Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Forget, They Also Sell All Those Cool Pencils and Erasers

It's book fair time at school. Do you remember the book fair? I sure do. I LOVED book fair time. I loved going around looking at all the different books there were to choose from. I loved pursing the pictures, and skimming through some of the chapters in books I could never get my hands on at our school library. I also loved making out my "Wish List" because they very often strategically planned the book fair right around the holidays.

Oh yea, and we usually got out of class to do all of this.

It was pure beauty.

The Girl came home very excited about the book fair. She has never been, and I know she too will love it as much as I did. I can hardly wait to see her "Wish List". It will be INCREDIBLY difficult for me not to purchase every book she writes down on that list, just out of sheer excitement.

She was talking to me this morning over breakfast about the book fair.

D: Momma, the book fair is at our school! I think today is the day we get to go and see it. I will get to see all the books that they brought!
me: Today? Really? I can't believe you get to go today! Do you get to write down all the books you want on a list?
D: Ya! They let you put down all the books you like, and then you will get them!
me: Well, actually it's called a "Wish List" that means it's full of the books you wish you could get. Kind of like a Christmas list. Just because they are on the list doesn't mean you will actually get the books.
D: Oh.
Pause while The Girl thinks.
D: Well mom, I heard there is this really really cute book there.
me: Really? A cute book?
D: Ya!
me: What is it about?
D: It's this really cute book about spiders.
me: Spiders?
D: Ya, and it's sooo cute! I really want it.
me: Why do you want to have a book about spiders?
D: I just love them. This book will tell me all the facts I need to know about them. Like what they eat, where they like to live, some of their names, and maybe even if they are poisonous.
me: Wow! That does sound like a cute book.
D: I know I want to get that one!

That's my girl. Loving non-fiction reading.

Getting all the "facts".

She's such a little Scientist.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If I Do Say So Myself

I think I might be a genius.


I am sure you all have figured out why I still am doing a lot of cleaning in the bathroom. It isn't because I think a meticulous bathroom is a necessity. No, it's because I don't have a choice in the matter. Someone in our home has a loaded weapon, and has yet mastered how to use it (see #4).

The other day, I saw a commercial that peaked my interest. It was for Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. All you do is put this blob of gel stuff into the bowl of your toilet. Bingo, Bango, every time you flush, it cleans your toilet. The idea was that, since it disolves by itself after about a week of flushing, you would never have to remove one of those toilet bowl-cleaner-holder-thingys again. Especially after months of use.


Again, I do not really feel like my bathroom needs to be immaculate at all times, but I had an idea. See, in the commercial they place the blob kind of high, under the rim, and a bit out of site. I thought, "What if I put this blob low, straight out in front, and in plain view?" My plan was to tell The Little Man it was a target, and like all targets, he must shoot it. Then when he flushes, my toilet gets a little refresher. I felt BRILLIANT!

Oh yea, sure, other, more experienced mothers, have probably already come up with something similar. Like, I have heard of the Cheerio method, and there are even flush-able targets made just for this very reason, BUT are they cleaning the toilet at the same time?

I think not.

I will say that the fragrance that they put in that gel is a bit strong. In fact, I have had to hold my breath in there a few times. However, it dramatically cut down the number of times I have had to clean the bathroom in a day from around six to about one to two times.

Of course, like all good things, the novelty of it has worn off a bit, but it is easy to remind him before he goes into the potty, to aim for the blue target.

And my toilets have fresh breath.

Also, the Cheerios in my home have maintained their dignity.

It's the small achievements each day like these, that keep me going.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Black is Back

I'm on a little early today, but we have Halloween fun to do tonight so I thought I would quick post what my little cuties are going to look like at their Fall Festival this evening.

My Girl. She is the cutest little crime fighter I ever did see:

Showing some Super Hero Strength:

Hearing a call for help:

And if you read yesterday's post, you know the difficulties I've had with getting The Little Man in pictures. Put the boy in a costume, and he's serious business...even if he is smiling that cheesy grin under the mask.

Much more serious, and bringing the whole "Darth Vader Presence" with him.

Hopefully we'll get more Trick-or-Treat type pictures as Halloween approaches.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just For Fun

I had out the studio equipment for another client yesterday, so after nap time was over, the kids let me have some fun.

The Girl loves this type of thing. She has outfits planned and hair do's to wear. She also liked the idea of having a fan (the blow dryer) on.

Showing a little 'tude:

Outfit and hair change:

Next up: The Little Man. The Little Man is at an awkward stage for getting his picture taken. He knows that he is supposed to smile, but doesn't know how to smile for the camera and not look cheesy. There are so many outtakes from his portion of the shoot, but here are a couple of cute ones:

Trying really hard not to laugh:

Full on giggle machine:

(Note the no eye contact in both images. Sister was being an "assistant" off to camera left.)

The ONLY one of the two of them together where someone doesn't have their eyes closed or a weird face. What can I say, it was a bad day for a sibling shot. This one is still pretty cute though. The Little Man looks like a deer in the headlights, but whatever.

You know what I love about these type of impromptu, just for fun shoots? I love that they AREN'T perfect. That's what pictures are about sometimes. Our lives aren't perfect. I don't want to look back at pictures of my kids and only remember perfect smiles and hair. I want to remember that time when The Little Man didn't know how to smile for the camera. I want to remember how much The Girl loved working the camera, and what her idea of a "great outfit" was. It's part of our lives, and I don't want to forget a single moment of it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's at it Again

It was deceptively cold today. I mean it was deceptive in the sense that if you gazed out your window, you might think it was a gorgeous sunny day. However, unless your home is built like an ironclad, you should have heard the wind howling at about 100 miles per hour. That wind? well, it was a brisk 15 degrees.

We (who are JOYFULLY on Fall Break) did what we do best on these types of days: Never get out of our jammies. It was a Jammie day! We cooked muffins, made popcorn, watched large amounts of tube, and just hung out.

Part of hanging out for The Little Man and The Girl is playing dress up. The funny thing is, I don't think they think of it as dress up. No, instead I think they think they are getting into the clothes that they should be wearing each day. The clothes that were made for them.

True to his accessorizing nature, The Little Man put together quite the pirate ensemble: it just me, or is there something vital missing from this outfit?

Thank goodness we were in the comfort and privacy of our own home. He stayed dressed like this for hours.

That is until lunchtime when his bandanna belt became a headband:

That's what I like to see...versatility.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Days are Longer Than Others

It was four years ago that I was pushing my daughter through uncharted territory in a shopping cart. We had gone to a Super Center that I was not familiar with to find a newly released movie on DVD that, if purchased at said Super Center, came with a free gift. Since I didn't know my way around the store very well, I wanted to keep The Girl entertained while I concentrated on finding the loot. My entertainment of choice happened to be Reese's Peanut Butter Bites.

She eyed them closely before popping one into her mouth. I just laughed because I knew she would just light up with enthusiasm for these yummy chocolate covered peanut butter treats. Instead of gleefully asking for another one, she stopped in the middle of chewing that first bite and started screaming. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she, "Hated this snack. It was so yucky." She was simultaneously spitting the treat out all over her shirt and into her hands, and then smearing it everywhere while she frantically tried to get it out of her mouth. Since she was a few months short of turning three, she was having a difficult time expressing to me that not only did she not like the flavor of these treats, but her mouth was actually on fire and swelling up. She was having an allergic reaction to the peanut butter, but couldn't tell me what was going on due to her age, and the fact that she had never experienced anything like it before.

I did what all good mothers do. I promptly took her out of the store without her movie because I thought she was being dramatic and wouldn't stop throwing a fit.

I feel like I will never live that down.

As her reaction progressed over the next 30 minutes, I even sent her to her room.

I was desperately seeking that coveted Mother of the Year Award.

Thankfully, I had some divine intervention and decided to call my mom, who is a nurse, to complain about my daughter's weird behavior. She quickly brought light to the situation, and helped me to realize what was really going on. After phone calls to doctors offices and emergency rooms she was, thankfully, OK.

Since that day, we have been living with the reality of our daughter having a food allergy. Not just a few hives or maybe an upset tummy afterward, but a food allergy that causes anaphylaxis. With that we have her tested every year to make sure that it isn't getting any worse.

Sometimes (very rarely) kids can grow out of food allergies, but peanut allergies are the least likely food allergy to outgrow. Only 10% of kids outgrow a peanut allergy. Last years test results indicated that maybe, just maybe, she may be outgrowing this allergy. Further testing earlier this year indicated otherwise. This year's testing, proved those tests right.

Today as we did our annual test, The Girl did not do so well. She was such a trooper while receiving the scratch with the peanut protein on it. Usually, this is the area of greatest difficulty. After the nurse left, she boasted about how well she did with the "shot". Quickly after that, she burst into tears. She exclaimed that she couldn't take the pain anymore. It was burning and itching and she was having a hard time handling it. I tried scratching her back to see if that would help (the test was done on her forearm). Then I gave her a piece of gum and told her to chomp down on it really hard when it was itching too much for her to think. That seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately, her reaction site exploded into a huge hive. The doctor didn't even have to come into the room to tell me what I could already plainly see. She had not grown out of her allergy, and in fact it looked as if it had gotten worse.

They got her all cleaned up, and put some soothing cream on the reaction site. We were to wait there until the doctor came back into the room with our paperwork and prescription. As we waited, The Girl called for me, "Momma, I think I am going to throw up all over the place!" I looked up from my magazine to see my girl as white as a sheet, lips white, and eyes totally glazed over. I grabbed a trash can for her. Then I opened the exam room door and called for some help. Thankfully, they responded quickly with some antihistamine and all was good.

Let me tell you, it scared me to death. This wasn't like the first time when I had no clue what was going on, and only in hindsight could understand the seriousness of it all. This time I knew exactly what was happening right then and there. She was having an allergic reaction that could have possibly been life threatening.

She looked so little and fragile. I still can't get the image out of my head. I realized as I sat there and waited for the medicine to fully take effect, that I needed to see this. This needed to happen. I don't think in the past year or so that I have been taking this condition as seriously as I needed to. I have been horribly unprepared for the worst, and the worst is something I can't even think about. I needed to be reminded that this food allergy is serious business. Her life is just that much more fragile.

As we loaded into the car to go home, my head continued to spin with the thoughts of what had just happened, and the "What If's", and the "What am I going to do's". Then, as I started the car, the radio was playing "Spoken For" by Mercy Me. The chorus in that song that always makes me feel so loved and so cozy. It goes: "Covered by your love divine, child of the risen Lord. To hear you say, 'This one's mine', my heart is spoken for."

This time I didn't think about myself. This time I heard those words spoken about my daughter. He was reminding me, that I need not worry. She is His. He has already spoken for her. He's got her in His sight, and he doesn't blink. He loves her even more than I do. He's got it covered.

Praise you God! Thank you for never taking your eyes off of your children, and loving them even more than we ever could.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Donkeys' Names Where Black and Decker

Our weekend was chalk full of excitement. The weather was gorgeous, and I am happy to say that we didn't miss a single second of it. Combine the weather with the beautiful fall colors, and it was just down right wonderful.

First on the activity schedule, the neighborhood had their annual Pumpkin Patch Fall Frenzy. This was the second time in the five years we have lived here that we have made it. The first time we went, we were just a little less than impressed as The Girl came home with an oddly shaped gourd from the "Pumpkin Patch". We did the only thing you can do with something that small; we got out a ball point pen and drew a face on the poor thing. Needless to say, from that point on, we haven't really made room on the calendar for this event in the years that followed. For some reason, this year, I thought we would extend some grace and try it again. I think it's safe to say that they have made some improvements:

Yes, we brought that monster home. Hubby says he'll have to take a shower after cleaning that big guy out. I think we are going to be getting some of these to make the task a bit easier. The Girl kept exclaiming to everyone that she got the, "King of the Pumpkin Patch". I can't say I disagree. The pumpkin is indeed a beast.

Hubby kept giving me a hard time because I made him pull the wagon to the patch. Of course, the kids wanted to ride in it. He kept saying, "Aren't our kids a bit too big for this thing?" I thought they fit just fine shoved into their wagon.

It was really just their feet and legs that didn't fit. See how happy they are riding along though?

Plus, I think he thought I was a GENIUS when it came time to walk home.

That's what I call thinking ahead, people.

(Good grief! Look at that beast practically taking up the whole wagon!)

Besides picking out the "King of the Patch" we also got to play in the jump houses, run through a Fun Bus (a bus that has been converted so it has gym mats, toys, and a slide that comes off the back), and also a hayride through the hay fields. OK, there are no hayfields in the 'burbs, but we rode a wagon pulled by two donkeys through the pool parking lot. Hey, they did two laps around that lot. It resembled a hay ride so closely, it was difficult not to confuse the two. The kids were happy though:

The second half of our day consisted of the four of us, plus the cousins and fam, going Geocaching. This was the first time for our kids to try this treasure hunt type activity out, and they loved it. We just hunted for a few in our local town. I think that Hubby may have had even more fun than the kids since he got to play with a new GPS device.

Here's The Little Man heading down the trail, off to find some treasure:

The whole crew following a beaten down path through some tall grass that led to our first hidden box:

The Girl happily stopping her search for a picture:

(That is NOT a forced case you are wondering)

We found it!

Off to find more loot:

(Note my hubby and his GPS)

We, unfortunately, could not find one of the geocaches. I'll admit, it left a bad taste in my mouth to have to walk away beaten, but I'll move on. The Girl, however, may be scarred for life over the fact that we didn't stop for ice cream on the way home. Somehow, she got it into her head that everyone stops for ice cream after Geocaching. Later, she did say that she absolutely hates Treasure Hunting because she was unable to eat ice cream afterwards, and that ice cream afterwards is the ONLY thing that would make her like Treasure Hunting.

So to say she lost her cool a little bit afterwards is a slight understatement.

Also, the drama involved was enough to win some sort of award.

Thankfully, we all had such a good time it really didn't ruin the day for anyone else, and ice cream or no ice cream, I still enjoyed the hunt.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super Glue, Gas, Showering, Bathrooms, and Arm Pits

If the title of this blog post hasn't tipped you off, this post is totally random and will mostly likely make no sense at all by the time you are finished. If that might give you a headache, or you feel like saving yourself a precious 15 minutes or so, then by all means, check back in tomorrow. I just hope I don't have a headache by the time this is done.

#1. I LOATHE super glue. I really do. I can't stand the stuff. Seriously, the next time something breaks, I am just going to throw it away, and save myself the misery.

The Little Man's Darth Vader helmet took a hit and a decorative piece on the front came off. He, of course, went into hysterics. Out came the super glue. I thought, "I'll just put a little dab here, replace the part there, and bingo bango! I'll be the hero of the day.

That is NEVER how it happens with super glue. I swear that stuff has some sort of curse on it. First of all, I would LOVE it if someone would enlighten me on how to open up a tube of super glue so that the ENTIRE contents of the tube do not come flowing out all over the place (read: all over my hands and fingers). While trying to get the glue off, everything in the world sticks to you with super force (hence the name). However, once I got the mess under control, and got just a dab onto the broken mask, wouldn't you know, the glue WILL NOT hold the little plastic piece in place. My finger, however is permanently attached to the mask.

I think that stuff is made to adhere human flesh to just about anything.

Also, once you get yourself unglued from your project, how do you get the glue off of your skin? My fingers are like sandpaper right now.

Lastly, I got a bunch in our kitchen sink. It dries pretty fast there too.

And it doesn't dry clear...

#2. I filled my tank at the gas station yesterday for under $60. I just about fell over with joy.

#3 I have been experiencing a weird phenomenon. OK, I guess it isn't too weird, just new. I have been getting compliments on how great I look this last week. The weird/sad part is that I don't look any different than I ever have. I just realized that some people just think that I am all dressed up and put together because the only time they have seen me is when I am sweaty from working out, and still have my workout gear on, or wearing my PJ's/sweats out in public because I was having a lazy day and just plain didn't want to get ready. There is a whole segment of people out there that think that this is how I look all of the time.

Part of me wants to fix this and wonders how this even happened, and the other part just doesn't care.

It's up in the air right now as to which part of me will "win out". I do feel weird telling people after they have commented, "Wow, you look really nice today! What did you do different?" that the only thing different is, I have showered.

#4. I think I am going to buy stock in the Clorox wipes. You know, those wipes that are like Wet Wipes, but instead of cleaning up a dirty bottom, you are cleaning up a counter top or the floor or some other mess. My mess is the bathroom. It's messy about five to six times a day.

Having a boy is interesting. I won't even discuss the areas that I have to clean, and how far away from the actual target they are.

#5 I don't know if you remember, but I am having laser hair removal done under my underarms. I can't tell you how happy I am with the results so far. I haven't shaved under there since the beginning of August, and I am as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Many people have thought this hair removal was kind of silly, but I don't care. They say, "It only takes like 2 minutes to shave there, so it's not that big of a deal."

Well, let me tell you, that is two more minutes than I had before.

Also, I haven't had one freak out episode yet at the gym, or after I realized my hand was in the air for whatever reason, wondering when the last time I shaved was.

Lastly, they are beautiful. Seriously. They are smooth and there is nary a trace that any type of hair has ever lived there. No bumps, no coarseness, no five o'clock shadow at noon. Nothing.

I better stop with this randomness and try to get back into some sort of organized living. I might even take a shower and put on some make-up. I've got to do something about all this super glue all over my hands.

Of course, I'd have to clean the bathroom first.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, The Many Hats I Wear

While The Little Man is running around the house in his Darth Vader costume:

P: Mommy?
me: Yea, bud.
P: Are you going to get dressed up like Luke Skywalker?
me: Um, I don't think so, bud.
P: Why not?
me: Why would I get dressed up like Luke Skywalker? Do you want me to be Luke Skywalker?
P: Yea, I need you to be Luke Skywalker because I really need someone to beat up.


Although, it does give some variety to playing Barbie and doing the laundry.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Growing Pains

I am definitely one of those moms who gets a bit weepy when my children pass milestones. Some moms celebrate, I get sad and anxious. I guess I am happy too, I mean I do love to watch my kids grow, but to know we are growing up so fast is kind of sad for me.

In the last few days, The Little Man is really growing up. He has been learning how to correctly say his "L's". I know that is silly to get weepy about, but he sounds so grown up when he says "pLease" instead of "pWease". Granted, the "L" sound he is making in his words is extremely forced and almost sound like a drunken slur, but they are there, and they are only going to get better, and then gone will be the days when I will hear the sweet call of "WANIE!" or "Mommy, wook at that!" or "I rewee wike that one the best".

It also doesn't help that his favorite thing to talk about this past week, besides how he can do everything by himself, has been how old he is. He's all, "Mom, I'm a really big boy now. Ya, I'm way past two, and now I am three." All I can respond with is, " Yup, you are a big boy now," as I sob in the background.

The Girl, on the other hand, is still enjoying Kindergarten. Even though she is just a young five and three quarters years old (she made us celebrate her three quarters milestone this past weekend), she has a very grown up crush on a boy in her class. I promise, I didn't even notice the opposite sex until well into my 7th grade year. I suspect she inherited this interest from her Father.

Mostly, I just like to blame him for things that the kids do that I don't understand and that scare me. I have no idea if her father was the same way in school.

It's just that it frightens me that she has such a big crush on a boy that I don't even know, and she gets to see five times a week.

Also, they play Boys Chase the Girls at recess and she is super giddy over the fact that he always chases her.

And I found out that HE is the reason she wanted to be Batgirl for Halloween. He is going as Batman. She can hardly wait for him to be Batman and her to be Batgirl. So much for wanting to be Batgirl because she loves the boots. I am working diligently at figuring out a way for her to miss school that day because I can't even handle the idea.

Did I mention she goes on and on about how he wears his hair?

The teacher has assured me she thinks that the crush is one sided, but my heart aches as she displays this behavior that seems well beyond her years.

Daddy is looking into an all girl school in the area.

That should totally work. It shouldn't create a rebellious spirit in her at all.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dreams Came True Today

Just try to guess what The Little Man picked out for a Halloween costume this year.

This, after MANY talks about what fun it would be to dress up as Woody from Toy Story. I fear those sweet Toy Story days are over. The Force is now with us for probably the rest of our lives.

If that costume looks a tad too big, it's because it totally is. I couldn't find one in the younger boys (read: sweet baby boy) section. So this is going to fit him for a few years.


The Girl tried to pick out a costume too, but she just wasn't "feeling it" today as we looked. She brought home a Batgirl costume, but we have already returned it.

I don't even know what prompted her to want to be Batgirl except she kept saying she really liked her boots. They were tall, black patent leather.

I know the feeling.

So instead of fighting off all evil in the neighborhood with her brother, she tackled a project with Daddy that she was hoping he wouldn't change his mind on when he offered it in the first place. Somehow the kids got Hubby talked into letting them "help" him paint the garage. The Girl was ecstatic at the opportunity to get messy.

The Little Man could only be swayed into battling unknown forces for so long, then he too was lured into the thrill of getting totally messy.

Just look at their coverage!

Here they are practicing a method that Hubby was trying to get them to perfect so that they didn't load their brushes up with too much paint.

I think I prefer this look much more than the Darth Vader costume.

Those cheeks should never be covered up by some silly mask!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Love the Shuffle Option on my iPod

Thankfully, I was able to get out of bed on Sunday morning, and finally get back into running. It was wonderful. I had debated whether or not I should just run on the treadmill, in order to avoid the chill in the air that might push me further into hibernation mode, but I decided I would get tough and face the chill head on. I decided if I just dressed correctly, I would be just fine, and the chill might be refreshing.

I put on my running tights (full length), a long sleeve shirt with an undershirt-with-a-built-in-bra-type-thing underneath, and my headband that is wide enough to cover my ears. I was dressed for the weather. The only problem was "the weather" didn't really exist. It was actually quite nice. Some might say that it was "perfect running weather".

Oh well, I was out there, and I got it done. I am so glad that I didn't run on my treadmill. I saw some of the most beautiful scenery which was perfectly paired up with the best praise music.

I could not have chosen a better match between the gorgeous mountains, which were covered in big fluffy clouds, except for their peaks which poked out at the top, and the leaves that have changed colors (almost completely), but haven't fallen off the trees yet. All that beauty combined with lyrics like: "How great is your love? So much higher than the Heavens with faithfulness that reaches the skies" from Mercy Me. Followed by "Every time I breath I feel a little bit closer. I never want to leave I want to stay in your warm embrace. Oh basking in the glory shining off your face." by Big Daddy Weave. The best were these lyrics from Third Day: "Lord of all creation, of the water, earth, and sky The Heavens are your Tabernacle. Glory to the Lord on high. God of wonders beyond our galaxy, you are holy, holy. The universe declares your majesty you are holy, holy. Early in the morning I will celebrate the light. And when I stumble in to darkness, I will call your name by night."

It was the perfect sound track.

I barely noticed that I was running uphill for a large portion of the run...against the wind.

OK, I might have noticed just a little bit.

Even though it (the run) was tough at times, it was a good reminder that great things aren't always easy. Just because you have to work at something doesn't mean it shouldn't be. Sometimes life's biggest and best blessings cost us something. Sometimes the price is pretty small, and other times the price is unbearably big.

Sunday morning I paid the price of bearing the cooler weather, running uphill, against the wind, and a bit of exhaustion from the laziness that was the week before, but I was blessed with God's beauty and presence. A VERY small price to pay for such a huge blessing.

It's a blessing that will keep me moving, and resisting the temptations of hibernation, all week.

On a side note, and not so coincidentally, I have been working with the kids through a book that helps them to memorize Bible verses. This is the verse we memorized last week.

(I video taped it because the kids LOVE to watch themselves over and over. I thought it would be a great way for them to teach themselves, and keep them motivated.)

((In case you thought I was crazy or something.))

(((Seeing that video, though, was not what tipped you off to the craziness, was it?)))

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fighting the Call of the Wild

Tomorrow is the day that I convince myself I am not a bear. I'm totally serious. This time of year, I go nuts. You may have noticed, I only blogged once last week. I really wasn't all that busy. I didn't have any deadlines. The kids were normal kids; no illnesses, no weird projects, no appointments, no sleepless nights, or wild new behaviors that I had to spend time breaking. I was just busy eating my way through our grocery budget and then doing what one should do when they have successfully consumed enough calories for a week in just one day, sleep.

I do this every year. As Fall gets into full swing, instead of getting a burst of energy like a lot of Autumn Lovers, I just turn into a bear. I eat and sleep. When I am not sleeping I wish I was sleeping. It's more than just a longing to sleep, I am actually really exhausted. Exhausted enough to miss several workouts in a row, and nap in the middle of the day. I actually dosed off for a brief second this week while I sat in a lawn chair in the front yard as my children played. Today, I ate so much cheese, food made with cheese, and then, just to balance everything out, a whole assortment of desserts that thinking about it right now, is just a bit overwhelming.

Tomorrow morning, I will go out and run. It is going to be quite chilly here, and I don't care. I can't afford to. I can't keep this up for a second longer. The week was nice. It was like a little vacation. Kind of like what I imagine going on a cruise would be like (I have never been on one before so I can't be totally sure). I have heard you can eat pretty much all day while you are on board. I have also heard that the food is amazing. I can't say that the "amazing food" part fits this past week, but definitely the "eating all day" part fits. Also, I imagine that with all the "At Sea" days, one would probably sit out on a lawn chair and dose.

Basically, my home was like a Carnival Cruise line. Except the food wasn't as good, and we didn't have any fabulous ports. Unless you consider Super T fabulous.

Which, at times, it totally can be.

It's time to snap out of it. Time to look back at this week as a distant memory. Time to find my groove again, and fight my way back to the numbers I recognize on the bathroom scale because unlike a bear, I will not actually sleep through winter without eating. No, Ma'am, I won't. In fact as a general rule, I have found that I usually am good at keeping up with this pattern of eating and sleeping up until March. At which point I totally panic because I realize Summer is just around the corner, and I will have to take off the extra large men's sweatshirt and elastic waisted sweatpants.

I've heard that next week it will really feel like Fall is in the air, as the weather takes a turn. It will take all that I have not to sit down with a big bowl of soup and sleep the week away.

It feels like I am fighting my natural instinct.

If you see me cruising around town in a cozy sweatsuit, try to give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I just came from the gym. I am feeling pretty confident you'll be right.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love...

1.) That The Little Man asks when we are going to pick up his sister from school even though we are just pulling out of the carpool lane from dropping her off.

(It is a little sad.)

2.)When we pick her up in the afternoon, he is so excited to see her. He asks a million questions right away about her day, and is genuinely interested in her answers. He even has feedback for some of her dilemmas she faced that day.

3.) That The Little Man's first 3 questions are always the same when we pick her up: 1) How was your day? 2) Who did you play with? and 3) Did you have enough time to eat all of your snack.


4.) On the days that I pick The Girl up from school first, and then we go pick up The Little Man from his school day, she acts the same way towards him. She even talks to him in a high pitched voice that is similar to when a grown woman talks to a small infant/baby.

5.) He doesn't even blink an eye at her high pitched voice. In fact he loves it, which is demonstrated by his sweet smile, big hugs, and enthusiasm to share his art project and all the details of the day with her.

6.) That as soon as he is done sharing his day with her, he immediately asks her about her day.

The same three questions first.

7.) To look at those tiny little shoulders and bony little arms all tied together with a slight pot-belly because it reminds me that they are still little babies (OK kids...I know they are kids now, not babies).

8.) That they just have to look at each other for a split second before they burst into laughter...about nothing.

9.) That they have each other.

10.) The absolute blessing that has been given to me to be a "Stay at Home Mom" so that I don't have to miss a single ounce of any of this.