it.

Because this is my mommy blog, I will be sharing images of just the kids here, but I will also have a favorites of 2007 on my other blog for clients as well. This was VERY difficult to narrow down since I cannot remove the mommy goggles, and I LOVE all the pictures I have of my kids for different reasons....and as I post this, I am thinking of even more images in my head that I have forgotten about and want to add...

First, Delanie....she LOVES to model for me, thus I have more of her than Pax.

Totally unplanned picture...just noticed beautiful light on her face at lunch time next to the sliding glass door:

A picture I had been waiting patiently for all summer long. I was waiting for the tree to be very heavy in foliage:

Same day, just taking advantage of the wind:

Playing with her new snow hat:

Looking for the Yellow Brick Road this Halloween:

Now my little Paxton...who doesn't like to model. When I get a shot of him looking at the camera, it's instantly a favorite.

Pax at his 2 year session...not looking at the camera, but look at those lashes...yummy!

Pax hamming it up with his new helmet (from sister):


To infinity and beyond! This past Halloween:

Now the two of them together, which happens so infrequently it's embarrassing, really.

This Easter:

This Halloween:

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bringing in the New Year in Style

As most of you might have imagined, the family brought in the New Year in style last night. Thankfully, we all were feeling well, even though it was looking "iffy" the day before.

It's weird how much time has changed the way we (Scott and I) celebrate bringing in the New Year. I can honestly say, that I have NO interest whatsoever in staying up to ring in the New Year at the stroke of midnight anymore. None. Zero. Zilch. I am so content with celebrating with the folks on the East coast. There is just something so unattractive about the thought of me up at midnight and then starting my day just a mere 7 hours later.

Some people say that if they get a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night they are good. Some would even say that that amount of sleep sounds dreamy...I say, NOT I! I say, I LOVE me some sleep. Give me 10 hours and I feel like, well, like I can take on the New Year!

What could be better than getting 10 hours of sleep? Well, how about having some of your good friends over for some PF Changs to start. Next, let the kids get a little crazy and not care. Throw in some good conversation and some Wii tourney's and you've got yourself a great evening!

We were having so much fun we didn't even notice that we missed the East Coast Ball Drop! So we had to come up with something new. We celebrated with all the Central Time Zone people. I am sure they didn't even notice us crashing their party. I am sure that they didn't mind either considering we BYOSC...Yup, we brought our own Sparkling Cider.

Times sure have changed...and I, for one, have no desire to look back!

I hope 2008 is just as much fun and as blessed as 2007!