Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3...2...1 Yup, There it is!

I love that there are times when I know exactly what the kids are thinking. Being a mom and spending day in and day out with the kids, I know what makes them tick, and sometimes I know what they are going to say before they say it.

This has proven helpful in preventing what could be very embarrassing situations. Other times, when we are at home and in a safe place to make corrections or talk about what they have just said, I just let it fly on out of their mouths. It's at those times, in my head, I just do a little count down to see how long it takes before it is actually said.

Tonight, as we were working on our devotional together, Delanie was learning about perseverance. We talked about not giving up, and how sometimes in life things aren't easy, but that you should keep trying. She gave some examples of riding her bike and learning to read new words. I could tell she was uncomfortable with only using examples of herself and her own shortfalls. This is usually when she'll want to bring up something that her brother did that she feels is much worse than what she has done. Before that happened though I went ahead and read tonight's verse:

Even if good people fall seven times, they will get back up.
But when trouble strikes the wicked, that's the end of them.

Proverbs 24:16, CEV

Delanie listened closely to the verse, and I saw her little motor running. She was deep in thought when I started the countdown in my head...3, 2, 1...

"Mom, you know what? Paxton is so wicked when he tries to ride his bike. He always gives up and cries"


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sometimes I feel like I struggle with the same things over and over again. I feel embarrassed at times going to God with the same re-occurring issues. What's even more silly, is I think that if I don't bring it up God might not know that I am if He doesn't know what's going on in my heart. Then, today, I was encouraged by a few verses during my Bible study.

These verses helped me to realize that He is all powerful yet tender-hearted, and sovereign. While cycles in life can seem so repetitive, He is still here watching over me until he feels as though the season is complete.

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you;
he rises to show you compassion.
For the Lord is a God of justice.
Blessed are all who wait for him!

O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more.
How gracious he will be when you cry for help!
As soon as he hears, he will answer you.
Although the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction,
your teachers will be hidden no more;

with your own eyes you will see them.
Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This the way, walk in it."

Isaiah 30:18-21 (emphasis mine)

I am so comforted in the fact that as soon as he hears me he answers. And although I may be discouraged at times, I have hope in the fact that one day my ears will hear a voice say "This is the way, walk in it."

Monday, April 28, 2008

Swimsuits on Parade

It's that time of year again. Time to assess the damage that occurred all winter long and try on bathing suits. I know, I know, I already had a vacation this year, in which I LIVED in my bathing suit for approximately 4 days straight, but I just slapped on last year's model and went with the whole "I will never see any of these people again" theory. It worked pretty well with the exception of the 3 friends I went with, who I see all the time.

They are a pretty forgiving bunch though.

It became very clear this weekend that I needed to re-evaluate the choices I made last year on my suits when I was forced to really look at myself in the mirror a few hundred times at the health club while taking the kids swimming. In the locker rooms there are mirrors just about every direction you turn, and let me tell you, my choices last year, weren't so good.

Last year was a pivotal year for me in the swimsuit department though, so in my defense I had WAY to much to consider when making my choices. This year, I am a bit more experienced in the Tankini department and I feel as though I have a good solid idea as to what works for me and what doesn't. The sad part about this is: next year, I will have a whole new outlook on this situation, and will have to start all over again with a whole new set of rules, and I will be horrified (just like I am this year) that I prance around all summer in the suit I thought was perfect.

That is why this year, I am doing a fashion show, not for my kids, and not for my friends, but for the hubby. He will tell me straight-up if what I have on is working or is a joke.

The kids they just want to go swimming when I try on suits. So although they are brutley honest and comment on things that I don't even ask for comments on, they are way too easily distracted by the swimsuit and the idea that swimming season is coming soon (if not today in their brains) to really take the time that a complete analysis requires.

My girlfriends, man I love them, they take the time that a complete analysis takes, but then I am not too sure about the honesty piece. I can't say that I don't blame them. I mean, no one wants to tell their friends, "Wow, I didn't think your chest could look any flatter than it already is, and somehow your behind is wider!"

It's just a bit uncomfortable at lunch afterwards.

I feel like I have to take smaller bites and order a salad.

I think in the name of Responsible Friendship, it's better for your friends to see the finished product.

In the swimsuit department that is.

Goodness knows that they see anything but the finished product in all the other areas my life so this year, this is my gift to them.

So after spending an obscene amount of money on all the swimsuits that fit, tonight I will be doing a fashion show at home with the hubby who will do a complete analysis on all suits, and since he is already quite aware of what the unfinished product looks like, there is no explaining or hiding anything.

The rules have been stated beforehand that: 1. I will return some of these bathing suits no matter if all of them are so stinkin' cute I can't handle it (I am positive I don't even need this rule.). 2. Scott has to thoroughly look over each suit for any flaws that either the suit or I am displaying, and 3. He has permission to be BRUTALLY HONEST with me on my appearance in each suit with out it effecting our relationship.

With that said, I am now ready for the hardest part of spring. It will be difficult, long, and tedious, but in the end, I am hoping that this year I will have a suit that I can wear proudly for maybe more than just this summer.

Just wait until Scott finds out that he may have to do this again next year.

I won't tell him that right'll ruin the night.

Friday, April 25, 2008

And We Still Were Able to Eat Our Lunch

As we were about to sit down to a scrumptious lunch of Tuna salad sandwiches and apples, Paxton decided he would delight us with some info he'd been tucking away in his brain for just the right moment.

Pax: Hey Daddy...know what?
Scott: What's that little man?
Pax: Pee pee is wewow and poo poo is brown.
Scott: Hmmm...yup, you're right
me: (trying not to die laughing) Interesting, son.
Pax: Yup, and poo poo really is stinky, but mostly it's brown.
Scott: Wow! Ok...

It's the little things that let you know they are learning...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Workin' the System

There are few things here at the home front that we are working on simultaneously with Pax. First and foremost is the dreaded potty training, which on any given day, can go from fantastic to horrible. Potty training has got to be one of the worst parts of parenting a child before the teenage years.

Then a whole new can of worms opens, and I am not sure if I will ever be able to brace myself enough for what is to come. If that old adage "You reap what you sow" is true, than Scott and I are in a heap of trouble.

Besides potty training, we are also in the midst of trying to lose a sweet tooth in our boy that sprouted sometime around Halloween last year, and has only grown into monstrous proportions now as we have gone through the holiday season, Valentines day, and then Easter. Throw a few birthday parties in between, and sugar has now become an actual food group in our home.

Delanie, although she loves her some sugar, hasn't seemed to protest losing the daily addiction to the beast. She actually longs to eat healthy, and will choose stuff to eat based on whether she thinks it might be too sugary for her. This is unbelievable to me. Since I can't understand it, I just go with it and pretend that it's totally normal.

Pax, not so much.

His game to get the sweets has really evolved over the last few months. At first he wasn't so slick. He would just flat out ask for more. We'd of course say no, and then he would throw a tantrum that made Mt Vesuvius look like a minor eruption. Sometimes, I have to admit it would work, but we were always on to his little game. It was just a matter of trying to keep the peace in a sticky situation.

When that stopped working, he stepped it up a notch. At first we thought he was on some huge growth spurt. Constantly he was stating, "I hungry, momma." After every meal, big or small, he was always hungry. It took us about a week before we figured out that he thought by telling us all the time he was hungry, that at some point we would turn to him and say "Oh my, Pax, you're hungry! Well, I can't have that! Goodness sakes sweet boy, let me get you a cookie." He is still often caught saying this phrase especially right after he has already been given something sweet.

Because we all know that after an almost 3 year old polishes off a brownie, if he is still hungry we should automatically just offer up another....riiiiiiiight.

Nice try, pal.

In the last few days he has really got Scott and I at our breaking points. At this point it will be a battle of the wills... I just hope I have the strength to endure. He has now stopped eating complete meals in hopes that with his hunger at its highest point, his behavior will become so erratic that we will say "Good heavens, this child's behavior is so poor is must be because he is so hungry! Quick get him several cookies to eat so at least he's got something in his system."

Obviously, we're on to him.

Since all his plots have been foiled up to this point, he has now taken it so far, he may just have us with this one: With the potty training in full force we have been rewarding all accomplishments with candy. So yesterday, when Pax refused to eat breakfast and dinner, and was baffled by me not allowing him to eat cookies until the next meal was ready, he first relied on the tantrum method.

Shot down.

Next up, the "Mommy, I am still hungry" technique. With that I responded with the meal he refused to eat fresh from the fridge.

Foiled again.

What he thought may seal the deal (sadly enough, it almost worked too), the erratic behavior. Thankfully, daddy swooped in and stayed strong when mommy wanted to crumble.


Then it came...

Pax: Mommy, I think I have to go pee-pee.
me: OK! Let's quick get to the potty! (I am so excited at this point! He has told me that he needs to go! He actually knows when it's time!)
Pax: Ya, and when I go, you have to feed me a Sweet Tart. Big boys who go pee pee in the potty get to eat candy!


So Pax lived on a glass of milk, lunch, and a few Sweet Tarts yesterday.

It's parenting at it's finest!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Small Accomplishments

We've recently accomplished a few things in our home. If a bragging mother annoys you, then WARNING: YOU ARE GOING TO GET ANNOYED. There, now you can't say I didn't let you have an out before getting too far into this.

Because you could get so lost in the writing that you may not even realize what's going on before BAM! There you are reading some gushing mother's tale about her two perfect little cherubs and you are feeling sick to your stomach.

Now that we have that out of the way, here we go.

First up, Delanie. My little smarty pants. Her brain can not possibly soak up more information than it already does daily. She lives to learn, and has been that way since day one. I realize that many of her accomplishments aren't too out there fabulous, but they are HER accomplishments, and I am her mother, and I can't get enough. I just get so proud of her. Just wait until she starts Kindergarten next Fall...oh, someone help me!

And really, someone help you because you will get to hear every gory detail via this here blawg o' mine.

Delanie finished her reading program yesterday! She and I started it in January and plugged away everyday (missing a few days here and there) until she was done. I am so proud of her perseverance with this program. There were times when it got tough and I...I mean SHE stuck with it. She often was the one reminding me that we needed to get a lesson in. While she learned to read, I learned that I could NEVER home-school, and the people who do are saints.

Seriously though, I love my daughter, and I loved being able to be there with her as she learned the gift of reading. I loved watching her learn and grasp things. I loved seeing her enthusiasm and her drive to get things just right. I think we had bumpy roads just about everyday but 1, but hey, we did it!!

Here is where she started:
Just learning some sounds

Making words:

And this is where she ended yesterday! I can't believe it!

As for Paxton, there will be no pictures.

Trust me, you are very thankful.

My sweet boy is finally having some success in the potty department. I wouldn't say we have "turned the corner" per se, but we are definitely making progress. He is earning all kinds of treats and rewards, and we are hoping that one day he will treat and reward us by never making us need to change a dirty diaper again.

Just what, oh what, will I do with myself when I am not changing dirty diapers all day? Well, hosing down and scrubbing the bathroom daily will take up a good chunk of that time.

It's progress, and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture Palooza

This is a continuation of the "Freedom" post I had a couple of days ago.  As the weather gets nicer, we are experiencing much more freedom from the indoors...It's been liberating!

Flying a kite at the park:

And who can go to a park without swinging?
Dude's got on some funky glasses and won't take them off...sound familiar?  Season's change, but fashion habits stay the same.

Feel free?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, Wouldn't Cha'Know!

A series of events have taken place in the last week-ish that have made me say, "Well, wouldn't cha'know." To be totally honest, there were a few other things that were said, but I am trying to keep this blog a happy place. A place where no one is afraid, and we all feel loved. I better just list them off.

1. Well, wouldn't cha'know that I am typing this blog for the first time on my very own brand new iMac. Yup, some would think, "hmmm isn't it just recently that you just got a new PC?" Well, my friends, you would be right. Actually, I got a new PC one year and one month ago.

"How do you know exactly how long ago you got your PC?" you wonder. Well, that's because when it DIED LAST WEEK we had to take it in for repairs. What started off as a one day minor fix up, turned into a few days larger repair, and is now close to a week and a "no way it can be fixed" type of situation.

So out we pulled the ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

Yup, we fell short by a month.

Well, wouldn't cha'know we are now the proud owners of a big piece of scrap metal that I would prefer not to be scrapped because it houses some important stuff on it's scrap metal memory. Thankfully, oh so thankfully, I am also the proud owner of a 500 gig external hard-drive that I kind of was hesitating in using. "Why get so fussy about backing stuff up on a external drive. My computer is brand new!" I kept saying so naively.

Thank you so much, wonderful hubby, you saved me from a frightening death in which I may have not gone alone. Because of you, I have all my pictures (100 gigs!) as well as client pictures, and of course, my sanity...somewhat. I would like to share what I have learned in this experience: EVERYONE SHOULD BE BACKING UP THEIR HARD DRIVES SOMEHOW.

Was that subtle enough?

Which leads me to #2

2. Wouldn't cha'know, that when you don't have a computer, or access to any of the files on said computer, THAT is when you need to get the most done on your computer, with said missing files.

Oh, yes my friends. I think this is what is called "Murphy's Law"...or something that is like Murphy's Law where basically the one time you NEED to get a lot of stuff accomplished you can't. I mean, computers don't crash when you are just lolly-gagging around through life, do they?

My poor clients. They already are VERY patient with me, seeing as how Been Blessed is a part time gig for me. Their patience for me has been above and beyond right now, and I thank each and everyone of them, and sheepishly, I ask for just a bit more while I continue to pull my act together.

3. Speaking of pulling my act together, wouldn't cha'know it's really hard to learn a whole new computer system (the Mac) while trying to catch up from a whole week's worth of work.

Again, the patience, it's amazing. I don't know how I'll ever be able to say thank you enough.

The good news is, I am forced right now to power learn everything I can right now and I should be able to run this thing with my eyes closed in about a week.

OK, probably not, but without having to try and get all this work done, I don't know if I would have had the push I needed in order to learn all that I am learning.

4. Wouldn't cha'know, that the week I didn't have my computer I got a LOT of other stuff done! I mean taking away the email, well, it was kind of liberating. (Shhh, don't tell Scott.) I felt so free. It was kind of nice not knowing about the loads of orders and such just waiting for me to discover them.

Then I got up and running again.

Not so liberating or free anymore. I have responsibilities again.

Not a bad trade off though because I also have a really cool computer to get all the responsibilities taken care of on.

Thanks, hubby for taking care of me this week!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mistaken Identity

I feel bad for Pax sometimes. Being the youngest of the 2, he kind of has to put up with whatever Delanie dishes out. I mean if she wants to play princess, he has to play princess. For a while he was dressing up as Snow White on a daily basis. Thankfully, he is now quite content with being either a prince or Buzz Light Year. If she wants to watch a show/movie he (for a while) would go along with whatever she chose. This kind of first born/baby of the family pattern permeates many facets of their co-existence.

(Whoa, that was way too many big words...I need to take a break and return once I catch my breath).

It was actually kind of nice. At least, Delanie and I thought it was. Scott, however, was not too thrilled to watch his only son play Snow White, prance around in heals, or endure many hours of "House" and "Cleaning Lady". I think what really started to push him over the edge was when Pax started talking about how when "I grow up I want to be a Mommy!"

Nope, it just didn't sit well.

I totally didn't care, and actually got a few good laughs out of all of it. I don't know who was funnier, really...Pax as Snow White or Scott squirming wondering if all of it was a sign of things to come. In fact, thinking back about it now, I am giggling just a bit.

Once he got turned onto Buzz and a myriad of other superheros, the sightings of Snow White have all but gone. Every once in a while I'll still see him in the heals, but it is usually when he wants to A) reach something or B) clomp on the hardwoods in order to make enough noise to give the whole block a headache.

I was a bit surprised today when, while at a shoe store, Pax started diving into all the women's shoes. Not alarmed, just surprised. It's been a while since he fancied a pair of sling-backs. There he was though, trying on every pair he could get his hands on (and that would also fit over the top of his Crocs...nope, he didn't want to take off the Crocs in order to try on the other shoes).

Then, as I was trying on a pair I hear a "Ohhhhh". I turned to ask him if he really liked the pair I had on, when I realized that he was looking at a pair he had on. A racy little pair of red strappy pumps. At first I just thought, "I know, son, I love me a pair of red strappy pumps as well. There just so..."


Why is my son oogling a pair of red pumps?

Then I laughed at myself thinking back at how I used to laugh at Scott when he used to panic over the Snow White episodes. As I chuckled, Pax took it to the next level, and I am just so thankful that no one else was in the store and more importantly that Scott was no where around.

Pax walked the whole store in his red strappy pumps declaring over and over, "I Hannah-Ahtanna!" Yup, my son turned himself into Hannah Montana. I didn't even know he knew who that was. We've never watched her show, listened to any of her music, or own anything with her name or picture on it. I don't even remember ever talking to the kids about her, EVER! Somehow he knows who she is and that she wears pretty shoes.

I didn't make him stop.

I was still looking for a perfect brown summer sandal.

And it was funny.

Also, he walks well in a pair of heals with Crocs.

Lastly, it'll make for a great black mail when we have girls swarming around him like flies when he's older.

And really, that's what this blog is all about. Saving up on all the stories and pictures I can torture my kids with later on in life.

All out of love.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Smooth and Shiny

I finally had enough guts to go through with it!

I know, I know, those photos aren't the best things you've ever seen, but what I am trying to show you is, I chopped off the locks!

Right after Pax was born, I decided that I was going to grow out my hair. I think that decision was actually spurred on by the fact that I had realized that I no longer had the time to go get my hair done, and I was trying to make that realization look like I actually made that decision on purpose. Every time I have ever grown my hair out in the past, I could not get it past mid-shoulder with out going in and doing something different.

That's because perseverance is my middle name.

This time though, with the combination of lack of time and the motivation of Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, I was bound and determined. Good thing, because almost 3 YEARS LATER, I was ready to donate. My hair isn't exactly the fastest growing hair out there.

So for 3 years now I have had long hair. I have loved my long hair. I could style it, not style it, wear it up, wear it down, wash it....I won't finish that in case we have some squeamishness out there. What I am trying to say with so much eloquence is that it was versatile.

I did however start to realize, as of late, that it wasn't really getting any longer. I also was really starting to look at short hair with a longing desire. Even more importantly, even though I was getting it trimmed about every 8ish weeks (sometimes longer in between) I was really getting annoyed with the split end situation. They were out of control, and my hair was long enough for me to thoroughly investigate each one all the time.

I. could. not. stop.

After getting home from Arizona, I decided it was time. I picked out a do and made an appointment. Then I went through the next week torturing myself with whether or not I had made the right decision or if I should call and cancel. When I realized I couldn't cancel because of the amount of grey hair shining through my worn out color, I figured I was stuck. Scott actually was excited for me to go get it cut. His approval really helped to warm up to the idea.

Until today.

About 2 or so hours before my appointment, Scott told me he changed his mind. He even hid my car keys. At that point, not only did the grey still need attention, but I thought it would just be plain rude to cancel out of my appointment with out proper notification. So off I went.

Here I am before:

This is by far the LONGEST my hair has ever been:

And here I am with my donation pony:

I think I have around 10 inches, but Pantene only needs 8 so I am definitely covered. I am happy that I was able to stick it through, and when it was all said and done, it makes me feel good that I have helped, in a small way, another woman feel good about herself on the outside, while on the inside she is battling much bigger issues than her appearance. I hope to be able to do it over and over again.

Plus, now I am all fresh and sassy for the summer...


Monday, April 14, 2008

Are Those the Bells of Freedom I Hear Ringing?

Today and this past weekend, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of freedom in so many ways I just have to list them out for we go:

1. Paxton learned how to peddle this weekend! This is so huge! I've been trying to get him to master this skill for some time now as I know that: Pax learning to peddle=freedom to me.

Now he and his sister can ride off into the sunset. OK so they are only allowed to go as far as the fire hydrant, but now they can go on all kinds of adventures, with out my help, and within the confines of our "safe zone" in the cul-de-sac. Today, this triumph allowed for 1 full hour of outdoor time (in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine no less) with me not having to so much as lift a finger to help with racing or follow the leader.


Here's that beautiful peddling little boy of mine in video and a few pics:.

2. Pax wore underwear all weekend! He also soiled about 10 pairs as well as the pants he was wearing. I don't know what we were thinking, but I thought he was ready for the next step of potty training. Apparently, I may have been mistaken. Although I am fearing the worst, that we may have to go back to diapers VERY soon, I still can hear those beautiful Freedom Bells the very distant future...but they are there. In the meantime, I have this to look at and smile:

My little man in an old man's undershirt and a pair of panties...I mean underwear:

He's proud, but does not care if they are wet, dirty, or dry...

(Don't think you all just got away with not hearing about the horrid stories of our "Potty Training Weekend". Oh no! I am just still in recovery and part of the healing process is to NOT talk about it for a good few days. But when I have recovered (and dried off)...we have lots to discuss.)

3. Have I ever mentioned before how much I LOVE the warm weather? In case you are just tuning in; I must be warm, I love the summer, I am friendly in the heat, and I need high temperatures (that may have been a bit redundant, but all important).

Let's discuss the kind of freedom I feel when I can eat outside on the deck, out of the confines of a kitchen.

So, I guess there isn't much to discuss except, I FEEL FREE! I can hear the birds sing, the sun warms my skin, my food tastes better (it's weird, but true), the air is fresh, my children don't seem as loud or as wild, and the TV isn't blaring in my ears.


4. Lastly, Delanie opened my eyes up to a whole new freedom that I wasn't really all that aware of, but will definitely take full advantage now that my eyes have been opened afresh. While we were eating our wonderful dinner outdoors tonight, we were watching some birds make a nest in a nearby tree.

They were flying from a tree in our yard and picking off the dead branches (there is a whole different freedom right landscaping), and then flying to the other tree to add to the nest. At first we only saw one bird, and then another came into join. The second bird was obviously the female, as she was much smaller.

Scott made the comment, "Well, there's the mommy bird. I am glad she finally came around to help the daddy out."

Delanie shot back, without hesitation, "Daddy! Don't you know that's because the daddy's are supposed to do all the work?"

Scott questioned back, "Why's that?"

"Because, they're the daddies. It's their job to do all the work around the house," she replied.

And again, I heard those beautiful bells.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Few Steps Forward and Another Back

I have been battling with on-going injuries for a good couple of months now. None of which have occurred while running, but all have kept me from running. Most recently, a hamstring injury has kept me from running for almost 7 weeks now. It seems just as I get to a breaking point in which I am free and clear to run as much as I would like, something else will happen and ruin my efforts. It's frustrating to say the least.

I have come to a point where I have decided that I need something that gets the cardio workout I am longing for and not getting, but I need to put myself in a bubble in order to avoid anymore injuries. So what have I come up with? Aqua-Jogging.

Don't laugh.

I have been doing extensive web research on the topic after reading about it in a running magazine while in Arizona. Here's the deal, I can get my cardio workout while in a bubble...a bubble of water. In the water, I weigh only 10% of what I weigh on land. So I can train cardiovascularly without worry that I will hurt myself. Seems pretty cool, huh?

Well, I haven't really quite grasped what Aqua-Jogging looks like per se. I mean do you run laps or are you staying in one place like a treadmill? How about your feet? Do they touch the ground or are you supposed to be in deep water? What do you do with your arms? Really, I could go on and on with this.

When I search the web for answers, I get articles that say things like "Aqua-Jogging isn't difficult. Just get in the water and run." "There is nothing to learn. Just do what you do on land but in water."


So I said, "What the heck...I'll just go for it!" I saddled myself up in a new suit and hit the rec center today to do some Aqua-Jogging.

As I got started, many of those questions came right back up into my brain. I just kept trying to remember that there was "nothing to learn" and "just do what you do normally on land".

Not quite so easy.

To top it all off, and to stay true to the current pace that I have been setting for myself, I left the rec center with two huge blood blisters on the bottom of my feet. Nice bubble, eh?

I am bound and determined to make this work though. I have read nothing but wonderful things about Aqua-Jogging. Obviously, it is just me who is having difficulty. Next time I am going for the stationary run in deep water....and I thought I got funny looks from the other swimmers and life guards today....I'm sure it's going to get worse.

I have to persevere here though, my body needs this...and I already forked over the money for the swim suit and Aqua-Belt.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Tiny Peek into the Future

I am happy to say that I might have a small inkling to what it will be like when my sweet little bundles of joy are old enough to rush to the mailbox, run inside wild with excitement, and with out any hesitation tear open that special envelope to see if they have made it into the college of their choice. Then as they dance gleefully, we all will hug, cry tears of joy, and I will probably squeal a little as we celebrate in their acceptance.

Not that I've thought about this moment.

You know, since they haven't even started school, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

We are, however, about to start the wild adventure of school-aged kids when, Delanie, heads off to kindergarten this fall. There is a school in our area that is highly sought after by many parents in the area. So much so that parents put their children's names on the waiting list pretty much on the way home from the hospital. Since I was not aware of this, nor was I thinking about kindergarten while birthing or during the first few days of Delanie's life, I did not get her on this list until she was 6 months old.

I know...the horror of it all!

I did long for her to go to this school, but considering how far down on the list she was, it wasn't looking good. After looking into our other options, which included our neighborhood school (which is also very good), I felt pretty comfortable with the idea that she wouldn't get to go to the school we had hoped for, and that the neighborhood school would be our school for the next six years.

After finally getting Pax signed up with a pre-school for the same hours Lanie would be in school, we were ready to start the new year in August, and I was set up to be free of kids for 3 whole hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It was going to be pure bliss.

Then a phone call rocked our world.

Yesterday, Delanie got offered a kindergarten spot in the other school. I accepted that spot for her on the spot with some school-girl giggling and a euphoria that I haven't felt since...well...I guess since last week when I was in Arizona. I didn't even think to ask Scott what he thought.

Immediately after I hung up the phone and had made all arrangements for Delanie at the new school, I called Scott. He too was over joyed with the news.

How could something so small make us so happy?

Happy enough that I am blogging about it...

I've become one of those parents, haven't I?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Return of Baboo

Even before my first baby was born, I knew that I wanted my kids to have a security blanket. There is just something sweet about it. Not to mention I really like the idea of them being able to be comforted by something other than myself. I was also blessed with children that barfed all the time. This caused me to constantly be carrying a spit cloth, and to them developing an attachment to this small blanket that was constantly being carried around with them.

The good news is: their blanket was always clean because I would make sure that I changed them out frequently. Secondly, since I changed them out frequently, they never got attached to just one. This made losing one of them not an issue. Which is important because as I found out quickly, babies are not responsible for their own things.

No matter how much they love them.

Both of my kiddies LOVED their security blankets and came up with affectionate names for them. Delanie called hers Bankie Boo and Pax calls his Baboo.

Bankie Boo was retired last summer by Delanie's own choice and with no pressure at all from Scott or I. She just decided that she was done and didn't need him any more (although he does sleep on her window sill still to this day in plain view just in case of an emergency)

Pax has not given up Baboo yet, and I am not expecting it to happen anytime soon. Which I am TOTALLY fine with. I think the day I do a load of his laundry, and there are no Baboos floating around, will be a sad, sad day. All that to say, he is not allowed to take his Baboos out of his room. They are for nap and bed time only.

It's not that I care if he is dragging around a Baboo at his age really, but more that whole "responsibility" thing. Surprisingly at almost three, he still can be careless and leave a Baboo behind somewhere or just misplace him somewhere in our own home. Since most of my free time is spent looking for sippy cups, I have found that I just don't have the time that is needed to fully commit myself as the "Baboo Lookout Person" in my long list of job descriptions. In the past 2 weeks though, Baboo has been let out of his room on more than one occasion.

At first it started in a kind of sneaky way. I would get out of the shower and there would be Pax on my bed watching TV with his Baboo. I would think it was cute, or be in a rush and have no time to fight it, so I would let it go. Then, he got much more bold about it. He would even tell me before I got into the shower, "Momma, I am going to get my Baboo and snuggle with him." Again, not wanting to fight over something so small, and being in a rush usually, I would allow it.

Today, he had out 3 Baboos. I was not in the shower, I wasn't rushing to go anywhere, and we were downstairs.

Clearly, things are getting out of hand in the Baboo department.

I decided I was going to get tough and put an end to the Baboo thing before he insisted on carrying all three with him wherever he went.

me: Pax, you are going to need to put those Baboos away, honey. We don't get to have Baboos out of our bed
Pax: No Momma! These are just my Baboos...
me: Pax, I am sorry honey, but if you want to have a Baboo you are going to need to go to bed.
Pax: No Momma! I can't leave him...I have to wuv on him. (Snuggles a blanket up to his cheek). I just need to snuggle him and wuv him. I just wuv him so much.

Basically, if you see me and my son out on the town with 5 Baboos, you now know that I am a SUCKER for the wuv.

...and a wimp too.

Monday, April 7, 2008

There Were too Many Laughs to Recount Them All

Well, either I have been trapped under something heavy, been out of the state, or ill. I am SO happy to say that option two is correct. I have just returned home from the Valley of the Sun, or for those of you that are not up on state nicknames, Arizona. My wonderful hubby treated me to a spa get-away with 3 of my friends, and I could not have had a better time.

I cannot express to you all how much I NEED warm weather. I feel like a whole other person when I am in warmer weather...friendly, relaxed, and just down right cheery. Of course having 5 days to myself, spending time with great friends, having a few spa treatments, eating good food, working out whenever I wanted to for however long I wanted to, not having to rush off anyone to school, make any meals, or do any type of chore what-so-ever could have also influenced my euphoric mood.

That's just a guess though.

I did, in fact, miss my family at home. It was just really nice to get a break.

Now I am home, and I will reap the consequences of being absent for 5 days...I mean spend the rest of the week doing a little catch-up here and there.

But, I will do it with a smile.

And a little bit of a tan...hey I used SPF 30!

Oh, and also really radiant skin...those spa treatments were just what the dermatologist ordered.

...and here we are on our last night. Feeling fabulous and stuffed full of yummy Mexican food and skillet cookies with ice cream.

Thanks girls! I had a wonderful time.

Thanks hubby! You know what my heart needs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Heart Smiles

It's funny how something so small can make you so happy. This list has made me smile every time I look at it. It's just a grocery list, but I feel like I want to save it forever in Delanie's baby book.

Delanie: Momma, I noticed we were running low on eggs
me: Oh ya, are we almost out?
Delanie: Ya, we only have one left so you will have to pick up some more when you go to the grocery store next time.
me: Yup, I suppose I will.
Delanie: Don't worry, I put it on the list so you won't forget.
me: You did?
Delanie: Ya, on your grocery list. Now you won't forget.

That's when I smiled for the first time, and I can't stop each and every time I look at it.

First, she spelled it right all on her own. Eggs isn't the hardest word in the world to sound out, but she didn't even ask...

Second, she used a capital letter and then all lower case after that. I know that this is difficult for her, and we have been working on it. You can tell by looking at the "g's" that it was hard, but she did it anyways because she wanted to do it the "grown-up"way.

Third, my girl knows the importance of the list. This is HUGE. Do you know where I would be in life if at age 5 I knew the importance of a list...Beauty, pure beauty.

When I come across this list in 15 years, I hope I smile at it the same way I have smiled at it this past week...because I am putting it in her baby book.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did You Say Grass?

Delanie is amazing me daily with her new reading skills. We have been working on reading really hard since the beginning of the year when I noticed she was teaching herself, and I didn't want her to get into any bad habits. After doing some searching back in October, I found a program that was completely doable for both her and I, and it just made sense. I wish I had found it back in my teaching days...I know a few students that this would have worked wonders on. I really love this program, and Delanie now reads like a champ.

The other day while she was reading a story to me, she came upon the word grass, and needed to sound it out:

Delanie: Mom, I don't know this word...I think I need to sound it out.
me: OK start with the first letter
Delanie: guh guh guh
me: Next letter
Delanie: rrrrrrr
me: Next
Delanie: aaaaa
me: Last
Delanie: sssssssss
me: Now say it faster
Delanie: Guuuhhrrrasss...Grrasss....GRASS! Grass, momma it's grass!
me: Yup.
Delanie: (giggling now) Momma, if you cover up the "G" and the "R" in this word you have just plain ass! (Laughing hard now)
me: (shocked and not knowing how to respond/what to say) Excuse me?
Delanie: It says "ass" mom! (still laughing)
me: (still trying not to fall over from shock as well as trying not to laugh) Well, what does that mean (really hoping here that she is going to talk about a donkey)
Delanie: You know like aaaaaccccid! They don't know how to spell acid!
me: (wiping the sweat from my brow) Ya, I guess not...that's kind of silly, huh..
Delanie: AAAACCCCid! Giggling some more.

That was a close call!